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075: Real Talk When Everything’s Going Wrong (feat. Britnie Turner)

This Week’s Featured Conversation… In the last year or so, I’ve come to develop fondness for those that are not only strong in leadership and personal character, but strong in a quality not one of us can truly live without: resilience. And 100% of the time, resilience is a choice.

Duration: 00:49:09

074: Stop Being Sick and Tired…For Good!

This Week’s Conversation My passion and purpose here at “Win Today” is to provide a roadmap for you to become ridiculously happy, healthy, strong, and safe. And that certainly includes your physical health. From time to time, I like to talk about taking care of our bodies, because if we’re

Duration: 00:49:09

073: Understanding Your Personality Style

This Week’s Conversation Why is it that you automatically click with some people, while others seem to grate on your last nerve?” Because we’re all different. And that’s perfectly fine—our differences are what make us unique and interesting. But they can also lead to conflict within our personal and professional

Duration: 00:57:09

072: What Legacy are You Leaving?

This Week’s Conversation At the end of this blur of a life, we can’t take wealth; we can’t take stuff; but we can leave a significant inheritance to those who will run behind us, and that, folks, is legacy. It’s why I want to slow-down from the battery of information

Duration: 00:15:09

071: Kill the Spider (feat. Carlos Whittaker)

This Week’s Featured Conversation Many people listening to this broadcast are overwhelmed and wondering, “I know there’s more. But I don’t know if I have what it takes. Is it too late to recover? Am I too late to find lasting healing and success?” Or maybe, “I keep trying to move forward

Duration: 00:48:39

070: How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge (feat. Clay Scroggins)

This Week’s Featured Conversation… Unless you’re self-employed, here’s an honest question: are you letting your lack of authority paralyze you? Most people I know have a desire to increase in their authority in the workplace. But one of the greatest myths of true leadership is that you must be in charge

Duration: 00:53:54

069: The Secret Sauce to Great Communication (feat. Jamie Winship)

This Week’s Featured Conversation… Most of us live lives that simply conform to the patterns of the world around us. And even with the best of intentions, we tend to settle for simply mimicking what we perceive as greatness rather than pursuing a living knowledge and connected understanding that informs

Duration: 00:57:39

068: Swipe Right: The Life and Death Power of Sex and Romance (feat. Levi Lusko)

There is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. So how do you train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? How do you take theory and apply it to your life? In today’s conversation, we’ll be

Duration: 00:40:29

067: Boundaries in Relationships (feat. Dr. John Townsend)

Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, and

Duration: 00:40:39

066: [ENCORE] Making Peace With An Imperfect Life (feat. Michele Cushatt)

When tragedy, crisis, and pain hit your life, how do you respond? How do you cope? And how do you move forward? Well in the words of our guest today, “Sometimes the most beautiful stories are written right in the middle of the mess.” Joining us is author and speaker, Michele

Duration: 00:32:09

065: [ENCORE] Pulling-Back The Sheets On Pornography, Part 2

Last week, we began a conversation around the subject of pornography. And as I said in the last episode, pornography is destroying relationships and the healthy identity of men and women alike. This week, you and I are going to be joined once again by my mentors, Dave and Connie Bauer,

Duration: 00:30:09

064: [ENCORE] Pulling-Back The Sheets On Pornography, Part 1

There is an insidious monster lurking in the bedrooms and even deeper—in the minds and hearts—of millions of people today: pornography. And pornography is destroying relationships and the healthy identity of men and women alike. In just a moment, you and I are going to be joined by relationship counselors, Dave

Duration: 00:22:09

063: [ENCORE] Eliminating Toxic Stress (feat. Dr. Don Colbert)

What you eat is important, but what’s eating you has more of an impact upon your overall wellness than you may realize. Toxic thoughts and emotions left unchecked are like foreign terrorists living comfortably within the borders of your mind, body, and spirit; terrorists you’re tolerating. After listening to this

Duration: 00:19:09

062: [ENCORE] Falling In Love With The Grind (feat. Brian Nhira from NBC’s “The Voice”)

The pursuit of your passions and dreams require so much more than talent and even more than hard work. In the words of our guest today, you have to fall in love with the grind. Joining us this week is singer/songwriter Brian Nhira. Brian is best known for his work

Duration: 00:25:09

061: [ENCORE] Developing The Correct Perspective About Failure

Failure—I believe—is inevitable at various stages in life. But here’s my concern: too many of us internalize failure and create an identity out of it. Joining me today is my friend and business coach, Joe Pici, to talk about the components of failure. In this week’s episode, you’ll discover… Failure

Duration: 00:15:09

060: [ENCORE] How to Design Your Personal Health and Wellness Plan

On a very regular basis, people ask me about some of my personal life hacks if you will; habits and choices I make that are aimed at creating a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. So this week, I want to pull back the curtain on some of the choices I make for

Duration: 01:01:39

059: [ENCORE] Your Greatest Dream Is Just Beyond Your Deepest Fear (feat. Jamie Winship)

I believe that it’s never too late to become who you really are. But who we really are isn’t a function of performance, it’s a function of identity. All too often, we succumb to the “performance-acceptance” trap in which our worth and value is innately connected to our good performance. Simply, if we

Duration: 00:41:09

058: Keep Your Romantic Love On (feat. Danny Silk)

I don’t think anyone goes through life hoping to fail in their romantic relationship. But some people do. Worse, some relationships exist without thriving. If you’re single and think, I’m a good catch. Why can’t I seem to make this work? This episode is for you. If you’re engaged or married,

Duration: 00:30:09

057: Are Your Relationships Missing These 6 Keys?

There’s a reason some people are better at relationships than others. There’s a reason some people are surrounded by loyal friends and coworkers. And there’s a reason why—be it on a personal or professional level—some people just need some help perhaps because they’re lacking the know-how, or they are confused,

Duration: 00:20:09

056: You Might Be Ruining Your Life Without Even Knowing It

Nothing suffocates your potential, exaggerates the suspense of life’s unknown, and drives pain deeper into your soul and spirit more than fear; specifically, the spirit of fear. This week, I’m going to expose the roadblock that might be impeding your path to reaching your destiny. In fact, without destroying this

Duration: 00:22:54

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