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Why Did I Buy This? is a blog and podcast explaining why Dan and Ari own the movies in their large and eclectic DVD collection. Part review, part personal history, and a bit off color, you may actually learn something too!




Episode 034: The Muppets Take Manhattan

In this episode, Ari and Dan explore magical land of Manhattan, as only Jim Henson could envision it. They discuss The Muppets Take Manahattan(1984), as well as briefly hit on Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas (1977). Also we find out why … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:53:48

Episode 033: Hocus Pocus

Ari and Dan explore the halloween classic, Hocus Pocus (1993). They are joined once again by sister-wives Shannon Gomiller and Kimberley Gomiller. Check your volume levels, as the fun had got a bit noisy. Kimberley and Ari also discuss the … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:56:01

Episode 032: Frequency

Join Ari and and Dan as they discuss yet another time-fuckery movie. This one is a Lakehouse-esque murder-mystery starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Cavievezel. A discussion establishes the practicalities of the time-line changes. POD Question: What’s your favorite father/son bonding … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:42:52

Episode 031: Back To the Future

Ari and Dan travel through time to meet Jason Klamm(Comedy on Vinyl) and discuss the classic Back To the Future Trilogy (1985, 1989, 1990). A deep discussion is had utterly SHREDDING Doc Brown’s theory of time. Also we wish there … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:28:53

Episode 030: It Follows

Ari and Dan begin their countdown to Halloween this week by discussing the indie horror file It Follows (2014). Listen as they discuss STGs and ambiguous time periods. Also tune in for a special promo for the Million McFly March, … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:36:23

Episode 026: The Princess Bride

In this episode, Dan and Ari are joined by their friends Kimberley and Shannon. A raucous time is had discussing and dissecting the story and tropes of The Princess Bride (1987), and comparisons are made with the book. Pod Question: … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:54:49

Episode 025: Three to Tango

In this episode, Dan and Ari discuss the Matthew Perry vehicle, Three to Tango (1999). They discuss stereotypes and breaking through them. They also examine how Neve Campbell plays a savvy Pixie Dream Girl. All that, and more, inside! Pod … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:45:16

No Podcast This Week, But New Theme!

Due to Ari having her wisdom teeth out, we do not have a new podcast this week. What we DO have is a new theme song written, created, and performed by Jason Klamm, so enjoy that! … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:02:45

Episode 024: The Emperor’s New Groove

Dan and Ari discuss the severely underrated Disney film, The Emperor’s New Groove (2000). They discuss lamp-shading and breaking the fourth wall. Prepare for 00’s depression as Ari divulges how much she’s seen the film, and even more so when … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:44:32

Episode 023: Idiocracy

In this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by the foremost experts in the field of Idiocraciology, Jason Klamm (Comedy on Vinyl) and Kimberley. There are discussions on the realities foretold by Idiocracy (2006) and Mike Judge. Also, Jay quotes … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:01:34

Episode 022: Insidious and Housebound

In this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by their friend Shannon to discuss why they bought Insidious (2010) and also why Shannon bought the kiwi made movie Housebound (2014) half an hour into watching it on Netflix. Laughs and … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:08:22

Episode 021: Fantastic Mr. Fox

To commemorate International Children’s Book Day, Ari and Dan discuss the Wes Anderson animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) based upon the Roald Dahl book of the same name. A discussion on how not liking this film is wrong is … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:37:03

Episode 020: The Hard Way

In this episode Ari and Dan discuss the very eighties nineties buddy cop film The Hard Way (1991). An examination of whether or not Michael J. Fox makes a convincing action star as well as the purpose and decline of … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:52:07

Episode 019: The Incredibles

Ari and Dan Make a triumphant return to podcasting with the help of Comedy on Vinyl‘s Jason Klamm. In this episode they discuss Pixar’s famous superhero movie, The Incredibles (2004). They discuss similarly themed media, such as Watchmen (2009) and … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:08:17

Episode 018: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV: The Voyage H

Ari and Dan are joined by Kimberley Reynolds to discuss their nerdy passion for everything Star Trek, specifically The Wrath of Khan (1982) and The Voyage Home (1986). A good portion is spent comparing and contrasting with Into Darkness (2013). … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:08:54

Episode 017: Beetlejuice and Casper

Ari and Dan get spooky in this nostalgic episode when they review Beetlejuice (1988) and Casper (1995). Music Opening “Casper The Friendly Ghost” Written by Mack David and Jerry Livingston Performed by Little Richard Produced by Richie Zito and Little … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:51:25

Episode 016: When Harry Met Sally and The Story of Us

In the first episode of the second season, Ari and Dan are inspired by multiple marriages to discuss the relationship heavy films When Harry Met Sally (1989) and The Story of Us (1999). Music Opening “It Had to Be You” … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:51:09

Episode 015: Con Air and Die Hard

In this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by Jason Klamm and Jennifer Smith as they review Con Air (1997) and Die Hard (1988). ACTION, YEAH! Music Opening “How Do I Live” Written by Diane Warren Performed by Trisha Yearwood … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:04:31

Episode 014: ¡Three Amigos! and Galaxy Quest

In this special episode, Ari and Dan are joined by Jason Klamm and Jennifer Smith as they review ¡Three Amigos! (1987) and Galaxy Quest (1999). First though they recap ALL the movies that came out during the five-month accidental hiatus. … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:33:11

Episode 013: Shoot ‘Em Up and Knight and Day

In this episode, Ari and Dan are joined by Julie Elbogen. Explore the ridiculous action and fun with the movies Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) and Knight and Day (2010). Music Opening “Warehouse Shootout” Composed by Paul Haslinger From Shoot ‘Em … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:03:07

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