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#14 Girl Vs. Cancer Lauren Mahon: How Cancer At 31 Changes Your Life

"Cancer has made my life richer. I've used the fear as a tailwind to live bigger. It's taken away the fear of doing what I want to do. It's made me just want to live my life the best I can. Rather than just sitting there and having an idea, I now have the idea and send the email or I send the text or I investigate. I don't sit on it, I work out how to make it happen. Since being diagnosed with cancer, I know there is no point waiting until tomorrow." My guest this episode is Blogger,...


#13 Ctrl Alt Delete's Emma Gannon: In Defence of Millennials & The Art of The Hustle

My guest this episode is Author, Broadcaster and Podcast Host, Emma Gannon. Growing up in Devon, England, Emma always loved to write, so it was perhaps inevitable that she went to study English at the University of Southampton. Upon graduating, she embarked on a successful career in journalism, working at Publications such as The Debrief and Glamour. Emma’s affinity with the Internet led her to create her blog Girl Lost in the City in 2009\. Over time, her side hustle gathered momentum and...


#12 Emma Rosen: Lessons From Trying 25 Jobs In One Year

My guest this episode is Writer and Speaker, Emma Rosen. A high achiever academically, Emma progressed through school and university with the necessary grades and experience to land her dream role on the Civil Service’s prestigious Graduate Scheme. Within two weeks she knew it wasn’t for her. After a year, something had to change so she wrote a list of all the jobs she’d dreamed of doing growing up. Just before her 24th birthday, she quit her job to embark on – what she called – a radical...


#11 Author, Actress & Speaker Mel Wells: Finding Purpose After An Eating Disorder

"Follow the breadcrumbs. Just follow those little nudges, whispers, signs and clues of what you enjoy and what your soul really enjoys. be really honest about that. If you want to change your life, start by doing more things that you love. Surround yourself by people that inspire you rather than drain you. Have more friendships with people who are doing things that they’re really excited about." My guest this episode is Certified Health Coach, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and...


#10 Man Repeller's Haley Nahman: On the Fiction of the Dream Job & Dealing With Scary "What-Ifs"

"What are you not willing to not find out about? I think that’s something everyone could examine. Whether we want to or not, we are all going to wonder about some stuff. We don’t all get to know what it feels like to be an Olympic athlete or a movie star. There are just things we don’t get to experience as just one person, in one lifetime. We do get to choose to some extent what we choose as a fantasy and what we try out. For me, I could have been OK in my other situation. I just wasn’t...


#9 Podcaster & Coach Alex Manzi: Becoming Your Best Self & Daring to Dream

"I didn't know what I wanted to and not until very recently did I discover that. I've had lots of different career paths but I still managed to get myself into some really good positions in terms of work. It's not the end of the world if you don't know what you want to do until you're 30, 35, 40 or whatever. That's just part of life. You've just got to roll with it." My guest this episode is Podcaster, Coach and Social Media Producer Alex Manzi. Born and bred in London, Alex says he “never...


#8 Dr Gwen Adshead: Why Dealing With Difficulty Is Important & How We Grow Up

“Life is difficult sometimes. The fact that something is difficult, hard or boring doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong thing for you. It may be important to work out why it’s so difficult, hard and boring and try and go a bit deeper… You don’t have to like every situation you’re in. Life is full of suffering and we need to develop resilience." My guest this week is Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr Gwen Adshead. She is a leader in a very specialist field, in which she seeks to understand and...


#7 Zanna Van Dijk: Magic Begins Outside The Comfort Zone (Even If It's Scary AF)

"I'm still in this mindset of I have no idea where I'm going to be in the next five years. It messes with my head. It's very exciting because there are so many opportunities and you can go in whichever direction you want, but as someone who is very goal-oriented, it's very bizarre to not really know where the industry is going to be. It's not all in my control." My guest this week is Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger, Zanna Van Dijk. Her website bio states that she finds it “hard to...


#6 Lauren Kay: Should You Quit Your Job and Move To Bali?

"The quickest way to tell my story is 'Oh, I quit my job!' But of course, I didn't just quit like that. There were months of turmoil beforehand, saving, making a plan. There are lots of things that go on in the background to ensure that I could leap and feel comfortable. This meant I could make changes not based on fear." My guest this week is Career Coach, Lauren Kay. Born and bred in the North of England, she followed her childhood ambitions to become a lawyer. Following some study and a...


#5 The New York Public Library’s Tony Ageh: Pioneering Change in the Face of Resistance

“I always felt this strange sense of otherness as a child, just because of the colour of my skin. I am sure there are many people who have versions of that, whether you have afflictions that others think disable you, that don't in any way disable you. I knew full well, because of the environment I grew up in, the pigmentation of my skin made literally no difference to my ability to do anything. So I've always looked at the world from that perspective, that this must apply to everyone....


#4 Temi Hollist: The Truth Behind Big Career Changes & Making Leaps into the Unknown

"I really thought about it. I sought the counsel of people I trusted. I spent time feeling settled about it and I still arrived at the decision that I want to go. The only person I could blame was myself and in that moment I trusted myself to know it was the right decision for me." My guest this week is the storyteller Temi Hollist. Hailing from Northampton, she’s a seasoned creative with truly global experience – having laid her hat in London, New York and most recently, Berlin. Starting...


#3 Career Coach Ciara Davies: How to Find A Job You Really Love

"A lot of people underestimate their 'superpower' or 'Zone of Genius'. Everyone has something that they really enjoy or are really good at - and probably better at it than most people. At first glance, it might not look like the type of skill that is job-orientated. It's the kind of task that doesn't bore you. It's probably something you do when you're not thinking. It could also be something that gives you energy after you do it." My guest this week is Career Coach and Business Strategist...


#2 Refinery 29's Lucie Fink: Creating the Perfect Job & Swapping Neuroscience for Media

"A lot of my friends seemed to be in that boat where everything was sort of linear and I was just weaving. I definitely was stressed but if I have a takeaway from it, it's that the stress didn't help me figure it out at all." My guest this week is Video Producer, Lifestyle Host and Stop Motion Artist Extraordinaire, Lucie Fink. With a career that reads like a modern-day Millennial fairy-tale, Lucie wrote up her dream job description and the role was created for her at the digital media...


#1 Jeremy Vine: Over 30 years in Broadcasting & The Importance of Time

"We're here for fun, mainly. Therefore, if we come first doing what we enjoy, that's great. But if not, let's at least work hard at it and do our best." - Jeremy Vine. My guest this week is Presenter, Broadcaster and Journalist, Jeremy Vine. From a young age, Jeremy always knew he wanted to be a journalist, but he could never have predicted how his career would unfold. Since joining the BBC as a News Trainee in 1987, he has spent more than three decades informing, educating and entertaining...


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What do you want to be when you grow up? Hands up if you remember being asked this when you were younger. And hands up if you never knew the answer. Keep your hand up if you still don't know the answer. Don't worry, neither do I. When I Grow Up is a podcast hosted by me, Katie Philo, all about the trials, tribulations and joys of growing up. Each episode will focus on the journey of one individual. Dialing it back to those childhood dreams and subsequent journeys, we’ll discuss the choices...