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Episode 37: Michele Tanenbaum: Fusing Cookies with Design Aesthetic

Michele Tanenbaum was burnt out after spending decades in the fashion industry. She began to experiment with making sweet treats for both humans and canines as a gift for her friends - and quickly things blossomed into a full-blown cookie business. Now Lucky Bites - which is named after her terrier Lucky - is in its seventh year and reaching tens of thousands of avid fans online. Join us as we talk about how Michele's design eye has influenced her cookie business, navigating the world of...


Episode 36: Dianna Daoheung

Dianna Daoheung left a career in advertising because she wanted to work with her hands. She decided to challenge herself by enrolling in a culinary school's pastry program, where she found she loved the science behind bread baking. She took a job at the newly-opened Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, where she learned the fundamentals of Jewish cuisine and when Mile End's owners decided to open a bagel shop, Dianna was the natural choice to run it. Since then, she's overseen its significant...


Episode 35: Jeremy Lyman: Changing New York's Coffee Culture With Service

Jeremy Lyman began sketching floorplans of his future business at 16, but found himself only working on his "coffee project" during bad days at work. He wanted to fill a hole in the NYC market for a hospitality-driven coffee concept - except he didn't know anything about coffee. Serendipitously he met his Co-Founder Paul, and together Birch Coffee started with a trip to CoffeeFest 2008. Now, Birch Coffee has 9 locations across NYC and its own roastery in Long Island City. Join us as we...


Episode 34: Andrew Jacobi: Building A Sandwich Empire With Braised Meats

Andrew Jacobi always flirted with the idea of starting a food business, but found himself chasing the competitive high of private equity after college. After yet another late night, he decided to think more seriously about his long-harbored love for meat. After learning the beef supply chain first hand and meeting his founding chef, Ricky, Andy started Untamed Sandwiches, a fast-casual concept with 3 locations across NYC. Untamed's unique focus on braised meat as the centerpiece has...


Episode 33: Matt Shapiro: Protecting New York's Street Food History & Culture

Matt Shapiro was in law school when he read about a Midtown street vendor's cart being wrongfully confiscated by the police. He was immediately moved by the issue and began to work with the Street Vendors Project, an arm of the non-profit organization Urban Justice Center, that advocates for and provides legal representation to all types of street vendors in NYC - from food trucks to grocery carts to craft & clothing vendors. Join us as we wade through the issues of immigration and race,...


Episode 32: Writing Food: Telling True Stories About New York City's Great Unsung Restaurants

Ligaya Mishan is the author of the New York Times' Hungry City column, where she reviews New York's "great, unsung" restaurants. Her career has taken her from an MFA in poetry to writing book reviews for the New Yorker to her current job, where she tells the stories of immigrants and entrepreneurs through the food that they serve. Join us as we talk about how someone who grew up eating spam and frozen peas now reviews restaurants serving food from dozens of countries, and as we grapple...


Episode 31: Rob Laing: Agricultural Innovation Within City Limits

Rob Laing was a successful tech entrepreneur in Japan when he first realized his stressful, nonstop lifestyle was leading him astray. After leaving his company, embracing a plant-based diet and taking time to learn more about his food sources, he came across the burgeoning indoor vertical farming movement - and saw the impact he could make on the food industry while leveraging his tech background. Rob started Farm.One in 2016 with 350sqft inside New York's Institute of Culinary Education,...


Episode 30: Devika Kumar: Food Storytelling, From Family to Farms

Devika Kumar found herself at a crossroads after having her first child. She had successful career in investment banking and an MBA from Harvard Business School, but she wanted to leave a legacy of good food for her newborn boy. Her love for talking to others and telling their stories propelled her down the path of food, from surveying customers at Tom Colicchio's 'Wichcraft to forging relationships with new produce farmers at FreshDirect to overseeing the supply chain at L'Atelier de...


Episode 3: From Desk Jockey to Dough Bro – Ronan Greaney

"If you have a genuine passion for something, why not go for it?" I'm back home in Galway, Ireland this week and while I was home I wanted to meet the guys who have set the restaurant scene a light with their warm hospitality and sensational Neapolitan pizza. Galway is the major food destination in Ireland, recently awarded the European Region of Gastronomy 2018 and Dough Bros are the restaurant that perched themselves as the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor for 14 consecutive months...