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Hello! I'm Azra and I'm an attorney who is passionate about politics. I am currently hosting a podcast on Radio Azad regarding the 2016 Elections and the impacts the South Asian community can make. I want people to realize that learning about politics is an investment in you and your children's futures. So come join me on this quest as we navigate and understand the intricate process of American Politics! Become Educated. Get Wiser. Start Giving a Hoot.






Tax Cuts Are Killing Public Education

We continue our interview with Chairman Anchia and discuss the politics surrounding the funding of Texas Public Education. While the soundbites of tax cuts always sounds amazing, it usually has unforeseen consequences. Tune in to hear how some of the politicians in Texas want to cut property taxes without addressing the impact it will have on the Texas Public Education System.

Duration: 00:10:42

Battle of the Sanctuary (Radio Azad Version)

A much shorter clip of the Battle of the Sanctuary podcast which was aired on Radio Azad! During the Regular Session the Texas Legislature passed an incredibly contentious bill, Senate Bill 4 (SB4) pertaining to sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. For this segment, I interviewed Chairman Rafael Anchia from Dallas to discuss the detrimental implications this legislation will have not only to the Latino community but also to the South Asian and Muslim communities as well. Tune in to...

Duration: 00:12:49

Battle of the Sanctuary (Full Interview)

During the Regular Session the Texas Legislature passed an incredibly contentious bill, Senate Bill 4 (SB4) pertaining to sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. For this segment, I interviewed Chairman Rafael Anchia from Dallas to discuss the detrimental implications this legislation will have not only to the Latino community but also to the South Asian and Muslim communities as well. Tune in to WiseUp on this bill and what YOU can do to have your voice heard to make a difference!

Duration: 00:27:04

Texas Legislative Update

WiseUp about what happened in the latest Texas Legislative session and how it could impact you!

Duration: 00:24:18

News Briefing 4:30:17

The Texas Legislature is in full swing. Tune in to hear the major bills being passed and how they can impact you!

Duration: 00:15:22

The System Is Not Broken, We Are

In the months leading up to the November 2016 election, many of our Presidential candidates discussed a political system that was broken and it seemed people from both sides of the political spectrum vehemently agreed. We have undoubtedly become a more polarized nation than anytime in current history. These days people see each other in two categories, with them or against them and there is no mutual respect or understanding from either side. It got me thinking, is our democracy really...

Duration: 00:29:52

Elections Are Coming!

May 6th, 2017 many of you will be electing new mayors and city council members. These politicians will have a major impact on your day to day life by deciding on the best ways to fund infrastructure, schools, city ordinances and how your tax dollars will be spent. This is not an election to miss out! Furthermore, many South Asians are also running for office. Now is the time to vote for them AND campaign for them to win!! This is the perfect opportunity to relieve that itch of getting...

Duration: 00:28:58


Alright, so we felt disheartened this past Friday, inspired on Saturday, contemplated Sunday and now we get to work. There are several ways to utilize your time and money such as donating to great journalism or to non-profits that fight for your civil rights but how about keeping tabs on the Representatives you voted for? You know those people who are getting paid with your hard earned tax dollars, yah them. Enter IssueVoter! IssueVoter provides you the opportunity to engage with your...

Duration: 00:29:28

Where Do We Go From Here

It's been a rough week for many of us. I have had a week to brood over the election loss and think things through. I have come to terms with certain things and for some things I haven't. In this segment I talk about my feelings regarding the election results, where I think things went wrong with the HRC campaign and where do we go from here. This is my last podcast of the year. Don't worry, I'll be back in January to cover our new President and the Texas Legislature.

Duration: 00:27:26

Election Day

Today is election day! Tune in as to how the electoral college works and how we must heal and move on as a nation after today.

Duration: 00:15:49

Open Dialogue

We are right around the corner till the election, early voting begins in Texas October 24th. I hope you all are WisingUp on your national and local candidates before you head to the voting booths. Along with the news of the week, I have an interview with Imam Adeel Zeb about the Black Lives Matter movement and how important it is for the South Asian and Muslim communities to be understanding and supportive of them. **This track aired on 10/17/2016**

Duration: 00:33:52


This election cycle we have been barraged with an overload of information by the media and it has proved difficult to discern the real issues our nation needs to focus on. Unfortunately, this has bled into our Presidential race and no end to this horrible political nightmare is in sight. Which is why it is very important for us to be able to distinguish what is credible so we will make wise decisions. We must judge credibility not only of politicians but also amongst ourselves when we...

Duration: 00:26:04

Texas Tribune Festival

Two weekends ago I attended the Texas Tribune Festival to hear about the politics and various policies affecting Texas and our nation. I was able to attain interviews with Wendy Davis, Dallas Mayor Rawlings, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Representative Castro. I got to discuss how they felt the South Asian and Muslim communities could make an impact in local and national politics and what our communities needed to do to have our voices heard. Tune in to hear all this along with my...

Duration: 00:44:18

Accountability Across The Board

In this segment I briefly discuss how we need to hold our politicians, media and ourselves accountable for the decisions we make and the articles we choose to read about politics. I also talk about the media's coverage on HRC's health, how HRC dealt with her pneumonia issue, Trump's lack of transparency on his health records, and the latest news in Texas Politics. Finally, I have an interview with Vance Black who is a citizen of the Cherokee nation and was kind enough to discuss the...

Duration: 00:36:06

Texas Turnout

Tune in to hear about the current political news of the week along with my experience at the Texas Turnout event! The Texas Turnout was hosted by the Texas Tribune and the Society for News Design. People who come from varying backgrounds but are passionate about politics came together to discuss what we could do to increase voter turnout in Texas. To my listeners: Do you have ideas of how to get the South Asian and Muslim communities to become motivated to vote? I'd love to hear them!...

Duration: 00:24:48

Deafening Silence

The theme for this podcast is deafening silence. There has been a plethora of unpleasant news the past few weeks but many of us have been silent. It is said that silence is golden but not in these instances. Tune in to hear about how the world has been silent about the innocent Syrian children being continuously bombed, the devastation from the Baton Rouge floods, the corporate greed from American insurance companies, the systemic racism and its continuous occurrence in Baltimore and North...

Duration: 00:24:24

Convention Chaos

My thoughts on the RNC and DNC conventions, the DNC leak and my personal opinion on how you should vote in the upcoming November election!

Duration: 00:34:18


The latest WiseUp podcast contains the news of the week, basic information about World Refugee Day (June 20, 2016) and the potential VEEP candidates for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Original air date: June 21, 2016

Duration: 00:35:06

Justice Is A Manifestation Of Love - Part 1

In the latest WiseUp podcast, I discuss the major news from the past two weeks affecting our nation and Texas. I also have an exclusive interview with Simran Jeet Singh discussing a study the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life did on Islamaphobia and it's implications in Texas. The Islamaphobia in Texas study is the first of its kind and the information will be pivotal in deciding the best way to talk about the problem and combat Islamaphobia. You can read about the study here:...

Duration: 00:40:53

WiseUp Weekly News

News affecting our nation and the great state of Texas! Plus, a personal plea to our South Asian community to become a bone marrow donor to help save lives.

Duration: 00:13:01

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