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Episode 32 Harvest Plots

Harvest plots are a great way to get bucks and does moving during daylight on their way to a major food source. By using them correctly you can up you odds of success. In this episode we discuss a few different topics about harvest plots.

Duration: 00:07:22

Episode 31 Planting Oak Trees

Oak trees are a valuable hunting and habitat management resource. By planting them on your property you can increase your hunting and habitat management success. In this episode we discuss how to grow your own oak trees from acorns.

Duration: 00:06:27

Episode 30 How Many Cars In A Public Land Parking Area Are Too Many?

Hunting pressure is a major factor when hunting public land. An easy way to tell how much hunting pressure a property has is to see how many cars are in the parking area. So, how many cars are to many? It depends. In this episode we discuss our take on this question.

Duration: 00:07:19

Episode 029 An Intro To Timber Stand Improvement

Managing timber on your property, especially in the eastern United States is very important for creating wildlife habitat. In the episode we discuss some things to get you thinking about TSI on your property.

Duration: 00:07:54

Episode 028 Finding The Predominant Wind

When hunting on public land not spooking bucks is very important. To do this you need to know what stands to hunt and when. On this episode we discuss how to find the predominant wind and how to think about wind direction on public land.

Duration: 00:07:49

Episode 027 Evaluating Your Property

On this episode we are discussing habitat management and specifically how to evaluate your own property so that you know what things need improving so that you can reach your habitat goals.

Duration: 00:07:58

Episode 026 Planning An Out Of State Public Land Hunt

On this weeks episode we discuss how should plan an out of state hunt on public land, some things to think about when doing so, and how to hunt on an out of state piece of public land.

Duration: 00:07:46

Episode 025 Cattle And Woodland Management

Many habitat managers and land owners have to deal with cattle on the property they manage or hunt. In this podcast we discuss some ways you can still implement habitat management activities on your property and what affect cattle have on habitat management activities.

Duration: 00:07:31

Episode 024 Hiding Tree Stand Loctions On Public Land

When you hunt public land and find the perfect tree stand location you don't want anyone else to find that spot. In this episode we talk about how we hide our tree stand locations on public land.

Duration: 00:07:45

Episode 023 Corn Food Plots And Nitrogen

Corn food plots are very popular in the food plotting world and are a good late season option. But there are lots of concerns when comes to planting corn food plots, especially how much nitrogen corn plots use.

Duration: 00:07:25

Episode 022 Hard To Get To Stand Locations VS Overlooked Spots

When hunting public land whitetails and choosing stand locations which is better, the hard to get to spots or the overlooked spots? We discuss which we would choose and why on the latest episode.

Duration: 00:07:55

Episode 021 Things To Consider Before Planting A Poor Man's Plot

Planting a "Poor Man's Plot" has become very popular in the habitat management world and can be a great way for someone on a budget or short on time to benefit their deer herd and help their hunting. In this episode we discuss some things you should consider before you start a plot yourself.

Duration: 00:07:54

Episode 020 Hunting Public Land After The Gun Season

Hunting public land after the gun season in your state brings on a whole new set of challenges. In this weeks episode we discuss how we relocate and hunt after the gun season.

Duration: 00:07:29

Episode 019 Can You Have Too Many Food Plots?

When it comes to whitetail habitat management many see food plots as a common solution to their problems. But can you have too many food plots. In this episode we discuss how you can tell if more food plots are needed on your property or if you should spend your money on another type of habitat improvement.

Duration: 00:07:53

Episode 018 Dealing With Waterfowl Hunters On Public Land

Dealing with other hunters on public land is a constant battle. In this episode we discuss how we deal with other hunters on public land and give you tips on ways that you can deal with other hunters when you hunt public land.

Duration: 00:07:11

Episode 017 Tips For Starting A QDM Cooperative With Neighbors

We discuss how you should go about starting a QDM Cooperative with neighboring landowners. There are lots of things to think about and we touch on a bunch of different things to consider.

Duration: 00:07:48

Episode 016 Taking Inventory Of Deer On Public Land

It is easy to see what deer you have on your property if you hunt private land, but it is a more difficult if you hunt public land. In this episode we discuss some ways you can take inventory of the bucks on the public land you are hunting.

Duration: 00:07:29

Episode 015 Hinge Cutting Basics Part 2

We touched on hinge cutting basics a few weeks ago and this week we continue the conversation about this popular habitat management technique.

Duration: 00:07:27

Episode 014 Scouting Large Pieces Of Public Land With Aerial Maps

When hunting public land whitetails using aerial maps is a great way to narrow down potential stand locations. But sometimes it is tough to know how to narrow these locations down. In this episode we discuss some ways to help you do that.

Duration: 00:07:23

Episode 012 Public Land Tree Stand Approach

Being successful on public land means doing nearly everything perfectly. Alerting deer while entering or exiting your stand can mean a season of frustration. In this episode we discuss how we access our tree stands on public land and some things you should think about when hunting public land.

Duration: 00:07:30

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