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Episode 29: Cushman Concepts - Nancy and Tim Cushman

With a love for good food and wine in comfortable and welcoming surroundings Tim and Nancy Cushman poured themselves and their finances in to their first restaurant, O Ya, in Boston, to create a space where they would feel comfortable. On todays episode they are celebrating the ten year anniversary of O Ya and reflecting on the other four restaurants that reside under the umbrella that is Cushman Concepts, as well as rolling back the years on their respective careers in music and advertising.

Duration: 00:53:29

Episode 28: FoodyDirect - Brad Koenig

Have you craved New York bagels when you are on the west coast or needed the Caramel Pecan Pie from Blue Owl Bakery in Missouri? Brad Koenig was a lover of all regional foods and wanted access to them from his home in Menlo Park, California. Previously a partner at Goldman Sachs for over 20 years, Brad turned his food desires in to a business and created FoodyDirect which ships delicious foods from restaurants and artisan producers all over the country.

Duration: 00:39:53