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GeekCast Radio: What’s On Joe's Mind?

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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!

The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!
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The world's #1 fancast about the world of GI Joe!




WOJM Special Edition #53: An Interview with Larry Houston

The guys interview Larry Houston of GI Joe animated movie fame. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:16:11

WOJM One Shot’s: Ohio Toy & Comic Show

Mike corners Joe and they talk smack about each other…and talk about the Ohio Toy & Comic Show.

Duration: 00:06:41

Episode 108: What’s on JOE Mind?

It’s the annual Quick ‘n’ Dirty “Live” Pre-JoeCon Edition! ”Live” just really means that Gary didn’t put much effort behind editing this other than dropping in the opening and exit cuts. So you get to hear every “um,” “ah,” studder, long awkward pause and lame joke that we normally record yet we edit out 99% of the time. The gang talks about the Joes of 2008, goes over the JoeCon schedule and touches on the news, in addition to the very popular Creepy Fanboy Emails to Joe and Postsac...

Duration: 01:07:22

WOJM Special Edition #51: Annual Reading the JoeCon Brochure!

For the 6th consecutive year, we read the JoeCon brochure and give you our tips and tricks on how you can best enjoy the weekend. We also share in past JoeCon stories and experiences. Justin reads as Mike, Joe and Gary comment. Chances are running out! There are only 2 Official GI Joe Conventions left!! We’ll see you (well, most of us anyway) in Orlando in June! Enjoy!

Duration: 00:50:11

WOJM Special Edition #50: LIVE from JoeCon - The See You Next Year Edition!

It’s our 50th Special Edition! So this was supposed to be the recording of the last ever panel at JoeCon. Well, after the Hasbro panel on Saturday, EVERYTHING changed! So instead of turning out the lights, we’re going to see you next year! Mike Irizarry hosts and is joined by Joe “Coin Flip” Colton, Chris “ROM” McLeod, Dave “My Hair IS Combed” Tree, and a voiceless yet extremely smug, Gary Godsoe. They get a chance to talk to Brian Savage on how the new two year deal with Hasbro...

Duration: 01:02:02

WOJM One Shot’s: Mid-Day Friday Report

The gang report on the happenings of JoeCon week leading up to mid-day Friday.

Duration: 00:04:22

The Full Force - SERIES 3 - Episode 1

What’s big, stripy and dangerous? Yes that’s right, Zebra Force…….I mean Tiger Force!! Join Dave, Eddie, and Chris as they look at the European Exclusive Tiger Force team in the Figure Review and From the Vault, Justin Bell from What’s On Joe Mind gives us reviews on the latest FSS 4 figures and the HACKS Amazon and Ultimate Spartan exclusives from Boss Fight Studio, as well as the news courtesy of General’s Joes. We have an awesome competition where one lucky listener could win two...

Duration: 02:38:01

Episode 102: What’s on JOE Mind?

This whole episode will speak for itself. New 4th chair, Joe Colton officially joins the rotation! Zack Hoffman and Brian Cummings join us to talk about JoeCon 2015 inour first ever double-interview. None of this episode is timely - AT ALL, but we hope you enjoy it nevertheless. We have two more shows in the “can” that we will be working on in the coming weeks. So, something to look forward to. In the meantime, help the #savegijoe campaign and sign the petition by going to...

Duration: 03:08:21

The Full Force - SERIES 3 - Episode 0

I bet you didn’t think they would last this long!! Series 3 comes flying in with tons of news from Justin Bell, Sgt. Slammer gets highlighted in both the figure review and in Boss Fight Builds courtesy of Erik Arana and we have a new segment entitled, ‘General’s Joe and Tell’!! It’s full of beans this one so sit back, relax and then do the opposite of that as you listen to three men with serious issues!! Oh and there’s a new theme tune……FULL FORCE!!!

Duration: 02:54:03

TFF Special Edition #10: Action Force Movie Commentary

After a number of failed attempts at either recording or just getting people together for the recording, we have finally managed to successfully complete this latest special episode. Dave, Eddie and Chris are joined by card art and comic artist, Adam Riches as well as Andrew Franks and Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio, to battle through the UK re-dubbed animated 1987 G.I. Joe movie!! Simply titled, Action Force The Movie, we provide an alternative commentary that you won’t find on any DVD...

