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WBR #258 - Trump Warned Me About the Lizard People!

Welcome to a quick and informative show tonight! The Lizard People are attacking... and a warning from Trump was our only notice... plus Falcon sex hats and the mating habits of dead ladybugs!!!! Today’s show is brought to you by Go Epic Health. Makers of Cholesterade “The natural way to lower cholesterol”. We have some quick jokes, some quick stories, some old music, and impressive comic book facts... also entertainment news and cooking in Waffle House! It's a quickie, folks! We talked...

Duration: 00:47:16

WBR #257 - Matt Lauer's Invitation!

Thanks for joining me tonight, folks! We've got a special 'Dumb Criminal' Edition of the podcast tonight where we explore some dumb ass people! AND... we officially extend an invitation to Matt Lauer to join the show, since he's out of work now! We talk about NASA, Snake Stabbers, Bank Robbers, Paying for coffee with drugs, DUI while naked and having sex, Shooting PornHUB videos in the library, Death for a snub, killings over beer (keystone!), and Meth kisses! Plus we've got updates and...

Duration: 00:51:32

WBR #256 - Morning Wood on Turkey Day!

Tonight's show, brought to you by Go Epic Health, Makers of Cholesterade! We have a show you can be THANKFUL for this week! It's a quickie, but that's how you all like it anyway... because Whiskey is about to lose his voice. We talk about Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Traditions, why I Love Thanksgiving, and some WEIRD Thanksgiving traditions! We have news about The Navy and their Sky Penis (US Navy, We have the Meats!), a guy launching himself in a home made rocket to prove the earth is...

Duration: 00:45:40

WBR #255 - Naked News of 2007!

Hey Folks... check out this special episode of the podcast featuring our original co-host Tank Turner! We also have Otter from Night Gallery. Today’s show has been brought to you by Go Epic Health. Makers of Cholesterade “The natural way to lower cholesterol”. Use promo code LDL25 to get 25% off your order, or find a store near you, at We have jokes, And all kinds of crazy naked news, No Shave November, What's up with Tank, what's up with Otter, a Nothing More...

Duration: 01:19:05

WBR# 254 - Titi-CaCaaH

Thanks for checking out this episode of WhiskeyBoy Radio! We are proudly sponsored by Cholesterade. Use code LDL25 for 25% off your order of Cholesterade at Tonight we are joined by Chrys Starr for a rip roaring good time. We talk about Cousin' Lovin', Fun at Funerals, Church Shootings, All you can drink Beer coolers, Titicaca, Pokemon birthdays, Back injuries, Cold weather, Supersized everything: How much food is too much food, and parents who coddle their kids...

Duration: 01:31:27

WBR #253 - The 10 Year Review!

10 Years of WhiskeyBoy Radio and we are just getting started! We play SO much old goodness this week... we have old show recaps, old voicemails, new voicemails, and a live call from Lucas of Serosia that leads to some disturbing talk about the pope. We've got old podcast rivals, some of the greatest prank calls we ever produced, tons of old and original bumpers and show intros, live audio from our first year visits to the RBar in Denton and the Rhar Brewery in Fort Worth, and WhiskeyBoy...

Duration: 01:43:59

WBR #252 - An Octopus ate my penis on Blueberry Hill!

Hey, it was a great show tonight, folks. We are joined by Chrys Star for a DOUBLE SHOT PODCAST reunion show!!! And it's a rip roarin' good time. We talk about Fats Domino (RIP), Fusion GPS and the Russian scandal, Getting your penis chewed off by an octopus, The State Fair of Texas wrap up, Kids getting X-rayed, People hitting my kid's car, Oil change joints breaking the car, People not sharing stuff on Facebook, We have music from Jibe and Big Story, we have an interview with Serosia, and...

Duration: 01:20:35

WBR #251 - The Otter Has Landed!

We have a great show for you tonight, friends! We have Otter from Night Gallery Sitting second chair as our celebrity co-host. We talk about entertainment, sexual harassment, Weinstein, Hollywood, Texting and Driving, podcasting, gaming, Snowflakes, being triggered, Birthday parties, Halloween movings, music, bitcoin, drones, Friday the 13th, 3000 stolen penises, drone versus planes, The world's longest poop, Night Gallery, and being banned on Facebook! We played music from Serosia and...

Duration: 01:25:45

WBR #250 - Go To War, Tonight!

HEY HEY... We are back and had a great show for you tonight! We talked about Trump Versus Eminem, Las Vegas, Gun Control, Love Versus Hate, The Patch & Dave Show, DJ Matt Blake, The Will Call Bar, Octoberfest, The State Fair of Texas, The NFL and Kneeling, Peeing in your soup bowl, Star Wars, Top 10 Reasons to go to work naked, Keeping dead family members in your house, and we had two special jokes at the top and bottom of the show! We played music from Nothing More...

Duration: 01:03:46

WhiskeyBoy Radio live at Concert for the Cause!

Recorded live a the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA for the 5th annual Concert for the Cause! It's unscripted, it's old school, it's a heavily intoxicated episode bound to entertain and delight our long-time listeners!

Duration: 00:46:11

WBR #249 - Chicken Pox And The Trifecta!

