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Ep 75 The Widow Coaches Class Lesson 1

Becoming a certified life coach changed my life and I want to share that with all of you. The next 12 episodes of Widow Cast will be about just that. The lessons shared in The Widow Coaches Class. It is work that can help you work through this and find you again. This is help for widows. This episode covers the coaching thought model and how to separate out story from fact. It is where you start to break down what you are telling yourself in your mind. Email contact:...


Ep 74 Don’t Tell Yourself That Your Life is Over

Have you told yourself your life is over? You’ll never be happy again? Today learn about confirmation bias and what that has to do with it. Confirmation bias is an amazing thing to think about. It can cloud our vision, but if we make it work for us, it can give us vision. Reach out to me at joann@joannthelifecoach.com or visit my site: http://Joannthelifecoach.com


EP 73 Why I Do What I Do

Today I wanted to share why I do what I do as a life coach and widow coach. This podcast was based on the live video broadcast on my YouTube channel: Joann The Life Coach TV. If you want to check out the video of this podcast, click on this link and remember to subscribe! Joann The Life Coach TV If you want to know more about widow coach certification, go to http://widowcoaches.com


Ep 72 Processing Your Feelings

Welcome to something a little different for this episode about how to process all the emotions you are experiencing when you lose your spouse. This podcast was broadcast live as video on YouTube on my new channel there: Joann The Life Coach TV. If you want to check out the video of this podcast, click on this link and remember to subscribe! Joann The Life Coach TV If you want to know more about widow coach certification, go to http://widowcoaches.com


EP 71 Finding Your Path of Passion

Find your passion and what you are truly good at, and begin doing THAT as your life path. I share how life coaching had been a focus of my entire life and what I studied from a young age. It is in my very DNA. Coach others based on what you have experienced and what you are passionate about. Is it too late in life to build your own business and career? No way - not in the age of social media. Tune in and learn more. email: Joann@joannthelifecoach.com Find out more about widow coach...


Ep 70 The Feeling of Fear

Fear. We all experience this after we lose our spouse. Fear over many things. Fear of being alone. Fear of what is happening with our finances. Fear of facing work. Fear of what our kids are going through. Can you get past the fear without being paralyzed and stuck in it? You bet you can. email: Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com Widow Coach Certification information: http://widowcoaches.com


Ep 69 Holidays and a New Year Ahead

Holidays. I’m seeing posts on widow sites about how tragic the holidays feel. Posts about the pain. How it’s extra tough to pretend to be okay. How hurtful the happiness of others is. Wow. Is this what we should focus on for ourselves? How does it serve a widow to read about how painful and lonely it can be during the holidays when you are missing your spouse? Not me. I’m going to challenge you. It might be equally uncomfortable, but with an actual positive result. Because that is what I’m...


Ep 68 When the Universe Conspires

When the universe conspires to point you in a specific direction or set you down in the right place at the right time, it can be so amazing. Stories of the universe conspiring on my behalf and where we might be headed in 2018. email: Joann@joannthelifecoach.com Find out more about widow coach certification at: http://WidowCoaches.com


Ep 67 Don’t Believe Everything You Think

It is not the events in our lives that shape us - it is what we believe about those events. It is what we make it mean in our life. How do we find our way out of the excruciating emotional pain of loss to move ahead in our life? The coaching thought model that I teach sets the path. Join me as I begin to take you all deeper into coaching tools and self coaching. email: Joann@joannthelifecoach.com Find out more about Widow Coach Certification at http://widowcoaches.com


Ep 66 The Prayer Box Request

“I need the strength to make it through it, and to make something of myself” was the sentence that jumped out to me on the prayer request that had been forward to me. It is what you need. The strength to make it through - and then a way to make something of yourself. A way to make the emotional journey MEAN something. A way to contribute - a way to do work in the world that actually feels fulfilling. That is what widow coaching is all about. email: Joann@joannthelifecoach.com Find out more...


