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027 Wakanda Forever

Happy Black Panther day! We chat about all things Michael B. Jordan and his interview with our fave Issa Rae in Harlem! Kat was in the presence of our Idris rival (meeting other smoking hot rivals) while Mitzie was sitting shiva for the ultimate spouse that never was - Idris Elba. Yeah. She took the news hard. Somehow, we managed to squeeze in some Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ too. Earworm: Congratulations by Vesta Williams Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow Website:...


026 We Digress..

We digress... recorded while watching The Grammys, we ended up with an expanded Pophorn! The Chi, ACS Versace, The Shape of Water, Jean Claude Van Johnson, Grownish and more - we covered a lot! The Idris rival is a hot Wakandian villain and we touched on a bit of Ghetto Action News™ Earworm: Boomerang by Jidenna Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow Facebook: What's She On About email: info@thewsoashow.com


Special Episode: Out of the Mouth of Babes with Bella

Our first Out of The Mouth of Babes this year! This time Mitzie chats with the budding film critic Bella about Ferdinand the flower bull, field trips and sisterhood. It's back to school with hopefully more BFFs than bullys! Earworm: Empire State of Mind by Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow Website: www.whatssheonabout.com


025 Officially Out of Fucks

New Year. New You. New Episode! In our latest, we chat goals & resolutions, living our best lives, what happened at Midnight and ugly Matt Damon! The first Idris rival of 2018 could legit be President one day and of course we've got the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News. Earworm (a classic for the Martin Luther King Jr holiday): King Holiday by the King Dream Chorus and Holiday Crew Twitter and Instagram: @thewsoashow Facebook: What's She On About Website:www.whatsheonabout.com Email:...


024 It's Been A Year

It's our last episode of the year! As a gift to you, it's a short one where we follow up on some previous shows - concerts, hair products, diets etc. An Idris rival double dose was needed this time around and as usual Kat does not disappoint! Thank you listeners! Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Opening Song: Wild World (cover) by Bastille Earworm: United State of Pop 2017 (How We Did It) by DJ Earworm Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow Facebook: What'S She On About email:...


Out of the Mouth of Babes with Aiden

We did it again! It's another special episode of Out of the Mouth of Babes. This time Mitzie chats with Aiden about family reunions, Pokémon and the best thing about second grade. So fun - we'll probably do this again! (Don't worry, our last show of the year is coming. Make sure to subscribe so you'll know when it's available!) Earworm: That's What I Like by Bruno Mars Twitter: @thewsoashow Instagram: @thewsoashow Facebook: What's She On About


023 #NOLA

Laissez les bon temps manger! In our latest, Kat tells us all about her gourmet girl's trip to New Orleans - from alligator cheesecake to the best beignet - try not to listen on an empty stomach! An unexpected trip down soap opera lane leads to a silver fox for the Idris rival, a blackcard is suspended and of course the usual Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™. Earworm: Come Around by M.I.A. ft Timbaland Website: www.whatsheonabout.com Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow


022 hashtag blessed

We're feeling so hashtag blessed we decided to chat about all the things we're thankful for - big AND small. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Don't worry we have the Pophorn, Ghetto Action News and the Idris Rival is not only straight FIYAH, he's woke too! Earworm: Paw Patrol theme song Twitter, Instagram: @thewsoashow Facebook: What's She On About Website: www.whatssheonabout.com Spotify: What's She On About https://goo.gl/7bkfKb


021 Name That Tune

Inspired by the "All Fantasy Everything" podcast, we chat TV theme songs in our latest episode. We get through a lot of classics! The question is: did your favorite make the cut?! As always, we had the Pophorn and there was a grip of Ghetto Action News this time around. AND the most important news of all - FIRST CONTACT was made with zaddy Idris Elba! Opening song: Nobody Can Save Me by Linkin Park with Jon Green and Steven McKellar at Chester Bennington's Celebration of Life concert...


020 The Prostitution House

We're back and we're chatting that genius ginge Van Gogh, the breakup that wasn't and Sonequa Martin-Green's bad hair days. No luck finding Idris Elba in London with "Lil Idris" so the rival is desperately needed - we found one! Earworm - Love by Kendrick Lamar ft Zacari Follow on Instagram and Twitter: @thewsoashow


Habibi It's Dubai - What's She On Abroad

Finally made it to the third country - DUBAI. Amazing skyline, posh hotels and the gold souk - hear the final adventure! Opening song: Shape of You Carnatic Mix ft Aditya Rao Travel Earworm: Redbone by Childish Gambino


amsterDAM What Happened? - What's She On Abroad

Ladies and Gentleman it was one hella bumpy ride! More Amsterdam and boozy canal tours then on to the third and final country before home - DUBAI. Travel Earworm: Comfort of Strangers by Bastille


amsterDAM - What's She On Abroad

What's She On Abroad continues in amsterDAM! Stroopwafels, canal tours, bier and xxx! Also made it the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank Huis. Travel Earworm - Heartline by Craig David


London Calling Again - What's She On Abroad

The second installment of What's She On Abroad continues in London - the hotel, Motown the Musical and the PSA. And as always, I was #lookingforIdris. (Make sure to catch our instastory for real time photos @thewsoashow) Earworm: Underdog by Banks


What's She On Abroad - London

A bit of travel for the next two weeks and thought we'd take you along. First stop is London. Naturally a search for Idris began at the UK border! (Make sure to catch our instastory for real time photos @thewsoashow) Earworm: Borders by St Beauty



...there will be a disruption in "service". Our regularly scheduled programming comes back in two weeks! In the meantime, stay tuned for some... vignettes?! Sorry!


019 That Conscious Life (with Magalie René-Hayes)

"This is a thing!" In our latest episode, we chat with Conscious Designer and Author Magalie René-Hayes about her new book, schools, the King of the North and Lady Gaga! The Idris rival may be familiar and as always we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ Earworm: What About Us by P!nk Book: "Kid Smart Spaces: Decorating a Classroom That Changes Lives" www.magalierenehayes.com www.kidsmartspaces.com


018 Hella Insecure

"What's She On About??" Insecure on HBO! In our latest episode, we chat about the season finale watch party hosted by Issa Rae, an awkward black girl and that longer-but-felt-shorter final episode! We need an Idris rival MORE. THAN. EVER. with this Canadian invasion and naturally we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™ Earworm: Bodak Yellow by Cardi iB


017 "Becky with the Flat Hair"

It was a BUSY Sunday! In our latest episode, we unpack the (mostly) blah VMAs, the perpetual victim that is Taylor Swift, the Game of Thrones poser amongst us and the latest episode of Insecure! It was basically an extended Pophorn with a bit of Ghetto Action News™ and a caliente Idris Rival. Earworm: Pony by Ginuwine Title by: Luvvie (Disclaimer: Our Unofficial Official producer disavows this episode because of Becky)


016 Family Ties

In this episode we chat about a Summer classic - the family reunion! There's also Titos, Insecure and the farkakte mess that is now the United States. A little worried about Idris but his rival is ridiculously adorable with those dimples and of course we have the Pophorn and Ghetto Action News™. Earworm: Your Number by Ayo Jay


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