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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.41

Weeski and Geko are just partying and bullsh!tin’ on this episode of the W(S)P. It’s fight night, we’re grubbin’ on some edibles, we’re sippin’ on some brews, we got plenty of fight talk, we also talk combat jiu-jitsu, we touch on the unfortunate events in Florida, I shit on Lonzo Ball’s rap record, and I finally started my blog on wordpress.com called “ShittingAtWork.” 41 epidsodes in and we’re still rocking homies. Check out Seth Geko’s Blog:...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.40

Welcome to the “Shaming” episode of the W(S)P. Geko is shaming everyone and everything in sight on this 40th edition of the infamous podcast. I’m shaming the Eagles, Kevin Hart, Tom Brady, Gronk, the Philly horse shit eater, more Kevin Hart, Nick Foles, UFC 221, the chick that got her ass cracked by Valentina Shevchenko, Donald Trump, the Olympics…you name it; it’s getting shamed on this episode. Strap on your gasoline boots cuz you’re about to walk through some flames homies. The W(S)P if...

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.39

The W(S)P is back to bless ya’ll with some heat rocks. On the eve of the wackest Super Bowl of all time, we got some Grammys roasting, Ronda Rousey pretend fighting, a UFC Fight Night preview, Floyd and Oscar playing dress up together, and I discuss the newest trend to hit today’s moron juice sippin youth. W(S)P giving it to you rough, rugged, and raw. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko New Seth Geko Music: https://soundcloud.com/chris-guy-5/have-it-all W(S)P Spotify Playlist:...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.38

The W(S)P is dropping more heat homies. On today’s show I’m dropping some new music with a track called “Have It All.” Next up, I’ll be covering the wack ass Super Bowl, I got some fight talk including some kind words for Mr. Ngannou and Aaron Pico, I go deep into the sudden advancement in technology for sex dolls, and I give Tide Pods eaters something new to chew on. W(S)P, you already know if we don’t got it, you don’t want. Download “Have It All” on the link below for...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.37

Weeski Is Coming…Matter of fact…Weeski is BACK! W(S)P is back and firing on all cylinders. Weeski and Moody Hank are entering the ASMR universe…we’re forming a ASMR Hip Hop Duo. We also give H&M damage control advice, we discuss the moron who hit the nuke button in Hawaii, we got some fight talk on deck, and if we don’t got it, you just dont want that ish!! W(S)P tell ya muhf!@king homies, Hawmie. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko W(S)P Spotify Playlist: That Ol’ Dope Shit


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.36

Welcome to the Highlight Reel Episode of the W(S)P. The first “Best Of” compilation from episodes 2-18 from 2017. We’re starting from the beginning and immortalizing all of the early classis W(S)P moments. Rock with me and Weeski as we roast Oscar and Paulie, order chocolate butthole molds, award an Elite Security guard the greatest San Diego Chargers moment of all time, we discussed a man in New Mexico who farts on people in comas, we tribute the God MC Prodigy and much much more. Catch...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.35

The last episode of 2017 of the W(S)P is now live. I’m recapping the year that was 2017. Im starting the Quit Pushing Movement in 2018, I discover a creepy YouTube community called ASMR, I’m covering all the top stories of 2017, I break down Cyborg vs Holm and UFC 219, I put an asterisk next to the 2017 NFL season, and of course I’m thanking all of the W(S)P listeners for their support as we push into 2018. W(S)P tell ya homies, hawmie. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko Spotify...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.34

Merry Christmas muhf!@kers!!! On this episode of the W(S)P we are spreading the xmas cheer, Geko Bah Humbug’s Xmas, I review the new Eminem album, I Bah humbug today’s young rappers…again, I recap Lawler vs Dos Anjos, ZEKE IS BACK!!!, an attorney films a porno in jail, and finally Moody drops another suppressed Dr. visit memory. The W(S)P, rock with us into the new year hawmies. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko Spotify W(S)P Playlist: That Ol’ Dope Ish


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.33

Welcome to Episode 33 of the World Infamous W(S)P. On today’s show I’m asking Guillermo Rigondeaux, “How Sway!?” I’m recapping Loma vs Rigo and shaming Rigo along the way, I got a UFC Fight Night recap, Aljamain Sterling Whips and Nae Nae’s into a sleeping dab, I get stage fright at the Dr.’s office, Week 15 Moody Hank NFL Power Rankings, and finally I give a PSA to all the shift managers and homies with health insurance out there making a buck. Whiskey (S)ick Podcast, Tell ya homies,...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.32

Welcome to the Exhumation episode of the W(S)P. Yes, we are exhuming the previously buried Dallas Cowboys. Them DBoys are BACK!! Also on the show we’re still waiting for the landing of Alistair Overeem, I got a complete UFC 218 recap, I got a Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux preview, Ben Mcadoo books a night at the Snooty Fox, the Chargers continue to troll us with their kickers, and I holler at MyYoungHoe on Instagram. The Infamous W(S)P is back up on its Bullsh!t hawmies. Spread the...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.31

The 31st installment of the W(S)P is now live, and as usual I’m firing on all cylinders. On today’s episode I got a UFC Fight Night recap, I give my UFC 218 golden/platinum predictions, I got an NFL Week 12 recap, I fire Jason Garrett (again), Jeff Van Gundy breaks up Michael Crabtree and Aqib Kweli Talib, SheLi Manning loses his job to a homeless man, I beg the NHL to leave Kevin Bieksa alone, and finally I give my thoughts on the Flat Earth rocket built from Lego pieces and AAA bateries....