Welcome to the show, folks... it's the premier of the next generation of WhiskeyBoy... taking over the show tonight is the new host, Whiskey-Dee. It starts slow... but we get rolling quickly! Enjoy a wide variety of topics from our host including: Politics, Bombs, the MOAB, Weird kids at school, School Threats, Fights, Diversity, Political Correctness, Movies, Entertainment, The WhiskeyBoy Radio World News Report, DJ Matt's Daily Rant, TV Shows, Cable versus Not cable, and just a whole lot...

Duration: 01:26:30

WBR #248 - (BANG) Shove off Skank!

Hey, Check it out... we did another show! This is a great, fun little show, featuring all of WhiskeyBoy's Favorite Local bands. We have music from Serosia, The Raven Charter, Moving Atlas, and Redefine! We also have an interview with a Russian Diplomat, that has a SURPRISE ending! (Hint) We get to the bottom of the hacking!! We have "That's When The Fight Started", top 10 - 90's phrases we should bring back, Talk about femminists, protesters, Walls, Trump, News, Heart Attack Burgers, and a...

Duration: 01:17:42

WBR #246 – #PodLivesMatter

HEY HEY HEY… Check it out.. WhiskeyBoy Radio is Back! That's right. I'm back from taking the summer off and we have a great show for you! We talk about everything! Bad analogies, Water on Mars, Black Lives Matter, Local Music, Local Radio, Local Podcasts, Cell phone signal, Facebook privacy, Bad Jokes, and what I've been up to this summer… Kinda! All that stuff, PLUS we play tunes from The Raven Charter's New album, Reset! Enjoy the return of the show… it's going to be a great season! The...

Duration: 00:42:46

WBR #245 – Lonesome Doves Love Fest!

The show kicks off with a special coming out tribute party for Caitlyn Jenner! What a wonderful show tonight, folks! Whiskey was joined in studio by Scarlett and Shawn, better known as The Lonesome Doves. The highlight of the night was their live musical performances. These two beautiful people have an amazing story to tell, and they tell it with inspired and awesome music that you can't help but fall in love with. Speaking of Love… Matt is on a love kick again this week, and it's a good...

Duration: 01:23:37

WBR #244 – From Russia, With Memorial Day Love!

Well, folks… we kick off the show with our annual Memorial Day Tribute, then things get weird… quickly. Whiskey announces that he and Dani are both ‘leaving' the show. Dani completely, and him mostly. And then we get introduced to the new show host and co-host. And most of you are going to HATE this. But that's why we do it! We cover the concerts and movies we've recently seen, Mad Max, Poltergeist, Meridian, Serosia, and Adakain at Curtain Club, The Phantom Sensation at Liquid, and...

Duration: 00:58:15

WBR #243 – Musical Stories, with Brian Lambert!

What a wonderful show we have for you this week, folks! Whiskey and Dani are joined by Denton singer / songwriter Brian Lambert. We talk about everything under the sun: From old school movies, to new movies, to the rating systems, to music over the years, to selfie technology, to how many groceries a woman can fit up her Hoo-haa. Yup, we cover ALL the big topics! We also learn how Brian went from a young boy on the Texas Coast to a guitar playing stock broker, to just a really cool guitar...

Duration: 01:46:02

WBR #242 – Hold The Phone, It's a Drunk Ride!

Well, well, well… finally we have all the drunk audio you could need! We've got Throwback music for the Thursday show, from Siren City. We have audio from an exciting night at The Boiler Room in Deep Ellum. Featuring, mostly, the members of In Memory of Man / Loaded Moses. We've also got the audio from the post-Fight after the worlds worst boxing match… who drops the phone? We answer the question! We also talk all about the upcoming Dallas Comic Con, and Whiskey needs your help to decide...

Duration: 00:56:09

WBR #241 – May The 4th Be With You, 2015!

Hey, folks… we have a super Star Wars Day episode of the podcast for you today! We are joined by Jason, aka ‘Tech Booth', from the Trade Paper Hacks podcast on the show. We talk about Star Wars, Comics, Movies, Netflix, Boxing, More Star Wars, Music, Nerds, Geeks, The Music Multiverse, More Star Wars, and then some more Star Wars. We also play local music from Spc Cmp and Nothing More, and we talk all about the Trade Paper Hacks show. We have Star Wars Trivia, Star Wars Quotes, Star Wars...

Duration: 01:35:34

WBR #240 – DnDUI, Penis Art, & The Lord!

Well, folks. Of all the podcast episodes we've recorded over the years… this is one of them! Matt and Dani trudge through this episode with exciting banter between two guest segments where we talk with some of our other favorite podcasters. First we have Adriano and Marco from DnDUI join us on Skype. The guys do a Dungeons and Dragons podcast while getting liquored up. It's one of the most glorious things on the internet! Check it out! Dani brings us news about penis art on the roads of...

Duration: 01:07:38

WBR #239 – Paco Estrada, Haters, & Jokes

Hey, Folks. We have a Throwback episode for you this week. We have a sick kid in the house, so things are big hectic tonight. We start the show announcing the WINNER of our E-Club drawing for April. Then we get into an episode from 3 years ago, Around February of 2012. This was a show with J-dog Jordan as my co-host. We have an interview amazing musician Paco Estrada, and a tune from him and Always the Alibi. WhiskeyBoy and Jordan talk about Haters, and then we end the show with ridiculous...

Duration: 00:51:17

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