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Please contact with any technical concerns or issues :)

Please contact with any technical concerns or issues :)
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Please contact with any technical concerns or issues :)








Slow Sex


Duration: 01:04:39

Oh My F-ing God


Duration: 00:58:59

Me Too


Duration: 00:54:52

Safe to Fall

I’m alone in my Temple. Meditating and Praying. Inviting Goddess to come closer. That I might feel Her and sense Her. Becoming still, I Listen to the whispers of her Presence. In the midst of so much heartbreak and violence, I wonder how to expand my heart big enough to contain the pain. In the loneliness of Witnessing the pain and destruction, I cry out for Mercy. And she comes. So Sweetly. Loving me in ways that are beyond my comprehension. Guiding me, showing me, holding me. Gentleness...

Duration: 00:58:26

Needing and Needed

It’s hard to believe it has been a week since our last Wild Soul Medicine transmission. Ten days since Lance and I initiated our separation. It seems like eons ago and also just a moment or two that we began this phase of Becoming. Time feels surreal when you are in the Dying. Totally off script... I keep reaching for some advice or guidance on how to DO this thing. What we should be thinking or saying. How we ought to be acting or feeling. And I’m also clear that we are making up our own...

Duration: 01:07:15



Duration: 00:59:59

I was abused


Duration: 01:01:59

Show Enough


Duration: 01:17:34

Compassionate Exchange


Duration: 01:05:23



Duration: 01:03:06

Illuminating Grace


Duration: 00:46:08

Intensity Sandwich

Eeeeee!!!! Who turned up the volume? It is getting IN-tense around here. I’ve been so in it, I thought maybe it was just me… but as I surfaced to see what’s happening in the world, I discovered there’s some shuh-zizzle going down. A couple of retrogrades plus double eclipses lining up a corridor of Lion’s Gate energy has me feeling some serious pressure. If you’ve been feeling like your life is moving at breakneck speed, taking the corners on two wheels while you white knuckle trying to...

Duration: 01:01:01


Karmic Reckoning. Core Soul Medicine Path Reversals. Galactic Upgrades and Downloads. My trip to California was, um... productive to say the least. I’m still foggy-headed and mid-integration (at best) with the shifts that have taken place. I can feel the security-needing, ego part of my self that would prefer to be able to contain this expansion and control its sharing with the world. And also the newly liberated Soul parts of me that are freshly meeting the outer edges of my Being. The...

Duration: 01:02:14

The Whore of Babylon

Goddess has been having her way with me this morning. Hours and hours of transmission flowing through. It is exciting, enlivening, and somewhat… terrifying? Mysteries revealing themselves one after another. I feel like a lucky ticket holder at an epic pre-screening of the best movie of all time. And on Wild Soul Medicine Radio today I’ll attempt to share some cohesive beginning of a beginning with you. I’m certainly not the first to receive these Revelations and I’m decidedly not the only...

Duration: 01:01:24

We Who Believe in Freedom

I almost took this week off. Many of us are out and about, enjoying the summer or taking an extended weekend to travel or vacation. My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday and it feels good to pause and and create some space for Rest. I’m with you. And… as I opened my e-mail this morning for a quick scroll before signing off for the day, I came across a few things that spoke deeply to me. They inspired me into speaking and acting. Once I heard them, I knew I had...

Duration: 01:01:02

Flying Lead Changes

What do horses, hemp oil, MLM’s, and BDSM have to do with Wild Soul Medicine? Everything. Welcome to my tantric life. The both/and, All and Everything three ring circus of wonderment, passion, emotion, and full spectrum Experience. This week I’ve been surprised and delighted by a resurgence in my enthusiasm and creativity. Was it sparked by a Divine Download of a Highly Spiritual Nature? An Inspired Insight delivered during a Devoted Meditation? Or a tarot card, medicine ceremony, or...

Duration: 01:01:06


Happy Summer Solstice to our sisters in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Winter Solstice to our sisters in the South. As we celebrate the still point between the coming and going of the Light, we are invited into reflection and celebration. It has been a big week for me. I couraged up and mended things enough with my family to be able to go to my dad’s surgery on Friday. With the inevitable twists and turns of hurt feelings, old wounds, and tensions running high - it could have gone down...

Duration: 00:53:48

All Of My Kindness

It’s a tender time for me. As my outdated and distorted masculine structures continue to fall away I feel more vulnerable. Undefended. The world seems mean and harsh. Not that people are out to get me or even intentionally treat me that way, but the dissonance of Unconsciousness and the violence of projections feel especially loud to me right now. As a highly sensitive being, I’ve always been tuned into these things, but over the years I learned to defend myself by putting up walls and...

Duration: 00:58:22

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