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.30

The Thanksgiving Special of the W(S)P is coming in hot. On today’s episode we got the first inductee into the W(S)P Ring of Honor, UFC Fight Night recap, Jerry Jones hacks Roger Goodell’s iCloud, Detroit Cops catfish each other, I tip my cap to Louis CK, MyYoungHoe makes his U.S. mens soccer debut, and the first installment of the Who Gives A F!@k Story Of The Week. This Thanksgiving we’re pulling out all the stops, and if we don’t got it, you don’t want it.


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.29

The Dia De Los Muertos episode of the W(S)P is now live. On today’s episode I bury the 2017 Dallas Cowboys along side an old friend of the W(S)P, Oscar De La Hoya. I continue the ceremonies with a pre burial of Tyrese, I recap the UFC Fight Night, I discuss the swap meet Tim Tebow, Matt Brown punks me at Applebees, I got an NFL Week 10 recap, the return of the Moody Hank Power Rankings, and the GOAT MC Eminem drops some new heat. Joing me as I lay to rest and eulogize the 2017 DBoys. The...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.28

The W(S)P is once again all up in that a$$. On today’s episode I call in some help from the LA Fitness Phenom Mr. Bautista to help me recap the epic UFC 217 card, we also talk about the Lake Show, I recap the NFL Week 9, the DBoys are once again on a roll, I take Jerry Jones to Bed Bath and Beyond, the Saints become the Demetrius Johnson of the NFL, and I give a shout out to my man Tyrese. The Infamous W(S)P, tell ya homies to tell thier homies, and rate us on iTunes. If we don’t got it,...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.27

The Ish talking is relentless on the latest episode of the World Infamous W(S)P. I got a UFC Fight Night recap on deck, including a Colby Covington aka Sid from Toy Story roast for the ages, Of course we got UFC 217 covered, I got NFL Week 8 on lock, the FREE ZEKE movement is in full effect, the Browns tapped a keg of Marshawn Lynch’s Devil’s Cut Moron Juice, I ask why MyYounghoe hasn’t been considered for a QB vacancy, and I ponder what the MLB would be like if Conor Mcgregor was a...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.26

The DBoys’ victory parade continues on this crispy new episode of the W(S)P. Today we got the Cerrone vs Till recap, this weekend’s Fight Night picks, NFL Week 7 recap, I continued the Carson Wentz dry hate, Matt Ryan gets that a$$ lightly toasted, I compare Odell Beckham to Gordon Hayward, Beast Mode sippin’ on Devil’s Cut Moron Juice, and a whole lot more. The W(S)P…If we don’t got it, you don’t want it!


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.25

The quarter of a century episode of the W(S)P is now live. On today’s episode I’ll cover all the recent UFC fight announcements, NFL Week 6, FREE ZEKE, Geko’s words of encouragement for Aaron Rodgers, the Falcons lose their chubby, Carson Wentz dry hate, the updated highly anticipated Moody Hank’s Power Rankings, and my .10 cent donations lead to the demise of U.S. Mens Soccer. If you dig masculine ish like fighting, football, and mass ish talking, then this is the Podcast for you. The...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.24

The Rookie of the year podcast is live once again. I’m back from Mecca, back from the pearly gates, back from Heaven reincarnated on Earth…AT&T Stadium. Today I’ll get into what I witnessed in Dallas and I’ll tip my cap to Mr. Aaron Rodgers, I’ll recap the NFL Week 5, you know I’ll holler at the Dolphins Offensive Line Coach, we got UFC 216, I rewrite Tony Ferguson’s post fight speech, I’m back on my Mighty Mouse shaming, and I recognize a consummate underrated Betty Hall Of Famer. W(S)P...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.23

Welcome to the best Podcast you will hear all week, the Whiskey (S)ick Podcast. This is the Backdraft Episode; the flames are coming from all angles. In this episode Littlefinger aka Weeski is back, and he’s in midseason form. We got a little fight talk, NFL week 4 spoilers, we acknowledge the world’s first down syndrome rapper, we pitch Ford Motor company our new OJ 2018 Ford Bronco commercial, we crown the world’s wackest music, R.I.P. Hugh Hefner, we holler at Kevin Hart, and we got a...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.22

W(S)P is back, and I’m sorry I left you without a dope podcast to step too. On today’s show I’m covering the UFC and Bellator fights, I got some words for rising “star” Arron Pico, I have a new favorite UFC fighter, I’ll recap NFL week three, updated Week 4 Power Rankings, I touch on all the non controversy flag controversy, and finally I put ya’ll on to the G.O.A.T. Spotify playlist. I dare ya’ll to try not to rock out with your junk outside of the confines of your...


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