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Wheeler in The Morning – March 22nd 2018

Twitter follower @wpg_msmith is in the Sound CITI booth this morning watching LOTR live on Facebook Live (no joke). Our Lady Peace was also in the Sound CITI Studio and performed for an intimate crowd. U of M Bisons Women's Hockey Team popped by to show off their NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!! And another round of WHAT'S FOR DINNER to hand out Steve Miller (and Peter Frampton) tickets. Tomorrow, listen to the show live and take part as the gang does a LIVE AMA @ 8:30 CST. Call 204-780-CITI...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 21st 2018

Live music from Sierra Noble (www.sierranoble.ca) on the show, as she'll be live on: LIVE @ The Roslyn (www.facebook.com/wearethevillageidiots) tonight @ 8pm CST. Reid Carruthers joins the show to talk about his new curling rink that is scheduled to be a dominant force for the next few years (and he also has the last words on the cast today). The gang plays "Hearing Things" and 'What's For Dinner" for tickets to Jeff Dunham and Steve Miller. The debate over the "Nazi Dog" video and the...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 20th 2018

The gang tries out a new board game that forces you to read someone lips... literally. More OLP passes for the Sound CITI Studio Session with Adam Kane. The gang continues with 'What's For DInner' for Steve Miller tickets, another name for Get The Hell Outta Here: Foo Fighters in Seattle, and Wheeler tries to tell his weekend story without Rena high-jacking it this time. Please Rate and or review the show! Thanks!! Last Words: "...i'm going home to watch porn too!"


Wheeler in The Morning – March 19th 2018

Rena Jae was in full form this past weekend for St. Patrick's Day, as she ended up hugging old people... No joke. U of M Bisons Women's Hockey Team are NATIONAL CHAMPS! The gang talks to head coach Jon Rempel, Steve Miller tickets to hand out, another qualifier for GTHOH: Foo Fighters in Seattle, and the gang starts a weeks worth of "WHAT'S FOR DINNER" to win OLP passes for their 'in-studio' performance with Adam Kane on Wednesday this week. PLEASE REVIEW. PLEASE REVIEW! please review....


Wheeler in The Morning – March 16th 2018

The weekend in upon us! To ease your way into it, the gang has another plethora of goodies to hand out, including A PLANE TICKET TO SEATTLE TO SEE THE FOO FIGHTERS! Make sure you sign up to be an Empire Member at (https://www.921citi.ca). Some Bonus BONE Phone calls since yesterday was so jammed packed. The Jets are back on a winning track at home, and March Madness is in full swing. Some infrastructure talk about roads and buildings, and more dad jokes to wrap up the week. Next week the...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 15th 2018

The BONE Phone lit up on Steak and BJ Day, as it dominates that segment today (hopefully yours went better than some of the callers did). LOTS of Dad Jokes on the show today (groan) including some home grown Manitoba Dad Jokes. Another qualifier for Get The Hell Outta Here to see The Foo Fighters in Seattle (sign up here: http://www.921citi.ca/contests/get-hell-outta/), and the gang talks about stuff they ruined of their parents when they were kids. PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW. Last...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 14th 2018

Happy Steak and BJ Day! The gang debuts a brand new song to help celebrate this (yet to be officially recognized) holiday. Steaks to hand out in conjunction with the other giveaways this week (Alice Cooper/Jay and Silent Bob Get Old). Live music from Odder and The Otters, as the Live @ The Roslyn series continues on Facebook Live (www.facebook.com/wearethevillageidiots). Steven Hawking passed away this morning, the gang honors his contributions to the worlds, and the new 'Fantastic Beasts'...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 13th 2018

Seeing as it's a Tuesday, the gang has decided to bring back a couple of popular bits on the show. First being: TEST MARKET TUESDAY! For those unfamiliar, the gang tests a product that is either rare, or one of the wacky "as seen on TV" products. The second being the popular weekly web-series THE BONE PHONE UNCUT. This is a popular bit from the past that lives on the 92.1 CITI Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/921citi/) and features unedited calls solicited on THE BONE PHONE...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 12th 2018

Busy show to start off a week. The gang has 2 announcements to make, and tickets to hand out with those announcements... AND they play (and will all week) the new popular game on WITM: DAD JOKES! Wednesday is Steak and BJ Day (March 14th, one month after Valentine's Day), and to get geared up, the gang plays last years Steak and BJ song. Rena and Turnbull have a different memory than Wheeler of what a Nano is, and The Tiger Effect is back in Golf! Last Words: "...congrats to him!" PLEASE...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 9th 2018

The very funny Taylor Williamson is live in studio taking about his runner-up finish on America's Got Talent! 2, count 'em 2!! round of RENA vs TURNBULL on the show, how will can you do with the audio cues? Don't forget to turn your clock ahead 1 hour this weekend, and Connor McGregor has some beef with rapper 50 Cent, Rena tells all in Entertainment City. Have a killer weekend! RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW YA PIRATE!!! Last Words: "...a $800 joke."


