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Winnipeg, MB






4-166 Osborne Street. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1Y8 204-788-3400


Wheeler in the Morning- The podcast- Dec 8 2017

Broadcasting Live at Polo Park Mall for Christmas for kids!!

Duration: 00:50:57

Wheeler in the Morning – the podcast- Dec 7 2017

Disney Wars, Christmas for kids, Turnbull being a puss, Caroling lady sings!

Duration: 00:57:12

Wheeler in the Morning- The podcast- Dec 6 2017

Deep Dark Cave preform live in the CITI sound booth, Name that Captain, Tips for xmas shopping with men, Loud chewing intervention.

Duration: 00:58:27

Wheeler in the Morning – The podcast – Dec 5 2017

Sexual attraction to objects, name that sound, shitty good deeds, coffee and baileys

Duration: 00:45:15

Wheeler in the Morning- the podcast- Dec 4 2017

Kelly butler is back in town! Two big concert announcements, volcano, perogies and more!

Duration: 00:59:17

Wheeler in the Morning- The podcast- Nov 30 2017

Comedian Jordan Welwood co-hosts, Name that mating call, Comic Chad Daniels in studio, Send facebook your nudes, breakup website

Duration: 00:45:41

Wheeler in the Morning – The podcast- Nov 29 2017

Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds play live in studio, James Cameron finally tells us why Rose didn't make room for Jack on that door, Asshole cove, Octopussy, Porcupine eating corn on the cob.

Duration: 00:36:58

Wheeler in the Morning- The Podcast- Nov 27 2017

Concert announcement, Strange dreams, Name that tune, Balls on workout equipment.

Duration: 00:50:35

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 24th 2017

It's Black Friday! We find out who on the show is most excited to get out and throw some elbows in the aisles. Some A7X tickets to hand out with Rena vs Turnbull, and Kelly Butler gets a call for an update on American Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Last Words: "...ok than, I'll take it!"

Duration: 01:03:19

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 23rd 2017

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S.A., and there are some subtle differences between the two celebrations, the show explores these differences by making calls to our southern neighbors. New game for Rena vs Turnbull, and sleeping habits are explored! Last Words: "...singing."

Duration: 01:10:46

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 23rd 2017

The Google game with Rena vs. Turnbull takes an unexpected twist this morning with a very engaged caller who won some Avenged Sevenfold tickets! Some outlandish stories on objects getting stuck in bums (yup). Live Music this morning from Roman Clarke, who will also perform on 'Live @ The Roslyn' tonight on Facebook Live. Last Words: "...that's awesome! Flutie brother band! There ya go..."

Duration: 01:14:40

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 21st 2017

Wheeler is back from Nashville... with no sleep and some stories. Rider Nation gets a phone call after the Riders loss to Toronto in the East Final. Last Words: "...weird videos that pop up first."

Duration: 01:08:31

Wheeler in the Morning- The podcast- Nov 20 2017

Rena, Kelly, and Turnbull talk advent calendars, voodoo, Malcolm Young's Passing, New music, and Sports! Wheeler is off to Nashville!

Duration: 00:43:22

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 17th 2017

Another day of old school game show winning on the program! Rena and Turnbull go head to head in a game of Google, and TV's John Dore joins us in studio as he's in town doing some shows at Rumors. Last Words: " way to do that. Awesome."

Duration: 01:06:24

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 16th 2017

Goin' old school on giveaways this morning, complete with prizes behind doors and an 8-bit game wheel! Santa Claus parade is this weekend, and so is the Jets game, and Moose game, and a parade, and Santa. Last Words: "...their a-holes just puckered."

Duration: 01:04:49

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 15th 2017

Bullrider joins us in our Sound CITI Studio to promote their show tonight on Facebook Live with "Live @ The Roslyn". We need to figure out a way to get the Foo Fighters to play in Winnipeg, as we've been left off their summer tour. Lots of giveaways and Turnbull forgot what his job is. Last Words: "...50 years old Jimmy Kimmel."

Duration: 01:04:32

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 14th 2017

Short work week, which means a heap of stuff to cram into the show, including a concert announcement (that Rena is stoked for), Letterkenny DVDs for Season 1, Were in you in Vegas over the weekend? We'll talk Jets in Sin City and the Gawd Awful anthem singer that butchered the National Anthem before the game. Bombers were bad on Sunday... We air some calls that echo our frustration. Last Words: "...oh, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Duration: 01:09:35

Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Nov 10th 2017

We're back on Tuesday morning. Talked to the Great Great Grandnephew of John McCrae (dude who wrote Flanders Fields) on the show today. Had a heap of tickets to hand out today (and Rena still refused to play the 'Secret Game', and Turnbull adds an addendum to the MMJHL bet for the show. Last Words: " more honest with me."

Duration: 01:06:46

NFL Prickly Picks – Week 10

Week 10 of the NFL Season. Follow: @Wheelerj28

Duration: 00:03:59

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