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Tiara Richmond SHOT AND KILLED IN ENGLEWOOD Follow me on twitter @WileyShow

Duration: 00:57:22

#TheWileyShow Special Guest Maa'lik Falsetto Call in 516-387-1815

#TheWileyShow Special Guest Maa'lik Falsetto Call in 516-387-1815

Duration: 00:31:13

#TheWileyShow @Jackd & Relationships Call in 516-387-1815

#TheWileyShow Jackd & Relationships Call in 516-387-1815 Can you really find love on Jackd? Can being on Jackd destroy your chances on finding love?

Duration: 01:03:12

Rihanna Vs. Azealia Banks, ‪Quebec City Mosque Attack ‬

Rihanna Vs. Azealia Banks, ?Quebec City Mosque Attack ? Call in 516-387-1815 Two suspects in the shooting were arrested, Quebec City police spokesman Constable Pierre Poirier said. Their identities haven’t been released. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting, calling it a “terrorist attack on Muslims.” “It was with tremendous shock, sadness and anger that I heard of this evening’s tragic and fatal shooting at the Centre...

Duration: 01:01:48

#TheWileyShow Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Countries & More

A federal judge in New York has issued an emergency stay temporarily halting the removal of individuals detained after President Trump issued an order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. The move appears to mark the first successful legal challenge to the Trump administration and affects those who have arrived in the U.S. with previously approved refugee applications or were in transit with valid visas. Similar rulings were later issued in...

Duration: 01:16:41

The Wiley Show: Sex Talk Call in 516-387-1815

Sex Talk LIVE on The Wiley Show Call in 516-387-1815 Follow me on twitter @wileyshow

Duration: 01:34:35

Ivan Daniel, Actor Kyle Price LIVE on #TheWileyShow

Ivan Daniel BIO Wow....I am a Los Angeles native ...and I LOVE L.A. entertainment, fashion, scenic views, beaches, and home to many of the world's rich and famous,....actually I am a thrid generation Los Angelian. This is significant because most people are not from Los Angeles. This is my hometown. My grandparents migrated from the south to the west and never looked back. My grandparents on both sides were no-nonsense people, who wanted a better life for our family than the south at that...

Duration: 02:14:59

Do We Need More Black Gay Bars ? Call in 516-387-1815

Call in 516-387-1815 The Catch was clearly in decline for many years. The club’s owner, Jewel Thais-Williams, opens the massive multiroom venue only for special events, most of which are run by promoters who have no affiliation with the black gay community. Without a stand-alone venue aimed at them, and with L.A.’s neighborhoods becoming more diverse — thus diluting black enclaves — some gay black men are fighting for their right to party. But others are wondering if, in today's more...

Duration: 01:59:18

Honoring Dr. King's Legacy, Is ATL Gay Pride Played Out?

Honoring Dr. King's Legacy, Is ATL Gay Pride Played Out? We will be discussing Milan Christopher Facebook post he wrote 1 days ago. You can read his post below. I heard Atl pride was extremely Light this past weekend.. And in all honestly most prides are in decline around the country. But this is the result of several factors amongst the black gay community. #1 is lazy greedy promoters. Promoters who don't want to give anything back but expect a huge return. For instance booking cheap...

Duration: 01:20:22

RIP Bishop Eddie Long, Celebrating Dr. King Martin L King Jr Birthday

We are discussing Bishop Eddie Long death, Dr. Martin L King Birthday “My heart is heavy, but God is in control. See you in the rapture Bishop Eddie Long. It was my honor to serve New Birth for 12 years,” tweets Byron Cage. Cage is the former minister of music at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church founded and led by Long. On New Birth’s website, Long is described as: Bishop Eddie L. Long is known worldwide as a pioneering leader, revolutionary mind changer, a family man, and a caring and...