Ep 65 The Story We Tell Ourselves

I shared a free online workshop last week on one of the many tools I teach in my widow coaches certification course. I had emailed out the introduction chapter of my next book, The Widow Coach, and received back so many wonderful responses that I wanted to share a tool with everyone. On this episode, I am teaching this for my listeners that did not catch the free workshop. It is all about how to understand what the true facts are in your life compared to the story your tell yourself about...


Ep 64 Move Past the Pain

Most widows have experienced that moment with something right out of the blue catches you off guard, reminding you of your loss. A sweet reminder does not have to overwhelm us with depression and sadness. It all depends on where your head is at when it catches you. Listen in to discover how you can move past the pain into sweet remembrance. Email: Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com Learn more about Widow Coaches Class at http://widowcoaches.com


Ep 63 No Time to Lose

The lesson that gets sent straight home to our hearts over and over. Why do we still not get it? When we lose our spouse, we immediately realize how previous every moment with them was. Perhaps we wish things had been a little different. Maybe that we worked less or were less preoccupied with ouir own “busy-ness” of life. We wish there had been more “down time” to spend kicked back with our husband or wife. It’s really an old story, isn’t it? Are you a widow who feels deeply that there is no...


Ep 62: How to Feel Better

Hitting the “pause button” on grief because you throw yourself into work or put all your energy into making sure your kids are okay will eventually catch up. You can pause grief, but that is not healing. The grief eventually turns up again. So how to feel better, right now. I share one of the first things I teach in Widow Coaches Class. It is being able to separate out story from fact, and how to take a look at your own story and see if it is serving you. If it’s not, then it’s time to start...


Ep 61: Create a Life You Will Love

After becoming widowed, is it possible to love your life again? It might seem impossible - you feel like you’ll never wake up with excitement and want to jump right out of bed. I want to share with you exactly how this happened for me. It is how I found meaning in my life again and began to love my life and love my work. Listen in as I share my story. You can reach out to me in email at joann@joannthelifecoach.com If you are interested in Widow Coaching Class, go to...


Ep 60: Do You Want to Detach From Your Feelings?

We talk about feelings a lot in widow coaches certification training. Most widows come to me because they want to know how to escape their feelings - the pain is overwhelming. Instead they learn how to really feel their feelings so they can process them and release them. It is important to not separate from your feelings but to honor them. If you are interested in learning how to life coach widows, please reach out at this link http://bit.ly/WidowCoaches Email: Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com


Ep 59: LGBT Widows Because Love is Love

I got a beautiful letter from one of my Widow Cast podcast listeners who has found comfort and hope in my podcast since his husband passed away just a few months ago. It totally came to my attention how completely under served widows of same-sex marriages and partnerships are. All widows feel isolated, but how much more isolated the LGBT widow must feel? So I reached out. How could I not share this platform for every widow on the planet. Graciously, Rebecca Kendrick sat down with me to share...


Ep 58 Find Yourself Again After Becoming Widowed

It was my pleasure to give a free hour long class online this past Thursday. It was about how to find yourself again after your spouse is gone - how do you decide what it is you actually want and how do you create that? You are going to be so surprised by the process - it is completely reverse of what we normally think we have to do. AND it’s fun. So join me on this podcast and become the woman you were meant to become. If you want to get on my email list so that you know the next time I...


Ep 57: Faith - What it is and How to Implement it.

Faith. It is an emotion. It is a feeling. It is a thought. For some, acting with faith means to act in accordance to their belief of god. That means, they are acting according to what they believe; and what we believe is *always* what we are thinking in our mind. What if you are not devoutly religious? Can you still act with faith? Of course, you do it every day. You act in alignment with your beliefs, which are formed by your thinking. Today’s podcast teaches how you can put faith into play...


Ep 56: Take Those First Steps Forward

When widowhood is still new and you are in a fog, not wanting to think or do anything, how do you begin to take those first steps forward? Listen in on those first few steps and how to look into your own future after becoming widowed. Email Joann: Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com Website: http://joannthelifecoach.com Widowed: http://bit.ly/Widowed


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