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Episode 46: When Carrie Met Sally - With Ashlee from Rabbit Ears

This week Fuzzy Dan goes back to a recent guest for a second crack at the show with two classics. 1989's When Harry Met Sally and the original 1976 version (there are a few of these so we needed to be specific) of Carrie. We get into big rants on Carrie the Musical, Billy Crystal's weird wig action, the mystifying absence of Meg Ryan's sex appeal, and then we just degenerate into ragging on celebrities who look terrible now they're older. We're not looking at you, Lara Flynn Boyle...

Duration: 00:51:10

Blade Runner - Das ReBoot with Footlong from Shaken Not Nerd

Believe it or not, we're doing another movie fresh out of the cinema, in this new release/retro rewind, Das Reboot special for Blade Runner. We saw Blade Runner 2049 and compare it with a movie that's old enough to be it's Dad. Does Deckard still hold up after all these years? Does Harrison Ford still try to suck in his gut? Can the Gos cut it as the new "guy" and will we be forced to watch HF butcher another classic character from your childhood? We're warning you now, if you haven't seen...

Duration: 00:51:41

Manni Tribute Special

This is a special episode for a special little furry lady. Not much else to say except our thoughts are with Bradlee Jay and the family. We will return to our normal roster soon, but we're all taking a big breath this week. Now go out there and hug your closest puppy!

Duration: 00:06:35

Episode 45: Snow White and the Se7en Dwarfs - PodFix Crossover

It's an extra special episode this week with not one, but two guest hosts from the PODFIXNetwork.com. We get Ashlee from Rabbit Ears and JayLostTheDay from Now In Technicolor. Both of these lovely people have been considerate enough to help out Fuzzy Dan in his time of need by taking a big swing at these classics. It's 1937s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (the original animation) vs. 1995s Se7en. And after discussing it amongst ourselves, we can't think of a more disparate duo to tackle...

Duration: 01:17:49

WSTP? Minisode #13 - Point Break - with JayLostTheDay from Now In Technicolor

It's another US special edition Minisode with our good PodFix network buddy, JayLostTheDay from Now In Technicolor. Bradlee Jay spent a small, yet satisfying, amount of time in Tennessee watching movies, drinking brews and chat, chat, chatting. Given our status as Point Break "Expertos", this week he revisited the 1991 classic to discuss all of his favorite moments all over again. The lucky bugger! He even takes over the reins of the latest edition of "Getting To Know Who?" It's all very...

Duration: 00:22:19

Episode 44: Kong Air (W/Super Movie Brother Dave)

Digging deep into our archive of A-material we found this pot of gold. It's Kong: Skull Island (2017) vs. Con AIr (1997) with a special guest appearance from our Podfix Network buddy, Dave from Super Movie Bros. Want to know what would happen if a 100-Foot-Tall Nicolas Kim Coppola had his own island? Or ask if it's time for SLJ to start playing age appropriate roles (ie. not trying to be younger than John C. Reilly) and can you pinpoint the exact moment that Thomas William Hiddleston...

Duration: 00:57:28

Episode 43 - A Nightmare On Jump Street

Here's one we recorded a while back. 7 weeks to be exact. Horror meets Comedy again this week with A Nightmare On Jump St. Lots of talk about scissor hands, glove boxes, hallucinogens, and occasionally the 2 movies. Twitter Facey Insty Web Email YouTube We are proud members of the Podfix Network. Please check out the other shows in this great podcasting community. PODFIXNetwork.com Promo this week for Podfix buddies Shaken Not Nerd :)

Duration: 01:17:07

WSTP? Minisode #12 - with So I Married A Movie Geek

We recently headed to Chatsworth in LA's San Fernando Valley, to visit the So I Married A Movie Geek hosts Krissy & Justin! Welcome to a very special minisode, where we basically shoot the shit with this lovely couple, talk about pickles, and throw some random questions at them. Good times were had by all! We talk to you wonderful listeners in between episodes for specific questions, but if you have something random to ask, a suggestion for an episode (or song), or just a ridiculous...

Duration: 00:42:47

Epiode 42 - Big Lebowski In Little China (w/ More Gooder Than)

Another week, another super special guest episode. This week, two thirds of the lads went all the way around the other side of the planet to seek out our original Pod-Fam. It's our first face-to-face recording with our Brothers from Bako, More Gooder Than. Coming at you live from KoЯn country USA, it's one of the most revered pieces of cult cinema from the last 20 years, vs. the finest living examples of the 80s power mullet. The beers and tunes had been flowing for many hours before...

Duration: 00:50:52

Episode 41 - Sucker Punch Drunk Love (w/ Rich Haridy)

Well here it is! Our long awaited Zack Snyder diss-fest with friend and film critic Rich Haridy! Listen to us dissect Adam Sandler performances and turn Jon Hamm into a household sex-pest name. The WSTP boys are on the road at the time of this release, so we're going (SUPER) lightly on the copy! I'm sure you can understand. Bradlee's on a porch right now in Midtown Sacramento, chugging Belgian wheat beers and rocking out on the stoop. This week we have a very special performance by...

Duration: 01:16:49

WSTP? Minisode #11

Hello, pundits! Welcome to Minisode 11. This week, we discuss Dr Phil celebrities, toes in cocktails, Vietnamese hair removal, and Neeko's weekly Oasis update. Also INXS, Book of Mormon, and of course, Simpsons references #drcolossus. There is no closing song this week, as we are uploading this from the More Gooder Than HQ in Bakersfield California! We'll be back next week with a special treat to make up for it. We are also recording some special crossover treats for y'all to enjoy in the...

Duration: 00:52:07

WSTP? Minisode #10

Gear up for the 10th minisode! This week, we discuss Shark Week, the correlation between crocodiles and meth, pigeon drug smugglers, geese in thongs... we did NOT plan on so many animal stories, but sometimes a plan just comes together. Also, Kristaps Porziņģis, Jaws, and more of the famous 'falling in love' test that Fuzzy Dan is throwing at us, a few questions at a time. One interesting occurrence to keep an ear out for is at the 11 minute mark. Eagle-eared listeners may be able to...

Duration: 00:54:38

Episode 39 - The Terminal Velocity

Attention, lovely pundits! This is your drunk captain speaking. Please make sure your tray tables are locked and your seats are upright. Assume the brace position and prepare for a Tom Hanks / Charlie Sheen flight to the death! 2004's Señor Spielbergo family romp 'The Terminal' - up again'st 1994's Deran Serafian spectacle 'Terminal Velocity'. We are joined this week by our buddies Nick & Lachlan from the Picture This podcast. An outstanding time was had by all! Assless chaps, tequila...

Duration: 03:46:43