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Boldly watching what very, very, very few have watched before - What The F*** Are We Watching? is an intrepid new podcast following the journey of Chris(topher Columbus), Logan (International Airman), and Mitch (Pls) as they hurl themselves into the streaming abyss in an exploration of the great unknown. Who knows what lurks beneath the new releases? Expect lots of the bad, plenty of the ugly, and once in a high blue moon, something...good?




WTFAWW 12B: Jumanji Cinematic Universe (Beyond the Gates)

I'd say "We're back!" but we're always back, so... in this episode: Our much-belated review of the jumpstart to the Jumanji Cinematic Universe, indie horror film "Beyond the Gates." Includes a mini-review of The Great Wall! 2-for-1 end of summer deal! Okay. Clips from "Beyond the Gates," by Destroy All Entertainment & Easy Open Productions. Music: "Hotel California (Remix)" by Rakohus. http://rakohus.bandcamp.com https://wtfaww.com/ whatthefaww@gmail.com Tweet @wtfaww Produced by Mitch...

Duration: 00:47:41

WTFAWW 12A: Super Lax Bros

In this episode: Y'boys bring some real deal pitches to the table - we got Bollywood, we got spooky Jumanji, we got Transformers vs. Predator or something, and we got celebrity ghost hunters. How will we ever choose? Stick around for: LAX, cradling, regionals, California accents, the best non-Seinfeld use of the Seinfeld soundtrack, Logan's work history, and the answer to the age-old question: if I was going to watch 45 minutes of a Transformers movie, which 45 minutes should I watch?...

Duration: 00:38:52

WTFAWW 11B: Journey to the Weast (Journey to the West)

In this episode: Y'boys take the journey to the Journey to the West. You'll get it if you listen. Maybe. Stick around for fidget spinners, an Iron Man 2 takedown, demons, cosmic Buddha, and in retrospect, two characters who have very confusingly similar names for an audio show. It's okay, it doesn't really matter. VERDICT: Don't Watch Unless... you enjoy kung-fu, foreign films, goofy comedy. Music: "Wily's Castle" by Rakohus, rakohus.bandcamp.com Send your movie recs to:...

Duration: 00:51:00

WTFAWW Extra: Are You Telling Me...

Deleted scene from WTFAWW 11A: Historically Bad - in which Mitch asks Logan what his deal is with Homeward Bound and things quickly spiral out of control. Music: "SMW Overworld" by Rakohus - rakohus.bandcamp.com ...No, it's not quite 20 minutes. Sue me. No, don't.

Duration: 00:13:08

WTFAWW 11A: Historically Bad

We're back! And smoother than ever. We promise you'll get more of our jokes now. Welcome to Season 2. Stick around for Teen Dinosaur, Logan's shocking feelings toward Homeward Bound, and a bunch of boys giggling at learning the word "hoary." Heh. Music: "Feel Good Inc. (Remix)" by Rakohus - rakohus.bandcamp.com Twitter: @wtfaww Web: http://wtfaww.com Recs: whatthefaww@gmail.com movies - comedy - film - netflix - 2017 - dinosaurs - China - charlie sheen - the mummy - historically bad -...

Duration: 00:46:17

The 1st Annual WTF AWWscars

In this episode, the 1st Annual WTF AWWscars: All of our movies from the last year are here, their bright eyes begging for that singular and fickle moment of ultimate recognition, glory, and validation: the awarding of the WTF AWWscar. From favorites like Knights of Badassdom and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, to It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (hint: rhymes with "Rude Boy"), every film has a chance, one chance, at true fame in the eyes of its peers. Take a stroll down the red carpet, sit...

Duration: 00:39:36

WTFAWW Season 2: Bigger, Badder, Better Than Never

Missed us? Thought we'd given up? Dropped the stick? Passed the buck? Eaten lead? Pooped the doop? Well guess again. WTFAWW returns 4/25, so mark those calendars and prep those earbuds for some podcasting you've NEVER. HEARD. BEFORE. I mean, no sh**. Music: Final Battle of the Dark Wizards Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Duration: 00:05:33

WTFAWW 10B: TriceraCop (Kung Fury)

In this episode: We do our best to piece together the ultimate 80s action...movie? Short? Prequel? Idk, but there's Hitler and a laser raptor. Yeah. Stick around for mustaches, ironing, Thor, time hacking, bullet hacking, and the Hoff 9000. Music: "Fancy (Remix)" by Rakohus. rakohus.bandcamp.com Site: wtfaww.com Find a crazy movie? whatthefaww@gmail.com Tweetz @wtfaww

Duration: 00:23:10

WTFAWW 10A: Listener Appreciation Special (feat. V.P.)

