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Collab, Kolob, Whatever

We're back! Mark is four teeth lighter. Izzy's the only one that's going to get to go to space on the LDS spaceship. Jacob reads an article. Mark tries to explain one of Destiny 2's alien races, the Vex. We make a phone call and brainstorm some new podcast/video ideas. Thank you for your patience, dear listener!

Duration: 01:31:23


Here's our entirely unspookified Halloween episode! You may notice we snipped a bit off of the middle of this episode. Don't worry, we kept it in case you want to laugh at some really morbid stuff. Next week's episode will be from the archive because Mark will be having his wisdom teeth yanked out. Whoo!

Duration: 01:33:48

For Your Leisure

The gang invents PB&D. Lizzy is curvy for your leisure. Spooky surfing Conan the Barbarian will guide you to a paradise of beach babes. Sorry for uploading this later than usual, I was working on JaxPodCo.com this week instead of editing. Check it out!

Duration: 01:45:19

More Bees Will Fix This

Jacob and Mark watched Bladerunner 2049 and try to make sense of it while Izzy fills in an adult coloring book and talks about sexy stuff. Flowers, trees and bees; oh my! What is this movie trying to say? Does it live up to the original? What's the best finishing move?

Duration: 01:33:15

The Dark Sauce Saga

We have to go back, Marty! The world has lost its mind! Everyone's crazy about some stupid sauce! Is this the calamity foretold in the seven black books, written in the blood of angels? If so, we must act quickly. The seven demons cannot be allowed to rise from their slumber and throw open the gates of hell! All will be lost if Nekron is reborn to reign again in the name of cosmic chaos!

Duration: 01:28:19

Mongolian God Lizard

It's October, and you know what that means: spooky monster movies! First in our lineup is Hideaki Anno's Shin Godzilla, the most recent Godzilla movie. We've talked about this movie before in a podcast from last year, but only Mark had seen it back then. Now Izzy and Jacob get to experience the terrifying (and disgusting) Godzilla only Anno's mind could have cooked up. We can't say for sure this monster theme will hold true for all the podcasts this month, but we're gonna try!

Duration: 01:29:19

Anniversary Episode: STD Roulette

Can you believe it's been a whole year since we started recording these dumb things again? We probably should have stopped before getting this much momentum, but there's no turning back now! The show must go on. This is a Wilhelm Scream Podcast anniversary episode!

Duration: 01:48:19

Badass Manly Anime Host Club of Cagliostro III

Izzy and Mark watched Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro in theater (it was a Fathom Event). They then discuss various other anime, manga and Japanese videogames for over an hour. Mark almost coughs his lungs out. Only Jacob's untimely return stops Mark from dying. Please excuse our language!

Duration: 01:32:25

2012 Archive: Dark Willie Rises

Hurricane Irma really fucked up Florida, so here's another archive episode from 2012! This episode seems to be the second one we ever recorded. Next week we'll be back to our normal schedule. Look forward to discussion of Paprika and Lupin: Castle of Cagliostro!

Duration: 00:48:13

2012 Archive: Blast More Ass from the Past

Since Hurricane Irma is comin' to Florida, Mark decided not to brave the insane traffic to get to Jacob in St. Augustine. Therefore, you're getting another episode from our original 2012 podcast run! This is apparently the first one we made. Wanna hear what we thought about DREDD, the good Judge Dredd movie? Get on in here before the wind blows your ass away!

Duration: 00:56:33

Nipple Syrup and Unlimited Pasta

Izzy went on a business trip so the boys are back to their usual shenanigans and bullshit: watching bad movies and pretending everything is fine. A24 is apparently a garbage production company and all men are really walruses on the inside. If enough people like something, it cannot be good.

Duration: 01:02:08

Bathman: Sex on the Lawn

The team takes a break from their Japanese animated movie marathon to watch a Korean animated movie! In this episode we review Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the 1993 movie that almost went direct to VHS. Then we talk about The Gods Lie, a manga that Mark read a long time ago and never expected would get an officially licensed English release.

Duration: 00:53:34

Wolfman Jacob

The crew watch Summer Wars and Mark just can't stop talking about the original Digimon movies (Adventure and Our War Game). Many detours into random topics are taken during the discussion. Honestly though, what would happen if every Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter account were stolen simultaneously by a rogue AI? And how are calendars made?

Duration: 01:19:59

James Bond Down Under

Izzy, Mark and Jacob continue their Makoto Shinkai streak by watching Garden of Words, a short (50ish minutes) animated movie. It's beautiful, but don't take our word for it: watch it yourself! More animu talk permeates the entire episode. Is Lost anime? Park Walker died for our sins.

Duration: 01:37:23

Haven't we met?

Izzy joins Mark and Jacob to talk about the hit Japanese animated feature film, Your Name. We recorded this episode late at night and all three of us were pretty tired, but we still managed to record an hour of somewhat coherent discussion (with some yelling). The gang ought to review anime more often! Apologies to Makoto Shinkai. You made us cry, so please forgive our emotional outbursts. Listen to the music RADWIMPS made for Your Name on the official Youtube channel, located here: ...

Duration: 01:25:22

It's Called Perspective

Mark and Jacob review Frank Miller's graphic novel, Holy Terror. Then they chat about news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con. The new Thor flick is a bro movie. Jacob is disturbed by the rumors surrounding the Justice League movie. Ready Player One might be terrible but Mark has fond memories of the book from years ago. Waluigi just wants to dance. Escaflowne should have ended differently so Mark could write his fanfiction. Jacob is taken by Dunkirk. Does Zack Snyder moisturize? What...

Duration: 01:24:12

The Laughing Men

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. That didn't work out, so here's a podcast instead of a corporate conspiracy. If you need us, we be in the library.

Duration: 01:18:33

Spiders Are Kryptonite

Spiders are Jacob's kryptonite, but he just can't stop watching Spiderman: Homecoming! Mark discovers new terrible pornography terminology on KnowYourMeme.com (the only trustworthy website on the internet). What's a scratch monkey? Don't think about it too hard, just listen and believe!

Duration: 01:15:01

Don't Worry, It's Not a Real Cult

Welcome to the quietest, calmest episode we've ever recorded. The first three-quarters or so is the normal discussion where we talk about stuff like cameras and cults. The end of the episode includes an interview with Jacob's son, Eric. What does a kid think about modern comic movies and books? Find out!

Duration: 01:02:59

Hook is the Best Movie

Mark still watches television sometimes, but only because he's paid to do it. Jacob lives his truth, Mark loses a nut. For real though, Jacob moves a foot-and-a-half to the left and recalls his trip to Cuba. Iron Beer is best soda. International sex is best sex. Che > Castro. How do you like your blessings?

Duration: 02:04:19

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