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A weekly podcast which invites regular, everyday immigrants to sit down with a glass of whiskey to share their stories and perspectives. We will always try to learn as much as we can about and from our guest, their country of origin, their lives here in the United States, how they got here and why they came, how their prior expectations of America contrasts with reality, culture shock, etc. While the show is primarily focused on the guests' individual immigration and assimilation experience, it doesn't limit itself to such conversations. Part of getting to know our guests is to hear from them on a myriad of topics relating their views or insights on American culture as a whole, politics, race and racism, criminal justice, the human condition, knitting -- whatever it is, we want to know. We want to know what their American experience has been and if it has all been worth it. Guests will be featured from every corner of the world, regardless of legal status, and regardless of ideology, so some shows will be warm, fuzzy and friendly, or joyful and celebratory, but some may just be terribly depressing or rife with disagreement and conflict. It's sure to be interesting, and different every week. Host Matt Hinds engages with a single guest for each episode, the conversations are one-on-one and in-person, paired with some decent whiskey. Our goal with Whiskey & Immigrants is to provide our listeners with a broader perspective on the topic of immigration, to gain some firsthand knowledge of what the process is like, legal or otherwise, and to help move the conversation away from stats and data and toward real stories of human beings in search of a better existence, we hope you'll join us.





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