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Closure, Motive And Sex Clubs

The Browngirl talks about what happens when closure is paired with a side of motive and topped with an invitation to a sex club

Duration: 00:34:46

Death To Baby Hairs

Yall know how I LOVE to laugh... So I invited the homie the hilarious Comedian Will Wright in the studio for a chat about everything... Then we were surprised by Neena Taurus, my podcast sister one of the hosts of the Dope and Diverse Podcast... A great way to end the year See yall in 2018

Duration: 01:19:20

#MeToo...And Then She Was Free

The Browngirl shares her personal experience with #MeToo and how it changed her...

Duration: 00:30:12

Mask Off

I had the most amazing experience in the form of a conversation in front of a mic.... aka Cocktails and Conversations with my brothas from another miles & Brandon (@legionoflovepodcast)... a beautiful spirit and first timer to the show @dya177 Gems were dropped, truths were told experiences were shared as we discussed mental health issues, coping and therapy in our community

Duration: 01:36:19

Trust Your Dopeness... With Gabrielle

The Browngirl sat down with her homegirl Gabrielle to chat about what makes her a dope browngirl

Duration: 00:14:17

Trust Your Dopeness.... With J'Keera

The Browngirl sits down with Author J'Keera Stephens and chats about what makes her dope

Duration: 00:14:48

Love Terrifies The S**t Outta Me....

The Browngirl shares one of her most vulnerable truths as she chats about her fear of love... shares an intimate conversation that she had with her mother... and what it was like to pick up all the pieces of herself.

Duration: 00:37:40

Unexpected Closure

The Browngirl is face to face with her first love after ten years of not seeing each other... and publicly they share the most vulnerable moment two people can share... sidebar --- as yall know I record the Shit Happens series at home in bed or in the lady cave there will be times that Chase (my dog) will make his presence known --- today he did just that and since I don't edit yall got him too lol

Duration: 00:25:18

Why You Mad Sis???

The Browngirl is sick, she hasn't slept in 4 days so she is snarky and in her feelings in this episode of Shit Happens... Today's episode she shares one of her biggest pet peeves as a black woman... Not being allowed to express emotions without being challenged

Duration: 00:27:27

Podcast 093017

Podcast 093017 by Browngirl Experience

Duration: 01:26:37

Browngirl Vs The Girdle

When your girdle tries to kill you... you must fight back by any means possible

Duration: 00:16:54

I Choose Death...

In the debut episode of Sh*t Happens The Browngirl shares her misadventures with her wig and her standing d*ck appointment

Duration: 00:15:49

Shhhhh.... Black Women Are Talking

Just when you thought The Browngirl forgot about the ladies she invited a few ladies to the studio for some strong cocktails and honest conversations... These women put their truths on the table as they chatted about wanting and deserving it all, they discussed the taboo word submission and confirmed who is holding your hostage in his pants. enjoy the conversation

Duration: 01:37:05


After taking a lil hiatus The Browngirl is finally back... In this comeback episode, she was joined by her homegirls Migs and Ms. January J and first timer self-proclaimed blerd Sean. What better way to come back than to recap some of the interesting parts of the summer from how The Browngirl found herself at a party with 3 men she ghosted on to Jay-Z 4:44. Hope you guys enjoy where the conversation takes you

Duration: 01:29:21

WTF Is A Relationship Goal??????

What happens when you put four people who are in different stages of a relationship in the same room? That is exactly what The Browngirl did, on this episode she invited, Sonya Lindsay author of “Mind Games” and “Penetration for the Mind”, Therapist Ms. January J and Fitness trainer Mike Shine in the studio to talk about dating and relationships in 2017. Together they chatted about communication, when is it too early to have certain conversations… Then they ease into discussing Sonya’s...

Duration: 01:24:02

More Orgasms Less Judgement

The Browngirl invited Migs and the lovely ladies of Snap and Sip in the studio to have a lil pu$$y talk The ladies chat about a video that The Browngirl's ex (or former lover whatever you wanna call it) felt like it was in his best interest to send... We talked about side chicks and wig snatching and the pursuit of good dick and happiness. Pour yourself a drink, get your people together and enjoy the conversation.

Duration: 01:26:48

We not claiming THIS for the culture....

The Browngirl declared this the summer of collaboration and invited some of Jersey's dopest podcasters in the studio for Saturday morning Cocktails and Conversation... This episode of Cocktails and Conversations featured Tiffany Nicole and Chuck from Midnight Convos Podcast and Collin from The Only Child Syndrome Podcast. Together they talked about everything from Blackgirl Magic to Camels at proms Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the conversation

Duration: 01:13:29

Grown Men Move Different

The Browngirl invited some dope brothas in the studio with her and these men did not disappoint... The fellas talked about masculinity, why they put women through hell before they commit, emotions and what protections looks like. Ladies if you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during some real guy talk this is the episode you wanna check out

Duration: 01:36:50

What If....

What if she dated like a man.... What if she could say no without being attacked or insulted....What if she could choose happiness... what if she could have her honest moments This episode of the Browngirl Cafe the ladies served nuthin but honest moments over cocktails and sisterly love

Duration: 01:44:02

Being Black and Gay

With all this talk about the "Gay Agenda" The Browngirl decided to invite some of her friends from the LGBT community to have a chat on coming out, what is gay and the mystery behind the gay agenda.... Pour yourself a drink, open up your mind and catch these gems.

Duration: 01:32:52

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