In this episode: We appreciate our listeners, in spite of their terrible, godawful, insufferably insipid movie choices. We are reluctant symbiotes, ye and we. Stick around for Putin puns, killer condoms, witty banter, kind of Ant Man, and almost Christopher Walken. Site: wtfaww.com Email: whatthefaww@gmail.com Twitter: @wtfaww Music: "Shake It Off (Remix)" by Rakohus - rakohus.bandcamp.com movies - film review - Netflix - 2017 - comedy

Duration: 01:10:38

WTFAWW 9B: Vampires vs. Brits feat. Eddy Redmain (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night)

In the studio this week we have several anonymous British film critics and one Eddy Redmain, opining at their utmost pretense on the very good vampire flick, "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night." Stay tuned for: the chubbiest kitty, one small step for Iran, adult boys, Jay Leno, and the many voices of the UK. "Black Widow (Remix)" by Rakohus Eddy Redmain - 1:13:45 Liam - 18:26 Chris - 33:00 Mitch - 45:23 Logan - 53:53 Email your movie desires to whatthefaww@gmail.com!

Duration: 01:31:04

WTFAWW 9A: This Is Hallowed Ween

In this episode: Happy Hallowed Ween! We're late. We know. We also think everyone could use a few goofy laughs right about now. So kick back and enjoy our very not so spooky Halloween episode. Stick around for Iranian Western vampires, haunted houses, critical fails, tiebreaker #3!, wolves who are also cops, and the return of the Peanut Gallery. Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) by Rakohus - rakohus.bandcamp.com Tweet your 10th Episode Listener Special Bonus Regular Episode movie suggestions...

Duration: 01:01:41

WTFAWW 8B: I'm Sorry About Snails (Dungeons and Dragons - 2000)

In this episode: We watched the cult hit(?) fantasy epic(?) adventure comedy(?) Dungeons and Dragons (2000) and boy is it... special. I mean, there is a dungeon, Marlon Wayans, and some dragons. So there's that. Stay tuned for Jeremy Coppers, Jack Black v. Jack White, lessons in acting, and an apology for a gastropod. Film clips attr. to Behaviour Worldwide, MDP Worldwide, Silver Pictures, Stillking Films, Station X Entertainment, Sweetpea Ent. Music: "Turn Down For What (Remix)" and...

Duration: 02:02:44

WTFAWW 8|1: Drowning in a Hot Tub

In this episode: 3 Boys. 3 Movies. One Victor. And that's not even one of their names. This week we expand our selection criteria to include "anything you can (legally) find on the Internet!" Care to see what we dredged up from the Deep Webs? Besides Anti-Liam, that is. Stick around for Tim Allen Robbins, Surely Temple, flubs galore, the most enthusiastic Movie Roundup yet, and a host of fresh new insults. We love you, you poor, unfortunate, st- **Spoiler Alert** Pitches: Blue is the...

Duration: 00:54:00

WTFAWW 7|1: Harambe the Bear

In this episode: We have our smoothest movie selection ever! And discover just who Harambe thinks he is. Was. Stick around for Memeworks, Wesley Snipes sniping, d20s aka dice 20s, and a whole heap of love* for our listeners. We

Duration: 00:47:05

WTFAWW 5|1: The Tiebreaker Strikes Back (AMERICA)

In this episode: We've all got America-themed movies up our sleeves, setting the stage for an EPIC tiebreaker showdown. This time, it's business. Stick around for vanilla milkshakes, passionate IMDb user reviews, your teeny-tiny brains, and one surprise(d) guest! wtfaww.com twitter.com/wtfaww whatthefaww@gmail.com Intro: The Star-Spangled Banner, by Jon Bibbs Outro: "Journey to Mars," Jan Terri, rights by Jtrecords

Duration: 01:59:27

WTFAWW 4|1: Witching and Pitching and Lucas Grabeel

In this episode: We board the exclusive Swedish Celebrity Hype Train! It is plush. We get a super sweet tweet from the man Patrik Karlson (LFO), before launching blindly into this week's findings. Stick around for zombie beavers, space pirates, laugh tracks, cannibal witches, superheroes who DON'T fight crime, and Beboopbopeep Burnham. Email this week's HW assignment to whatthefaww@gmail.com Our now-famous twitter: twitter.com/wtfaww Website: wtfaww.wordpress.com "Journey to Mars" by Jan...

Duration: 00:34:15

WTFAWW 3|2: A Small Can of Pringles (Bounty Killer)

In this episode: We return from our impromptu break with the controversial "Bounty Killer." Well, controversial to us. It's big, it's bad, and best enjoyed with a beef taco. Stick around for double-axe double kills, playful banter, BIG REVEALS, PBR, more playful banter, MORE BIG REVEALS, and a man cut deep...twice. Follow us on Twitter (complete with tweet from Patrik Karlson!): twitter.com/wtfaww Check out our website: wtfaww.wordpress.com "Journey to Mars" by Jan Teri, JTrecords "Bounty...

Duration: 02:02:40

WTFAWW 3|1: Tiebreaker (Or Lack Thereof)

In this episode: We add our fourth Flixbuster to the podcast! He promptly throws everything into chaos. Stick around for Gary Busey reincarnate, monkeys, Guillermo del Toro zombies, and the failure of direct democracy. Intro/outro by "Journey to Mars" by Jan Terri, JTRecords. New schedule! 2 weeks til next episode. Then 1 week. Then 2. 1. 2. 1... We got Tweets! Follow @wtfaww on Twitter for the latest, and don't forget our website wtfaww.wordpress.com (more content coming soon!).

Duration: 00:45:03