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119: Bobby Gill — Can Cows Save the World?

What if you could align healthy eating with the health and well-being of of animals and livestock, while simultaneously improving the health our planet's grasslands? According to Bobby Gill, that is not only possible, but is currently in process. Livestock provides much, much more to us than meat, and the way that livestock is raised can either degrade or improve the land. Bobby Gill is on a mission. A mission to improve our planet and help its inhabitants eat and live better than ever....

Duration: 01:33:27

118: Dr. Anthony Gustin — (Only) You Can Fix Yourself!

We've all been to the doctor before. The typical advice that follows a cursory exam is basically, "do this for the symptoms," with little in the way of addressing the underlying issue. High cholesterol, for example, is a symptom, not an underlying issue — bringing down cholesterol is not the same as treating the underlying problem, if there even is one. Among the highly-educated is a tendency to believe that the answers are known. Dr. Anthony Gustin believes that this may not be the case,...

Duration: 01:31:17

117: Tom Butler — Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy with LiveO2

SUBSCRIBE to the podcast in iTunes You know the numbers — you can go without food for three weeks, without water for three days, and without oxygen for just three minutes. With such a clear and constant need for oxygen, it is surprising that the oxygen debt many of us live with every day isn't addressed more in fitness culture. This episode is a conversation with Tom Butler, vice president at LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy. Tom earned his bachelor's degree in environmental...

Duration: 01:58:28

116: Danny Clark — Danny Clark - On What is Natural Movement and Why You Should Care

SUBSCRIBE to the podcast in iTunes Danny Clark, CSCS is a MovNat Master Instructor and the Performance Director for MovNat. Danny “sets the bar” for MovNat certification standards. He is also the owner of Rebar Fitness, a science-based strength and conditioning training center. A wrestler, a scholar, and a lifelong student of exercise science and strength and conditioning programming, Danny’s skill set, experience, and expertise enable him to develop MovNat movement progressions and...

Duration: 01:44:39

Well-Being Practice Mini-Episode: Connect With Someone

SUBSCRIBE to the podcast in iTunes Danny Clark, is the Performance Director for MovNat, as well as a MovNat Master Instructor. At the heart of the MovNat philosophy is the idea of getting back to our natural human state. This can apply not only to movement, but also to our relationships and communication efforts. Hit play on this special ten-minute discussion with Andy Petranek and Danny Clark for a deeper context on this week’s practice of human connection. -- PS: I started the WLC...

Duration: 00:11:23

115: Danny Dreyer — You, Too, Can Love Running

Danny Dreyer, our guest on this week’s podcast, is the co-founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, revolutionary forms of moving that blend the subtle inner focuses of T'ai Chi with running and walking. His study of T'ai Chi with Master Zhu Xilin and internationally renowned Master George Xu, along with his 35 years of experience running, racing ultra marathons, and coaching “intelligent movement" have all come together to make ChiRunning what it is today. Thousands of people have experienced...

Duration: 01:42:39

Well-Being Practice Mini-Episode: 1-2-3 To-Do

One of the best ways to be successful is to imitate successful people. Danny Dreyer, creator of ChiRunning, knows how to get things done, whether that's a 100-mile ultramarathon or building an amazing life. Listen to this short conversation with Danny on how to set up every day for success.

Duration: 00:12:16

114: Dr. Andy Galpin — On a Mission to Lead, Educate, and Inspire Performance

It’s easy to find someone willing to tell you “everything you need to know” to achieve your top athletic condition and performance these days. The internet has given anyone with an opinion a massive platform to launch their ideas from. But when one of the most learned experts in the field says that science may not even have the answers you need, where do you turn? Andy Galpin is a self-described mediocre athlete. This, he believes, is why he felt compelled to as much as possible about...

Duration: 02:24:23

Dr. Andy Galpin on the Value of "Doing Nothing"

"For the entire history of our species, there's always been down time - a lot of's still critical that we take some time away [from distractions.]" - Dr. Andy Galpin The goal of the "do nothing" lifestyle practice is to reconnect with your environment and your thoughts. You'll take the time and space to think freely and creatively about whatever comes to mind. To hear the full-length conversation with Dr. Andy Galpin, visit the Whole Life Challenge blog and subscribe on iTunes to...

Duration: 00:10:48

113: Lorin Roche — You Might Already Be Meditating

“For people who live in the world and other people depend on, the goal of meditation is adaptation. It’s so that you thrive in your daily life.” “In a sense, in meditation, you are learning to hold your own self. Like, your soul, your scared human person, your aching heart, your exhausted body, your dreams, your love of the world. You’re learning to hold all that, with great tenderness, so that all the parts of you can come together and form an alliance, an internal team, because they all...