Wheeler in The Morning – March 8th 2018

Dude got nailed with a $24,000 H2O bill for what the city is calling "a possible leak" on his property, the gang discusses the morality of the bill. Another round of 'Rena Vs. Turnbull Vs. Kelly Butler for tickets to the 92.1 CITI Meltdown Tour (http://www.921citi.ca/events/92-1-citi-meltdown-tour-featuring-shinedown-special-guests-moment-one-bad-son-10-years/), and another name called for GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE: FOO FIGHTERS IN SEATTLE! Please Rate and Review at your leisure. Last Words:...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 7th 2018

Do you remember the way Subway USED to cut the bread before they made your sub? Peppridge Farm remembers! Why did they stop? The gang gets to the bottom of it. Another round of Rena Vs Turnbull (YouTube Cover Songs Edition), another qualifier for GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE: Foo Fighters in Seattle! Live performance from Scott Nolan who will be performing on Facebook Live tonight with The Live @ The Roslyn Series. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast as Rena Jae explains why she hates curling!...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 6th 2018

As Winnipeg digs itself out of the major snowfall from Sunday night, the gang fields some calls from the loaders who do the dirty work. Should Kobe Bryant be celebrated for his Oscar win? Or shunned because of his rape allegations 15 years ago? The gang discusses. Another name called in Get The Hell Outta Here: Foo Fighters in Seattle with WITM, and it's Rena Vs. Turnbull Vs. KB for tickets to the 92.1 CITI Meltdown tour in April! Please take 30 seconds and rate/review the show and help us...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 5th 2018

You like snow do ya? Well, Winnipeg got it's fill overnight. Some reaction from the BONE Phone about driving habits when weather like this happens. The Oscars was last night, the gang explores the speeches, the winners and Jimmy Kimmel as host. Rena vs. Turnbull for some tickets to the 92.1 CITI Meltdown tour at Bell/MTS Place this spring. A new mashup for the Winnipeg Jets featuring Van Halen and John Lennon, and another qualifier for The Foo Fighters in Seattle! Thanks for rating and...


Wheeler in The Morning – Mar 2nd 2018

Dave Turnbull was THE FIRST EVER RIDE SHARING PASSENGER IN WINNIPEG! The gang ordered a @Tapp_Car (https://www.tappcar.com/) for Turnbull to go and get some morning Taquitos! The week wraps up in style as there is one more Metallica Mosh Pit puzzle to solve so someone can win Beat the Box Office tickets (https://www.ticketmaster.ca) for the Sept 13th show @ Bell MTS Place. The U of M Bison Women's Hockey team is gearing up for a best of 3 weekend against the Sask Huskies and we talk to...


Wheeler in The Morning – March 1st 2018

Wheeler, Turnbull and Kelly get DEEP into the comments made by Lebron James regarding corruption in the NCAA. Beth (Turnbull's significant other) celebrates a birthday, so in WITM fashion, the gang calls to sing to her. Ryan Dalton drops by to share some laughs and talk about the parallels between Cleveland OH and Winnipeg MB. Metallica Morning Mosh Pit is a dozy this morning, and the gang has a hard time finding a winner... again. Please rate and review the show, and tell your friends!...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 28th 2018

For those that follow the podcast, you'll know that there was a couple of dudes that flew the coop from Stoney Mountain penitentiary over the weekend, well they got pinched and are on their way back to the clink. Anyone who heard Monday's podcast, we had a caller who is an ex-con and laid out how one would escape from prison, if they chose to do so. He called back and gave us some more info on life on the inside. Metallica Beat the Box Office tickets up for grabs with another Metallica...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 27th 2018

NHL trade deadline has come and gone, and the Winnipeg Jets made a significant move in acquisition, the question is; how does being traded affect ones life? The gang debates the logistics of being a pro athlete around trade rumours. The gang talks about plans for The 'Get The Hell Outta Here' to Seattle to see the Foo Fighters!! (You can come too! Click this link to sign up: http://www.921citi.ca/contests/get-hell-outta/) The gang gets excited on some news about The Fresh Prince, Metallica...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 26th 2018

How easy is it to break out of prison? Apparently easier than we think. The gang gets a call from an ex-con who walks them through step by step on how to walk out of a minimum security prison. 2 MASSIVE announcements on the show, as you have a chance to fly to Seattle with Wheeler, Rena, Turnbull and Kelly to see THE FOO FIGHTERS! Just sign up at our website: http://www.921citi.ca/contests/get-hell-outta/ AND METALLICA is coming back to Winnipeg this summer! Listen to win tickets all week...


Wheeler in The Morning – Feb 23rd 2018

Another round of WHAT'S FOR DINNER? on the show this morning to hand out another $50 g/c to Fatburger. Is it ok to reject a silver medal at the Olympics? Or is that the "gold standard" for Canada? The gang weighs in on the Cormier trial and how do you pronounce: Almond? Last Words: "...Kelly says alot of weird things." Have a great weekend! Please RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW WHILE YOU'RE ON THE POOPER!


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