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Welcome to What’s Good Games, a new show for the nerd-inclined. This particular Voltron is comprised of Andrea Rene (host/producer extraordinaire, seen on Yahoo Esports, IGN, GameStop TV, and more), Alexa Ray Corriea (you’ve seen her writing on Polygon/Gamespot), Brittney Brombacher (the kick-ass creator of BlondeNerd.com) and Kristine Steimer (she’s worked at a lot of places like IGN and PlayStation). We’ve been friends for years and have often discussed how there weren’t many satisfactory ways to get our voices out there, together. That is, until recently, when the stars aligned. We realized that now is the perfect time to join forces and spin up our very own project.




Destiny 2 So Far and New Nintendo Switch Games - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 18)

This week Andrea and Steimer chat about the Nintendo Direct including new games coming for Switch, releases dates, and the return of the NES Classic. They take a deep dive into Destiny 2 so far and Andrea chatted with Kelly Walick of the Indie Megabooth about their rocket to success.

Duration: 01:31:56

Shadow of War, Assassin's Creed Origins & More from PAX - What's Good Games

This week the ladies talk about the incredibly impressive sales of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a concerning quote from The Pokémon Company's CEO and what nude mods in Final Fantasy XV could mean for us all. PAX West just wrapped up so there is a TON to talk about, including hands-on impressions of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Assassin's Creed Origins, The Crew 2, Alexa's many JRPGs and more, such as a game about prom, but with monsters. Seriously.

Duration: 02:04:02

Mario + Rabbids Impressions And Game of Thrones S7 Spoilercast - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 16)

The ladies chat about the announcement of The Walking Dead's AR mobile game, Nintendo's latest indie showcase, the HILARIOUS ESRB rating for South Park: The Fractured But Whole and the discontinuation of the original Xbox One model. Britt, Steimer and Andrea share their hands-on impressions of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Mario + Rabbids, Destiny 2 on PC and Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer beta. Finally, Steimer and Andrea spoil ALL of the things regarding Game of Thrones...and Britt drinks.

Duration: 01:59:12

Uncharted Lost Legacy Impressions and SNES Classic Pre-Order Snafu - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 15)

Strap in for a discussion of Gamescom 2017 news including the lack of Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, Jurassic Park Evolution, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and SNES Classic Edition pre-orders. Plus they chat about Corpse Party, Breath of the Wild, and impressions of Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

Duration: 01:53:35

Mewtwo in Pokémon Go and Cancelled Games That Make Us Sad - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 14)

This week the ladies get heated over Pokemon Go's exclusive raids and the gated availability of Mewtwo. Other discussions include the re-rebranding of Battle.Net, the cancellation of Final Fantasy XV's Prompto VR Experience (goodbye dreams) and Call of Duty: World WWII's private multiplayer beta. Don't miss our hands-on impressions including Fable Fortune, Sonic Mania and Lawbreakers! We also fret over cancelled games we'd bring back if we could, and how much we'd pay for them today.

Duration: 01:59:47

Valve's New Game, Shadow of War's Micro-Transactions and Pyre Impressions - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 13)

Britt's off rocking at a Metallica concert this week but Alexa, Steimer and Andrea are here to discuss Valve's strange new game, Shadow of War's new monetization strategy and a new game from Gearbox. Alexa shares her experience with Splatoon 2 while Andrea and Steimer gush about SuperGiant's latest game, Pyre. Finally, the crew gives their thoughts on old TV show plots that still make them angry today. Get ready for some salt.

Duration: 01:47:53

PS4 Cross-Play Support and Video Games We Would Sacrifice - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 12)

This week the ladies discuss PlayStation’s hesitation to participate in cross-platform play with other consoles, the announcement of THREE new Persona titles, Guild War 2’s latest expansion and more. Hands-on impressions include Tacoma, Sonic Mania, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Alexa has a “Summer Skank” update for Fire Emblem: Heroes. There’s also a tough conversation about video game franchises the team would sacrifice in order to restore a defunct series of their choosing.

