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Wheeler in the Morning – The Podcast – Jan 22 2018

Comedian Jordan Welwood joins us in studio to Co-host all morning!

Duration: 00:59:07

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 19th – 2018

More on the Pizza Pop and it's origins and it's possible return to glory in Winnipeg. Every had to break up with a friend? Someone on the show is going through a friend break-up. Tattoo tickets and a letter to Oiler fans for being dicks. Last Words: " yea, there ya go!"

Duration: 01:11:39

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 18th 2018

Nintendo has made its latest offering to the public in the way of... CARDBOARD!! You can see the video here: Pete Johansson is in studio plugging his shows at Rumors this weekend. AND, the crew finds out about one of the coolest things that ever came out of Winnipeg: The Pizza Pop!! Last Words: "...comin' up here on Saturday!"

Duration: 01:07:24

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 17th 2018

The gang discusses The Tide Pod challenge quickly sweeping the internet. Russia has seen sub -60 temps lately, of course a call is necessary to check on their well being. Some live music from OKAY MANN, and Wheeler takes a poke at the women wanting into an All-Mens Club. PLEASE REVIEW THE SHOW AND SHARE! Last Words: "...cold Philadelphia."

Duration: 01:12:04

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 16th 2017

The gang dives deep into the Uber/Lyft vs. MPI situation in the city. Kelly Butler gives a first hand account of his time at the Vikings game this past Sunday vs. The Saints. Winnipeg Tattoo Show tickets to hand out, and Rena gave a pizza guy the story of a lifetime! Please review the show and share where you can! Last Words: "...pretty neat!"

Duration: 01:08:47

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 15th 2017

if you're a Minnesota Vikings fan, well my goodness it's a good day to be alive! Lots of calls on the BONE Phone today, including one from the WITM fanclub! Jennifer Jones rink is going back to the Scotties! Jill Officer was kind enough to join us after that big win in Killarney last night, and a letter to read all the way from Brazil! Please review the show and share! Last Words: " goldberg. coug, cough"

Duration: 01:06:58

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 12th 2018

Last round of Dad Jokes for Meltdown tour tickets this morning. The gang does a radio version of Reddit's AMA towards the tail end of the podcast. Attica Riots comes in for a live performance from their new album (Release Party is tomorrow night @ The Pyramid), and Turnbull likes things gooey apparently?! Please review the show! Last Words: "...I'll have to look more into that."

Duration: 01:22:26

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 11th 2018

Kelly Butler has some pretty exciting news to share this morning as he is quickly becoming the busiest man in the province! More Dad Jokes for 92.1 CITI Meltdown Tour tickets. Everyone is binging on Netflix in these dark winter days, Rena has fishues, and the Uber vs MPI debate is tackled on the show. Please review the show and share where you can! Last Words: "...make it happen Turnbull!!"

Duration: 01:11:33

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 10th 2018

This is good trending, live music from Vikings on the show today. No, not players from the Minnesota Vikings, they're an EDM band from Winnipeg and they perform live towards the end of today's podcast. More Dad Jokes for 92.1 CITI Meltdown Tour tickets and we go to the Musical Jury on Lana Del Rey and Radiohead. Please review the show as always and share where you can! Last Words: "... then we worry."

Duration: 01:15:43

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 9th 2018

Kaitlin Lawes is going back to The Olympics to represent Canada, she was kind enough to join the show to talk about it. The show's new favorite game: "Dad Jokes" takes centre stage, and it's Jets game day. Please review the show and share where you can! Last Words: "...I don't know who he is."

Duration: 01:11:20

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 8th 2018

The Captain of team Sweden after receiving his IIHF Silver Medal, promptly threw it over the glass in disgust of losing to the Canadians. Sore loser or fierce competitor? A new version of Rena vs. Turnbull. and a recap on the Golden Oprah Globes last night from Hollywood. Last Words: "...that's stories we missed." PLS SHARE AND REVIEW!

Duration: 01:07:26

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 5th 2018

Gold medal game in the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship takes place between Canada and Sweden, the gang sets up the game with some help from the BONE Phone. Golden Globes talk and talkin' tattoos and the Winnipeg Tattoo Show. last Words: "...Ohhh, Ahhhh"

Duration: 01:23:19

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 4th 2018

The entire show is back together for the first time since November! Celebrations are in store by playing video games for IronMaidens tickets... Pooping salads, and Derick Lengwenus joins us to talk cold, Trump and Can/US relations! Last Words: "...Nice work champ."

Duration: 01:11:58

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 3rd 2018

As it's a short work week, there's heaps to cram in. Today's show features another Live @ The Roslyn band (and could; through copyright, be the O.G. Live @ The Roslyn band) and we talk about the Logan Paul 'Suicide Forest' situation on YouTube. Last Words: "...alright, that's stories we missed!"

Duration: 01:21:51

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 02 2018

Happy New Year! Feels like the show hasn't been on air since... Last Year!! Stories from the holidays and Wheeler brings in a gift sure to annoy Turnbull! Last Words: "...damn girl. You tell 'em!"

Duration: 01:11:01

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Dec 22nd 2017

Last day before CHRISTMAS BREAK! The show returns on Jan. 02nd! Thanks for having a great 2017 with us! You can always download the Word of Wheeler Podcast to keep you company next week! Today the gang calls China to get to the bottom of the Mandarin Orange shortage crisis. Rena plays a Christmas version of Who'd You Rather and don't forget to stick around after the credits to hear the BEST OF THE MONTH! Last Words: "...some of us are!"

Duration: 01:04:09

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Dec 21st 2017

The "Flat Earth" theory and debate on the show comes to a close with a few more BONE Phone calls. A new debate starts up as the Royal Canadian Mint has created a 25 Dollar coin, so can you use it in the store? Jimmy Page has said there's some unheard Zeppelin tracks that could see the light of day in the new year, so the gang picks their favorite Zeppelin songs over the last 50 years. Last Words: "...tried to beat ya to it."

Duration: 01:12:11

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Dec 20th 2017

Some live music this morning on the show as Sons of York join us in studio to perform a new track of their new EP. The FlatEarthers have come out of the woodwork in defense of Wheeler calling them out on yesterdays show. Rena Jae is under the weather, and KB gets snowed in! Last Words: "Good for him."

Duration: 01:07:28

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Dec 19th 2017

What was the best gift you ever got as a child? Wheeler, Rena and Turnbull all reminisce about theirs. Why do people erect their windshield wipers? Turnbull tries to explain. 5 days of Christmas continues with a $500 G/C to Wild Planet and more tickets to hand out to the 92.1 CITI Meltdown tour in April! Last Words: "...who hurt you?"

Duration: 01:05:16

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Dec 18th 2017

Rena is back from Christmas Vacation! It's the last week before Christmas, so we start WITM's 5 Days of Christmas! Today, a $500 g/c to The Fishing Hole, that also sparks a convo about ice fishing. Rounding up the penny is also discussed, The Foo Fighters were on SNL and Rena tries her hand at Um, Ah, Oh for Meltdown tickets! Last Words: "...YEAH EXACTLY!"

Duration: 01:05:49

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