Duration: 01:50:10

Ep 2. @STAR After Show, Call in 516-387-1815 #TheWileyShow

Ep 2. @STAR After Show, Call in 516-387-1815 #TheWileyShow Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels – creator and executive producer of broadcast’s No. 1 series, EMPIRE – partners with Tom Donaghy (“The Whole Truth”) to pull back the curtain on music’s gritty and dark reality in STAR. Featuring a soundtrack of original music and stunning music performances, STAR follows three talented singers, desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom, as they navigate the...

Duration: 02:00:54

Ep 1. Discussion On President Elect Donald J Trump Call in 516-387-1815

Ep 1. Discussion On President Elect Donald J Trump Call in 516-387-1815 Washington (CNN) President-elect Donald Trump plans to repeal a raft of President Barack Obama's executive actions in his first day in office, Trump's incoming White House press secretary said Sunday. Sean Spicer, Trump's incoming White House press secretary, said on ABC's "This Week" that Trump will immediately "repeal a lot of the regulations and actions that have been taken by this administration over the last eight...

Duration: 01:31:11

Exclusive Interview With Author & Social Entrepreneur @JayceBaron

Jayce is a writer, social entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT millennial. Born and raised in Southern California with a degree and background in entertainment communications, he has dedicated his skills and experience to advancing the community with a touch of his own flare. With his own personal testimony as an openly gay black male raised in the first family of a baptist church, his stories have been able to guide not only the LGBT community, but anyone who has been tried with...

Duration: 01:58:00

The Wiley Show: Travis Demetri LIVE Interview Call in 516-387-1815

The Wiley Show: Travis Demetri LIVE interview Call in 516-387-1815 Follow me on twitter @WileyShow Follow me on SnapChat @WileyShow

Duration: 02:04:55

The Wiley Show: Pop Singer "Brielle" LIVE Interview Call In 516-387-1815

Brielle Daniele Edborg (born June 19, 1995) also known by her stage name Brielle is an American singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in upstate New York, she began singing and dancing at age 2 and playing violin and studying classical ballet by age 5.[3] Throughout her early life she performed in acting and singing groups and local community theater. She graduated from Jamestown High School Class of 2013 where she lettered in track in the high jump. At age 15 was signed to independent...

Duration: 02:11:26

The Gay Preacher's Wife Book Review, My Experience With A Gay Pastor

The Gay Preacher Wife Book Review, My Experience With A Gay Pastor The deeply personal memoir of Lydia Meredith, a woman who spent almost thirty years married to a preacher—only to have her husband leave her for a MAN —and how her life becomes a testimony of tolerance and a theology of love and acceptance. After being married to Reverend Dennis A. Meredith for almost thirty years, Lydia Meredith discovers a shocking truth: the love of her life left her for a MAN. Now, Lydia opens up for...

Duration: 00:34:19

TheWileyShow: Discussion on Donald Trump picking Richard Betrand Spencer.

Yeah, I'm dead serious. No, it's not a stretch in the least bit. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's not about what might happen. It's already a done deal. Let me explain. Just weeks before Stephen Bannon was tapped to become the new CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign last month, he bragged to Sarah Posner of Mother Jones that Breitbart News, the media company he has led for years, "is the platform for the alt-right." Let's pause there. The phrase "alt-right" was coined by one...

Duration: 00:55:43

The Wiley Show: Let The Haters Hate Call in 516-387-1815

The Wiley Show: Let The Haters Hate Call in 516-387-1815

Duration: 02:02:07

The Wiley Show: Special Guest "Trace" Call In 516-387-1815

Trace Bio: Jamil Barker, Q Shunte, & Tevin This singing Trio started from founding member Jamil who actually started the group back in 1998 with friends and former class mates unfortunately seeking members after members Jamil couldn't seem to find a good fit which left him to go solo after pursuing solo music Jamil later met Tevin who along side with three other former members of Trace became a foursome revamping Trace after releasing an EP entitled Yung 90's the group shortly disbanded...

Duration: 02:05:01

Stop Callin Me Ugly When You Wanted To Fuck Call in 516-387-1815

Stop Callin Me Ugly When You Wanted To Fuck Call in 516-387-1815

Duration: 00:25:32

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