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4-166 Osborne Street. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1Y8 204-788-3400


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 16th 2018

No Rena today, so the guys are enjoying a testosterone filled studio, free to talk about movies and sports and sex and food and sports and movies and stuff. So, pretty much a normal show. QOTSA tickets to hand out for their May 20th show @ Bell MTS Place. Chinese New Year, so Wheeler and Turnbull try and figure out what year they were born in (on the Chinese Calendar), and some Olympic updates. Last Words: "...cheer for the at the Olympics."


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 15th 2018

Valentine's Day is over and The BONE Phone exposes how many lonely people there are out there. Turnbull and KB get into a heated chat about the merits curling and it's place in the realm of 'sport'. Some Olympic news out of Peoyongchang South Korea, some word association with Dave Turnbull, and the gang reveals some HUGE NEWS about how the show is getting a new member!! PLEASE REVIEW THE SHOW, it really does help out the reach of the podcast and keeps the gangt employed! Last Words: "... I...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb. 14th 2018

What's that? You want to show us some love on Valentine's Day and review the show?? That is soooo sweet of you! Thank you for that! Live music from Juno Award Winner William Prince this morning. Be sure to tune in at 8:00pm CST tonight to see him perform Live @ The Roslyn: Queens of The Stone Age are coming to Winnipeg in May; Rena and Turnbull go head to head in Rena Vs. Turnbull to hand out a pair to the show. Another Olympic update as Canada...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 13th 2018

It's World Radio Day! At 8:22 local time this morning, every radio station in the world ran the exact same :60 ad to celebrate radio! Pretty cool! And yes, it's contained in this podcast! More Olympic coverage, some Tradio for Winnipeg Tattoo Convention tickets, Avenged Sevenfold reviews from Rena KB and Wheeler has an amazing story from the concert last night. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE FOR WORLD RADIO DAY! Last Words: "...could be... could be!"


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 12th 2018

Wheeler has issues with the Olympics this year; Dave Turnbull is here to argue that there is nothing wrong with the Olympics as is... Rena plays referee. Avenged Sevenfold tickets to hand out for tonights show, Lots of events happening in downtown Winnipeg to scare away the winter blues, and reaction on the BONE Phone on the Colten Boushie story. Last Words: "...I'll text your wife." PLEASE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW AND NEVER EVER EVER LEAVE US... EVER.


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 9th 2018

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND REVIEW THE SHOW!! IT HELPS US CONTINUE THIS PODCAST! SHARE SHARE SHARE!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! The opening ceremonies for the 2018 Olympics in Peoyongchang South Korea happened bright and early this morning, the gang recaps some of the highlights and an update on our Canadian athletes competing. Some Olympic trivia in Rena Vs. Turnbull (One of them is not a very humble winner) for A7X tickets. The extension cord robberies continue in the city, and what do you pay...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 8th 2018

PLEASE TAKE 30 SECONDS TO REVIEW AND RATE THE SHOW AND SHARE WHERE YOU CAN!! THANK YOU!! You win a $6M Lottery. Do you split it with your common law spouse? Or break up with them and hit the road? The gang discusses the morality of this event that is happening in Quebec: Dave Turnbull weighs in on the Josh McDaniels situation in New England in today's 'Load...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 7th 2018

It's the first day of the Olympics with the Opening ceremonies upcoming this Friday from Peoyongchang South Korea. The gang isn't quite sure on the rules on if they can use the theme or not, so until further notice... Elon and SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy yesterday, Turnbull and Rena have a time making fun of Wheeler and his nerdom: . Justin Trudea stuck his big liberal foot in his mouth yesterday in Edmonton:...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 6th 2018

How do you show affection to your family? Wave? High Fives? Hugs? Kisses? 3 second mouth to mouth kisses? The gang debates the topic after video of Tom Brady and his son has surface of having a longer than expected kiss on the lips. Wheeler is asking for support from the gang as he has a big event coming up in the coming months. Lots of giveaway and some phone calls to some of the province's favourite curlers; Reid Carruthers who has just qualified for the Tim...


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Feb 5th 2018

Rena makes her triumphant return to the show after a week off! We talk Superbowl, Superbowl halftime show, Superbowl commercials and everything else Superbowl (including the new Star Wars Solo teaser: Some tattoo tickets for the Winnipeg Tattoo show: The Manitoba Outdoor show, and we call Manitoba's representative for this years Tim Horton's Brier; Reid Carruthers! PLEASE REVIEW THE SHOW AND SHARE! Last Words: " tight end...


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Feb. 2nd 2018

A surprise visit from The Disreali Dreamers on the show today (for real, it was a surprise, Wheeler and Turnbull had no idea), bonus trivia, one of the band members have violated Wheeler in the bum. Superbowl audio from WITM Friend: Craig Gass who is at media week for the Superbowl (see the video here: ). Some health care talk and some Star Wars news in Ent City! Last Words: "...what's that sounds like?" PLEASE REVIEW THE SHOW AND SHARE SHARE SHARE!


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Feb 01st – 2018

Justin Trudeau was heckled (again) at his town hall in Winnipeg last night. Graham Clark joins the gang to talk about how professional comics handle heckling. Superbowl in on Sunday, and who better to talk NFL Football than Kelly Butler! A chance to the national anthem and some new on House of Cards all on today's WITM Podcast! Please subscribe, review and share where you can!! Last Words: "...that's incredible."


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 31st 2018

The Bloodshots return to the WITM studios as they're on "Live @ The Roslyn" tonight on FacebookLive! Wheeler has too many moms in his house, are the Jets real cup contenders? What do you do with dog poop while walking and some new movies to check out. Last Words: "...big dicks... i dunno."


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 30th 2018

What is Rock Music? Is there an actual definition? The Grammy's don't seem to know, nor do most of the rock charts in North America. The gang tries to determine what is and what isn't ROCK music these days. Kelly Talks NBA and The BONE Phone fields the Sage Creek school situation. PLEASE REVIEW AND SHARE SHARE SHARE!! Last Words: "...hire him, fire him."


Wheeler in The Morning – The Podcast – Jan 29th 2018

Wheeler is BACK! Rena is GONE! Where? Who know. The guys try and track her down. Winnipeg Tattoo Show tickets giveaway, Winnipeg Outdoor show tickets giveaway, and lost of calls to take on the Sage Creek school situation. Last Words: "...stories we missed."


Wheeler in the Morning – The podcast – Jan 26 2018

Rena Jae, Dave Turnbull, and Comedian Jordan Welwood discuss Life!


Wheeler in the Morning- the podcast- Jan 25 2018

Wheeler in the Morning with Rena Jae, Dave Turnbull and Kelly Butler


Wheeler in the Morning – The podcast- Jan 24 2018

Wheeler in the Morning with Rena Jae, Dave Turnbull, And Kelly Bulter. Ex Omerta performs live in studio!


Wheeler in the Morning- The Podcast- Jan 23 2018

Wheeler in the Morning with Rena Jae, Dave Turnbull, and Kelly Butler!


Wheeler in the Morning – The Podcast – Jan 22 2018

Comedian Jordan Welwood joins us in studio to Co-host all morning!


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