Duration: 01:51:39

The Full Force - SERIES 2 - Episode 7

Happy New Year Full Forcers!! In this episode, Dave, Eddie and Chris are joined by special guest presenter, Steve Dawson and the What’s On Joe Mind crew consisting of Gary Godsoe, Mike Irizarry, Justin Bell and Bernard….Brian….Joe Colton!! This rather large team of specialists navigate their way through the best news stories, figures, vehicles and comics of 2015 as well as covering the Q-Force Swordfish in the Figure Review and From The Vault. On top of all that, the regulars discuss their...

Duration: 03:46:27

WOJM Special Edition #46: JoeCon 2015 Review

Look, I know what you are thinking. First, what took so long? Second, if they didn’t do the stupid football show this would have been done by now. Well, to answer your question, first, Gary’s available editing time has decreased and second, you are correct, but Gary can only edit one show at a time! However, regardless of it all, it is here now, the long lost, but not forgotten, WOJM review of JoeCon 2015! This was recorded WAY back in April of 2015, just a few days after all of us got...

Duration: 01:39:18

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 16 in Review: Championship Week

The Outpost dominate the Teal Ninjas to win the 2015 edition of the WOJM FFL. Justin Bell’s New England Tacos are now known as the Chuck-o’s as they FINALLY “win” the last place “honor”. Will Mike and Gary ever let him live it down? Of course not. The Seattle Dreadnok’s owner (and Sunbow voice of Zartan) Zack Hoffman, joins us in the virtual studios to talk about his first fantasy football experience. We have a great conversation about football, the Seahawks (of course), and we make our...

Duration: 00:56:40

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 15 in Review

The playoffs are set, it is the Outpost representing the Hama Division versus the Teal Ninjas representing the Dixon division. No one cares about the consolation ladder except for the Chuck-o game where the two worst teams will fight it out to find out who will be the less worse. It’s week 15, enjoy!

Duration: 00:29:30

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 14 in Review

We are on the eve of the playoffs! Who will play the Outpost in the WOJM Bowl? Will it be last year’s Chuck-o winner, The Teal Ninjas or will it be the Wild Bills? Join Jamie, Mike and Gary as they run down week 14 and look ahead to the play off possibilities in week 15. Also, Detroit fans, if you listen to the whole show, you will hear a Wayne Fontes reference. When was the last time anyone has mentioned his name…on any podcast?! Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:31:47

The Full Force - SERIES 2 - Episode 6

It’s that time of year again folks. Eggnog Inman is filling Dave ‘The Christmas’ Tree’s sack full of presents he’s found in nearby skips and Christmas Clown has been hard at work making you all think he’s hard at work!! We have a few surprises in this one including a brand new contributor for the news segment (hint: It’s Justin Bell), a figure review, from the vault and Boss Fight Builds dedicated to a character with……absolutely no character!! On top of that we have a special Christmas...

Duration: 02:44:47

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 12 & 13 in Review

The Outpost has clinched the Hama, while the Dixon is coming down to the Teal Ninjas, Wild Bills and RHPs. Just a few weeks left to play! The guys break it down, plus talk about the series finale of The League. Where else will you hear this crap? Enjoy!

Duration: 00:23:50

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 11 in Review

Thanks for allowing us to enjoy our Thanksgiving Breaks! Here is the long awaited review of week 11…where Jamie throws in the towel. For shame… The playoffs are just around the corner. Who will win this “contest of champions…?” Enjoy!

Duration: 00:29:05

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 10 in Review

We finally have two teams, leading their division, all by themselves. Despite the declaration of Separation Sunday last week, it is still tight at the top and its still a mess in the Hama Division. And in the upsets of all upsets this week, the two-man-down FightingNo Logins of Justin beats a fully manned Nanomites lineup…and boy was their team owner upset. In NFL news, the guys talk about the Panthers, Vikings and Texans. Enjoy this week 10 wrap up.

Duration: 00:34:50

WOJM 2015 FFL Week 9 in Review

The Charlottesville No Logins - logged in and served up a major setback to the Warriors. Meanwhile the Nanomites and Teal Ninjas continue to win…while the Privateers continue to lose. Mike declares next weekend SEPARATION SUNDAY…and further declares that Peyton Manning’s career is just about over. Gary agrees and has some choice words for all of the 18 jersey owners in Indianapolis. It’s week 9 in review, enjoy!

Duration: 00:34:37

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