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db, Todd, Chad and Gabe get together to talk about MINI Coopers weekly. We are the longest running, highest rated independant automotive podcast.




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Woofcast 629: Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing

With the announcement of the MINI Electric concept this week, our Slack channel was blowing up, so we figured we had better get that on wax before we lost it! We talk about the design of the concept and our thoughts about it and electric cars overall. Then, because most of the time we can't help ourselves, we started in on marketing and how we think it's pretty ridiculous lately and not doing much to help sell cars. What do you think? Comments are open! But, seriously, talk about bad...

Duration: 00:59:48

Woofcast 628: "I Love The Clubman" -- G. Bridger, 2017

It's that crazy slow time of the year where nothing is really happening anywhere due to back to school. Still, we solidier on and talk about flight delays, throttle response in a Ferrari vs. a MINI, and RAV4s jumping over a draw bridge in New Jersey. We also talk about MINIs and some BMW stuff from BimmerFile too! MINI E Concept to debut at Frankfurt http://www.motoringfile.com/2017/08/22/mf-review-jcw-clubman-vs-countryman-cooper-s/ BMW Z4 Concept is pretty sweet! BMW at the Monterey...

Duration: 00:50:43

Woofcast 627: The Countryman Crashes Well

FINALLY a new show for you guys! Full crew, almost, an a long show too! Chad updates us about MINIs on the Mack and what's happening at Detroit Tuned (hint: blue mohawk) before we get into the news. Gabe continues to profess his love for the JCW Clubman, while agreeing that the Countryman is good too. And then well all tell him he is wrong about the new MINI package that is supposed to look like Gulf livery. It just doesn't, but it's good on MINI to give us a car that isn't black, grey,...

Duration: 01:08:26

Woofcast 626: JCW Sales are Insane

JCW Sales are Insane Joined by Mr. Bridger from MotoringFile this week and we starting talking about the new Signature Line and pretty much go everywhere from there. After losing Gabe, we talk about the mess that is MINIUSA's marketing vs. What The Dealers are doing. And I log into the Owners Lounge. Are you a Patron yet? If not, you missed a Black Roof Radio exclusive from Chad. You will hear about it in about 2-3 weeks otherwise. Membership has it's privledges. And, a HUGE thank you to...

Duration: 01:04:21

Woofcast 625: Going Old School

Just Todd and I tonight, talking about his tire and wheel problem and remembering White Roof Radio hosts of old. Good times! Then, how about those Lap Motor Sports guys with the 1-2-5 win at Watkins Glen! Then, it's sales, again, and how we think they fit in with the latest JD Power Survey results. We have some interesting thoughts on this. What do you think? Comments are open! Also, for you Patrons, there is a brand new Black Roof Radio up. Plenty of inside baseball there this week too....

Duration: 00:53:44

Woofcast 624: I Am Global Warming

Here we are, back again talking about weather, politics and MINIs. And Apple Stuff (especially on Black Roof Radio). And Roadsters. And JCW Clubman. And Hootie and the Blowfish. Just another fantastic episode of White Roof Radio for you guys that we think you will really like! Don't forget the sponsors under the White Roof; our boys over at Cravenspeed and OutMotoring will get you taken care of with anything you need for your MINI, Buick or Aston Martin! This week's album art provide by...

Duration: 00:58:48

Woofcast 623: Streaming Music From His Pants

First up, I want to start by apologizing for the extra echo this week. Secondly, please check back for the show notes.

Duration: 01:07:06

Woofcast 622: Todd is the Anti-Chrome

Gabe joins us this week to talk about the new JCW Clubman, which is the MotoringFile company car for the next year. We also discuss the possibility of Frank Stephenson returning to head up MINI design. You would think that would be enough, but NO! We talk about the issues that Alex had with his tires, driving an automatic roadster across the desert and the difference graphics make on a MINI. Big show this week that we think you will like. Otherwise we are back from AMVIV and expect regular...

Duration: 01:16:42

Woofcast 621: Gert Hildebrand Was Right

Woofcast 621 Gabe is offended, still loves the Clubman and we call him on it and then give him the time to explain himself. I am pretty sure he did a good job of it. Alex had the chance to drive Todd's race car and roadster, plus a bunch of other cars, and I ask the boys to buy a MINI with only $8kUS to spend, which brought us our first mention of the Clubvan for 2017. Sure, we go long this week, but it's a really great show. Oh yea, read about the $50K mini van here. AMVIV updates this...

Duration: 01:23:08

Woofcast 620: The Chad Show

Let's start this episode with some questionably helpful PSAs. Very questionable. Then, it's a few news stories, including the Classic Mini, remastered by David Brown Automotive. This link will give you some cool time wasting to be sure. Plus we also take a look at possible LCI changes on the F56, but we are skeptical. Finally, the good reverend lays down some knowledge about MINI values and part prices, plus we pick the MINI we would buy with a limited budget. Don't forget the fine...