Duration: 01:53:08

What Remains of Edith Finch SPOILERS Interview

Andrea and Britt chat with Ian Dallas of Giant Sparrow about the Xbox One launch of "What Remains of Edith Finch." WARNING: There are story spoilers in this interview so if you don't want to be spoiled, go play the game before listening.

Duration: 00:17:45

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Canceled - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 11)

This week the team discusses the newly announced Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, how SNES Classic Edition pre-orders sold out and then were canceled, and how Nintendo has sold almost 5M Switches. They chat impressions of Wolfenstein 2, Fortnite, Pokemon GO, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and more.

Duration: 01:54:00

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions and Travel Gaming Habits - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 10)

This week the ladies discuss the new Nintendo Switch voice chat app and Telltale's multiple new game unveils. The Destiny 2 Beta is out and everyone's gotten a chance to sink their teeth into it. Finally, the ladies share their best travel gaming stories and some tips for gaming on the go.

Duration: 01:47:06

Half-Life Update and New Pokémon Trailer – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 9)

In this episode, the ladies discuss a new update to Half-Life, that new (and very strange) Pokémon Trailer, Destiny 2’s supposed story improvement and more. And as always we discuss the games we’re currently playing (like Breath of the Wild and Chrono Trigger – yes, Chrono Trigger) and lament about the game franchises we feel like we missed out on.

Duration: 01:38:58

Game of the Year Contenders - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 8)

To celebrate the halfway point of 2017, the gang goes over their picks for Game of the Year so far. Will it be the majestic Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the robo-dino hunter simulator Horizon: Zero Dawn or something more terrifying like Resident Evil 7? The girls discuss the blockbusters they've played plus a few smaller titles you may not expect.

Duration: 06:22:57

SNES Classic and Harry Potter 20th Anniversary - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 7)

This week the crew talks about the announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, how Super Mario Odyssey swept the Game Critics Awards, and Bioware's "Anthem" will be like Star Wars. Plus, hands-on impressions for Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Valkyria Revolution, and Friday the 13th The Game. In Off Topic the ladies chat about the impact of the 20th Anniversary of the Harry Potter franchise.

Duration: 02:02:24

Wonder Woman Thoughts & Our Pile of Shame Secrets - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 6)

The crew chats the latest news including Final Fantasy DLC and Pokemon GO. In hands-on Andrea and Brittney chat "What Remains of Edith Finch" while Alexa talks about ARMS on Nintendo Switch. The whole team talks about their summer Pile of Shame games and end with a discussion about the Wonder Woman movie.

Duration: 01:40:40

LIVE! From E3 2017 - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 5)

The team is on the show floor at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3) to talk about newly announced video games, hands-on impressions, and a whole lot more. They chat about Super Mario Odyssey, Far Cry 5, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Assassin's Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Skyrim Switch to name a few.

Duration: 00:46:04

E3 Pre-Show Predictions - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 4)

It is almost time for E3! In this special episode dedicated to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the crew chats about their thoughts and predictions for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, and some wildcards.

Duration: 01:52:17

E3 Wishlist and Life is Strange Thoughts - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep. 3)

This week the girls chat the Nintendo online subscription news along with Shadow of War's delay, the new Assassin's Creed character leak, and Britt gives the ultimate PokemonGO confession. In Hands-On we hear about Fire Emblem Echoes, FFXV Ch. 13 V2, Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator, and Life is Strange. It is almost time for E3 so the girls are chatting their E3 wish list in the final segment!

Duration: 01:58:53

Far Cry 5 Details - What's Good Games Podcast (Ep.2)

This week's episode has the crew talking Red Dead Redemption 2's delay, GTA 5 crossing 80M units, Far Cry 5 new details, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy news, and more. Plus they chat what books everyone is reading in "Off Topic."

Duration: 01:16:33

Premiere Episode! - What's Good Games Podcast Ep. 1

The premiere of the WGG podcast features weekly news and hands-on impressions of Prey, Fire Emblem Heroes, Dreadnought, and Persona 5. Plus, Andrea & Steimer give a first look at Destiny 2 and a recap of how the girls met and their experiences in video games.

Duration: 01:59:33