Duration: 02:00:10

112: Julia Michels — Matching Music to Moods

“You've got to roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair.” - Bruce Springsteen, from Thunder Road Julia Michels, a name you might not know, but a woman whose work has undoubtedly touched your life. She has spent over two decades working in the film music industry and has had great success in various roles throughout her storied career. She found her true calling working as an independent music supervisor and has proven time and again that her contributions translate to...

Duration: 01:33:26

111: Samantha Peszek - Olympic Medalist and Unstoppable Force

2008 Olympic Silver Medal Gymnast, Sam Peszek, summed up the simple choice presented to her over and again during the first 15 years of her life: “I can either eat the cookie and not go to the Olympics or leave it be and go to the Olympics.” This week’s guest on the WLC podcast is a little different than most of our recent guests. Samantha Peszek (pronounced Pesh-eck) doesn’t have a book or a website or a pre-made plan for how you can overcome the roadblocks you face. She has something...

Duration: 01:47:47

110: Joe DiStefano — Spontaneous Digital Detox

Could you go a week without your phone, without email, Facebook, or even text messaging? Sometimes the thing we try to avoid is the thing we need the most. My guest today, Joe DiStefano, found that, despite his fears, a “digital detox” was exactly what he needed to break out of stress and stagnation. For more than 6 years, Joe has been working with Spartan Race, Inc, and is now Director of Sport & Training Initiatives at Spartan Race. He has a bachelor of science degree in Exercise and...

Duration: 01:38:28

109: Richard Janes — Find your Passion, Purpose, and Authenticity

When we hear the term personal branding, most of us think of social media “stars” who are trying to market a product with their personalities, but a personal brand is both more pedestrian, and more important than that. In fact, we should all have a personal brand, if you ask Richard Janes. Richard describes himself as “a personal brand expert with a passion for storytelling.” He has worked with actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them...

Duration: 01:36:41

108: Ryan Parsons — The Tremendous Power of Self-Patterning

“The thoughts that you feed yourself on a consistent basis will influence your reality in a much greater way than you may give credit for.” - Ryan Parsons I’m living in kitchen remodeling hell this week. Perhaps you’ve been through something similar? The struggle is real. Or, it was until I realized that my experience of the situation was a choice I had made. Get the details in the intro to the podcast. My guest this week is Ryan Parsons, co-author (with UFC star Chael Sonnen) of The...

Duration: 01:36:01

107: Dr. Christopher Neck — The Surprising Benefits of Setbacks

We’ve all been there—a problem pops up that needs an immediate, effective solution, but instead of thinking of solutions, all we can think is, “OH NO!” We freeze up. Negativity can block us from succeeding. Dr. Christopher P. Neck has devoted his life to learning and teaching methods for becoming more effective and successful, and now he shares them with us. Dr. Neck defines management as the process of accomplishing goals. He feels strongly that we must manage ourselves before we can...

Duration: 01:48:01

106: Aaron Alexander — Change Your Body, Change Your Life

Aaron Alexander, CR, LMT, CPT has over a decade of success as a manual therapist and movement coach. The founder of Align Therapy™, Aaron helps his clients move from pain into health through an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care. He works with everyone from office workers to Olympic and professional athletes as well as speaking and teaching nationally and internationally. [Note: For the complete set of show notes, links, and contact info, head to...

Duration: 01:16:39

105—Eric Remensperger: Curing Cancer, Saving Yourself

“There is this misconception that we have that we can kick the can down the road in anything in our life that we’re not happy with. We can just wait ‘til tomorrow...these tomorrows may never come.” -Eric Remensperger We each have moments in our lives that forever shift our trajectory. Sometimes they are clearly positive - graduating from college or meeting our future spouse, for example. Other times, the positive side is hard to see, such as being diagnosed with a life-threatening...

Duration: 02:01:56

104: Dr. Lane Sebring—Paleo Plus Ketosis for Super-Health

Dr. Lane Sebring is founder and director of the Sebring Clinic in Wimberley Texas. His practice focuses on healing people who are at the end of the line, have no hope, don’t know where to turn, and have exhausted all other options. The root of his philosophy - a no-sugar, paleolithic approach. People come to see Dr. Sebring because they are desperate for help. This is, in part, why they heal. They listen (since nothing else has worked, why not?). They do what they’re told (remember,...

Duration: 01:33:25

103: Dan “Nitro” Clark — An American Gladiator Goes Down

In 2013, Dan “Nitro” Clark went from American Gladiator to heart attack survivor. Rather than letting it beat him, though, Dan was eventually able to turn his near-death experience into inspiration for positive change in his own life as well as helping others. For seven years, Dan Clark played “Nitro,” the iconic American Gladiator. Before that, he was a defensive lineman at San Jose State University and even played for the Los Angeles Rams. He measured his happiness based on...

Duration: 01:33:19

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