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031 - The Logistics of Nukes and Voting

Comment on the soundcloud audio or email us at We start this episode by trying to figure out the exact logistics of how North Korea might actually strike the east coast, i.e. where the missile would have to go. Then, we read a testimony by Professor Matt Blaze about the perils of electronic voting. That quickly degrades into a debate about compulsory voting. Uhh... enjoy? Also, we are starting a book club! Some time in March we'll be doing a three part episode...

Duration: 00:29:22

030 - Bitcoin and Climate Change

We are back after a few weeks off to celebrate the holidays. We return to the garage to catch up with each other on what we've been thinking about. We discuss the book Project Drawdown, and Larry gets schooled on Bitcoin.

Duration: 00:31:20

2017 Year End In Review Patreon B-Side Best Of Wrap Up

Yo! In this episode we wrap up 2017 by compiling the "best of" Patreon clips into a tight 30 minutes. [0:00] Jon Sarkin 2:57 Boston Free Speech Rally 5:25 11:02 Opioids and Afghanistan 15:53 Lowell, MA 21:36 Military Service & PTSD The new music you hear are songs called Civil War 2.0 and Psykosity by Kelly J Randall. You can find more at The theme music is a song called Television Stations in All Major European Cities and is composed by none other...

Duration: 00:33:08

028 - Is Boston RACIST???

In this episode, we deal with the recent Boston Globe spotlight "Boston. Racism. Image. Reality" and how shoddy reporting can disservice the intent of exposing racism in a city. Also we teach you 'How to Spot the Fascist at Work" and talk about Second Amendment rights when you're on the Medical Marijuana List You can see the full live stream here:

Duration: 00:30:15

The Black Market Peso Exchange, Wherein Our Hosts Decide Cuban Money Laundering is Actually Good

Apparently you can read about the intimate details of an UNDERCOVER POLICE INVESTIGATION in freakin' USA Today. So we did. We learn about Doral, Florida, which is a superhaven for the laundering of Miami drug money. We also given a shout out to Roben Farzad and his book Hotel Scarface. The main event starts at 6:58. Marketwatch: USA Today Article:...

Duration: 00:35:46

026 - The Digital Libertarian (feat BITS)

Last week we read The Cyberspace Manifesto. This week we went out and found an inhabitant of cyberspace. This person calls himself "BITS" and is a self-described Digital Libertarian. He is the CTO of a start-up and shares his his learned perspective on how to live life in a world where ALL that matters, is technology.

Duration: 01:11:06

025 - The Cyberspace Manifesto

Don't even talk to us about #NetNeutrality unless you've read John Perry Barlow's Cyberspace Manifesto. Nobody should be regulating the internet - no government, no market. Our reading and discussion starts at 20:30

Duration: 00:53:03

024 - The Looming Cloud Of Technology, AI, And Automation (feat Michael Gay Fawkes)

Michael Gay Fawkes comes on to talk to us about all sorts of "cool" technological shit, like how we're going to automate ourselves out of existence and the 20 shittiest percent of ourselves are going to survive the transition into the new digital world we're creating for ourselves. And we talk about birds a lot.

Duration: 00:58:55

023 - Horny For Free Speech! Extravaganza! (feat Jason Conley Of Politically Intoxicated)

Politically Intoxicated is a show you should definitely check out. If we smoke weed and live in Massachusetts (we do) then they drink beers and live in Texas. Infer from that what you will. We cover all sorts of topics loosely focused around Free Speech, the consequences of, the need for it, and the responsibilities one has while practicing your right to speech.

Duration: 02:20:25

022 - Poker and Neoliberalism (feat Corey)

Nothing says "life under capitalism" more than paying for your college education by playing online poker. This is Corey's story. He pinch hits on this episode, providing insight into poker, fantasy football, the politicization of gambling, as well as a larger conversation about technology and Neoliberalism itself.

Duration: 01:20:47

021 - Crunch Dog and Larry Sign the Pro-Truth Pledge (feat Gleb Tsipursky)

Professor Gleb Tsipursky joins us on this episode to walk us through an endeavor that he and his wife started called the It's a system of 12 behaviors that, when followed, promote truthfulness and rational thinking. We also read a letter in response to the Jon Sarkin episode from an audience member who is, technically, in a coma.

Duration: 01:20:29

020 - Imagine A World Without Rhetorical Questions (feat. Jon Sarkin)

28 years ago, a "normal, everyday" chiropractor named Jon Sarkin suffered a massive stroke. After spending weeks in a coma, he awoke a changed man, with a compulsion to simply create art. Art very much unlike anything else out there. Even though language is often inadequate in describing such things, Crunch Dog and Larry invited Jon on the porch anyway. He walks us through his philosophy, the stories of his life story option purchase from Tom Cruise's production company, and we even get to...

Duration: 01:35:45

019 - Introducing The "Free Speech" Segment

In an effort to ramp up audience participation, we introduce a new segment into our show: Free Speech. It's become such a complex and hot button issue in our society. It needs to be examined, and examined well, so we're gonna try. Also, we're working on ANOTHER segment called "Catching Up," where we circle back to stories that have fallen out of the public eye. We would love your ideas. Fill in the blank: Whatever happened to _______? For example, next week we have Brock Turner.

Duration: 01:18:20

018 Teaser - Don't Call Us Heroes (feat Felonius Thunk)

The conversation with Felonius Continues. Please go to for the full conversation

Duration: 00:02:40

017 - Military Recruiting (feat Felonius Thunk)

The Marvel / Northrop Grumman crossover came and went in the blink of an eye, but it left a bit of a foul taste in all of our mouths. Crunch Dog, Larry, and returning guest Felonius Thunk dive into the topic of military recruitment, and others, in episode 16, part 1. Part 2 can be found on Patreon.

Duration: 00:48:20

016 - The North Shore Democratic Socialists Of America (feat Stephen, Joe, And A Ghost)

If you paid attention during Occupy, and if you were even remotely conscious during the 2016 elections, you probably know that there's been an explosion of popularity of socialism in America. No, not communism. No, not anarchism. Socialism. Particularly something known as Democratic Socialism. Crunch Dog and Larry discovered that a group known as the Democratic Socialists of America had a chapter two towns over from them, so they had to check it out. Stephen and Joe graciously came to the...

Duration: 01:18:14

015 Teaser - Crunch Dog And Larry Discover

In this week's premium episode Crunch Dog and Larry take a second to explore the new "free speech" platform,

Duration: 00:02:07

013 - WikiLeaks On Weed Sports Hour (Feat Michael Hunt)

We call in our sports correspondent Michael Hunt to discuss the recent explosion in #TakeAKnee activity in the NFL, CTE, the history of politics in sport, and the connections between the NFL and the military-industrial complex. Also, what conversation about sports would be complete without a foray into flat earth theory. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:12:13

013 - What is Late Capitalism???

Crunch Dog and Larry shoot the shit for a bit and then Larry asks "What is Late Capitalism?" Then, Crunch Dog tries to explain.

Duration: 01:17:52

012 - Crunch Dog and Larry Take On Putin (Ukraine on Fire)

Our breakdown / review of Ukraine on Fire starts at 13:02

Duration: 01:31:13

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