Duration: 01:06:40

Woofcast 619: Wow, That's Phat!

Lots of things going on this week for you guys! Brian does a deep dive on the Countryman PHEV for us and is on deck to answer any questions you may have, comments are open! For those of you that aren't playing the home game, db bought a new MINI (check out this week's album art). You can read more about it at dbmini. For those that can't be bother to click over, it's a 2013 MINI Cooper S Roadster. That plus so much more, you should listen. We also have a new sponsor for the month of April...

Duration: 01:12:33

Luis Parocarpi Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Luis Parocarpi from Lap Motorsports before he headed south of the border for a Rally in this fine looking Countryman. We talked about the success at Daytona, the challenges of Sebring, a little history and the rally in the desert. Be sure to follow along with this seasons IMSA racing. Next event is in May and can usually be viewed at imsa.com.

Duration: 00:11:07

Woofcast 618: Alligator Seawolf

Woofcast 618: Alligator Seawolf In this episode, named after our man Alex based on his Hammer & Coop name. We spend some time talking about that, of course, along with some other examples of the great, and so not great, work of BSSP. Of course this came up because the marketing shake-up at MINIUSA continues. Gabe joins us for some real in-depth information that you are sure to enjoy. We did run a bit long this week. Too long to add the interview with Luis Perocarpi, owner of Lap...

Duration: 01:12:51

JCW Race Team Interview

Gabe Bridger from Motoringfile.com gets the chance to talk to the Lap Motorsports JCW Race team while at the Chicago Auto Show. Full details can be found at MotoringFile.com

Duration: 00:27:43

Woofcast 617: It's Pronounced "For-Tay"

Let's get this into the feed for you guys, shall we? Great show with Todd, Alex, Chad, Brian and myself talking about MINI stuff, especially the Countryman, like we like to do. Shout out to our man in Philly Henry for this week's show image! You can have your MINI featured here as well, just '@' reply us on Instagram or Twitter, or upload to our Facebook or Patreon page. It's just that easy!

Duration: 01:24:03

Woofcast 616: The Fourty Seven Thousand Dollar MINI

Big show for you guys this week. A quick note to the affliates, we do go long. Gabe joins in tonight with myself, Todd and Alex. We cover a ton of stuff including Todd's week with a JCW Convertible, a pretty big shake up at MINIUSA, Gabe's continued love affair with the Clubman, Alex's quick thoughts about the new Ferrari and me still thinking the R56 is pretty fall aparty. All of this and more. Join us! In case you missed it, here is the Countryman Presser and Photo Gallery Be sure to...

Duration: 01:28:12

Woofcast 615: I'm Smarter Than the Internet

I'm Smarter Than The Internet BIG show this week! Brian drove the Countryman, Chad has new DT designs(click through to vote for you favorite!), Todd is holding down the rebel base in Kansas and Alex was busy explaining how he gets all the female fan mail. All that, and of course, more, in this week's episode! Do you want to get in on the Black Roof Radio? One of the perks of being a patron is you get access to our pre-show banter that can range from Gabe clearing out cuss words to Alex...

Duration: 01:16:50

Woofcast 614: The Thirty Fives

We talk Countryman, how the new political landscape could affect the car buying experience, AMVIV and a whole bunch more! Join Todd, Chad and I for a rousing discussion this week, won't you? This week's show image coutesy Paul D. He uploaded this photo of his hot GP2 to our Facebook page. Your MINI can be featured here as well! Just '@' reply us on Twitter or Instagram (it's @whiteroofradio) or upload to our Facebook page! It's not a competition, I'm going to use any that I see.

Duration: 00:11:43

Woofcast 613: A Big Bag of 6 Podcasters

Woofcast 613: A Big Bag of 6 Podcasters Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, White Roof Radio has kicked off a new year of Podcasting, talking about MINI Coopers like we like to do. Full panel tonight including myself, Todd, Chad, Alex, Gabe and Brian Dallas. Hitting the high points from Motoringfile.com and talking about the new Countryman, which is live in the configurator and showing up at some dealers this week. As an added bonus, we get to hear what the next MotoringFile Company Car...

Duration: 01:24:57

Woofcast 612: The New Todd

Full crew for our last show of 2016. Joined tonight by Mr. Bridger from MotoringFile and Brian Dallas from Ride Bikes Radio to talk new Countryman, in car tech, sales and a little bit about autonomous cars. Note to the affliates; we do go a bit long this week. Did I say full crew? I meant full crew minus Chad from Detroit Tuned. He was excused in order to finalize the moving in the new DT shop! Don't forget to stop by and check the place out (and snag a few photos for us while you are...

Duration: 00:45:43

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