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WR252: Odd Outfit

This week’s guests are experimental psychedelic jazz-fusion instrumental (that’s already a mouthful, plus they throw ‘shoegaze’ in there somewhere) group Odd Outfit. We talk about their excellent debut release, Up/Down (Aug. 2017), their experiences as a jazz-rooted band with little connection to the local jazz scene, and much more! This episode is brought to you by the first-annual Winnipeg Weekender; two nights of live music, DJs and comedy presented by (among others) our friend, UMFM DJ...

Duration: 01:06:53

WR251: Odder than the Otters

We’re in a pool room* this week with folk-rock foursome Odder Than the Otters, who have a debut EP, ‘The Port of Lopez’ slated for release in early 2018. We talk about the band’s roots, the concept that loosely connects the songs on the upcoming EP, and more! This episode brought to you by the new line of beer soap by local punks The Uglies and Little Tree Hugger Soap! *A garage with a pool table in it.

Duration: 00:50:34

WR250: Skylar Bouchard

We avoided being murdered when we met up with singer-songwriter Skylar Bouchard in a terrifying, pitch-black park to record this episode. Skylar is on the verge of releasing his debut EP (Thursday, Sept. 28), so he talks about the recording process, his work as a member of Two Socks, and much more. Hear a few advance cuts from the EP throughout the episode!

249: Solhounds

“Heavy metal grunge” rockers Solhounds (well, half of them, anyway) are back on the podcast for the first time since 2015. In that time, they’ve made some significant changes to their sound and their lineup, and they talk about how everything is falling into place for the new, improved version of the band. Solhounds performs live for the first time since taking a summer hiatus on Sept. 22 at the Good Will in Winnipeg. We’re also doing a FREE live podcast Oct.1 at Torque Brewing, featuring...

Duration: 00:52:50

WR248: Fawnchopper

We’re in the back of a van this week with progressive metal outfit Fawnchopper. The three-piece, which has a new album in the works, talks about its origins as a solo “being a spaz in an apartment” project, its current solidified lineup, and much more. You can catch Fawnchopper live Sept. 15 at the Merch in Selkirk and Sept. 17 at the Good Will here in Winnipeg. We’re also doing a FREE live podcast Oct.1 at Torque Brewing, featuring interviews with and performances by JayWood, Nic Dyson...

Duration: 01:01:36

WR247: Mira Black

This week’s episode features Winnipeg expat Mira Black, back in town to present her epic Fearless show Sept. 10 at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain. Mira talks about the story behind the ambitious project, her history in the local music scene (as frontwoman for ‘90s roots outfit Acoustically Inclined), her collaborations with some of Winnipeg’s finest jazz artists and much, much more! We’re also doing a FREE live podcast Oct.1 at Torque Brewing, featuring interviews with and...

Duration: 00:56:11

WR246: field////

On this episode, experimental/improvisational art collective field//// invited us to the Graffiti Gallery to witness their creation first-hand. While rotating through a pile of instruments – from horns to found objects to feedback – field//// works on a timed grid system rather than any traditional songwriting structure. We’re also doing a FREE live podcast Oct.1 at Torque Brewing, featuring interviews with and performances by JayWood, Nic Dyson and Laura Artus! Check out more info on our...

Duration: 00:57:22

WR245: p o u t

This week, we hang out with Brandon, Brandan and Ariana of experimental ‘soft trap’ outfit p o u t! The trio recently released the excellent Nylon Tears, and we talk about the album, the group’s origins, their distinctive DIY visual style and more!

Duration: 00:48:24

WR244: Agapito

They’re back! Our friends in Winnipeg supergroup Agapito have been busy since their last appearance on the show (Dec. 2016). Most notably, they hit the studio and released a three-song, self-titled demo. We talk about all kinds of nonsense, but on-topic, we get into the recording and songwriting processes, the future of the band, and the difficulties that arise with a band made up (mostly) of people who play in other bands. Hunk rock!

Duration: 01:08:16

WR243: Screaming at Traffic

Arising like a phoenix (or whatever stupid analogy you want to use) from the ashes of Greek Riots comes Screaming at Traffic, a punk band with a unique take on the style. We sat down (outside, in Wolseley) with Paul (bass) and Duncan (one of S.A.T.’s two frontmen/guitarists) to talk about their new EP, their place in the Winnipeg music scene, and a whole bunch of crazy tangents. Click, click.

WR242: Spacebutt

We talk cats, music videos, impossible-to-define genres and more with local “grunge funk” (perhaps not a real genre, just sayin’) weirdos Spacebutt. They’re about to release their debut album – the amazingly-titled All The Deer Speak Portuguese – on Last Ditch Records Aug. 26 at the Cavern!

Duration: 03:01:04

WR241: Ogimaa

The podcast hasn’t been this heavy in quite a while. This week’s guests are new-on-the-scene doom trio Ogimaa, who have been generating buzz thanks to their excellent debut EP Desolation. The surprisingly (based on their music) soft-spoken band members talk about the origins of the band (and their unique name), the EP, how receptive Winnipeg is to such a punishing style, and more!

Duration: 02:54:25

WR240: The Bloodshots

This week, we’re joined by all four members of Selkirk, MB’s The Bloodshots! They blend elements of punk and blues into a blast of straight-ahead rock n’ roll. Coming off a recent nomination at 2017’s Indigenous Music Awards, the Bloodshots have been making a name for themselves as an opening act for high-profile rock acts. Check ‘em out July 20 (that’s tomorrow) on a bill with Buckcherry at Club Regent Casino!

WR238: Keith Price Double Quartet

This week’s guests are jazz guitarist Keith Price and pianist Jeff Presslaff, both members of the Keith Price Double Quartet, whose new self-titled album is one of the best local releases of the year so far. Tackling jazz on this show is always interesting, and Keith and Jeff cover a lot of the bases when it comes to improvising with a group of this size, the recording process and more!

Duration: 04:42:03

Re-release: Dead Ranch (2014)

On June 8, the Winnipeg music scene lost a friend. Chad Alsop, guitarist/vocalist of sludge/metal/hardcore/whatever-core act Dead Ranch passed a few days after sustaining serious injuries. (You can read more about Chad in this beautifully-written post on Dead Ranch’s Facebook page). In addition to his contributions as ¼ of one of Winnipeg’s best bands, Chad was also a familiar face in Witchpoliceland. He appeared on the podcast with Dead Ranch twice (most recently back in April) and was a...

Duration: 01:31:00

WR236: Mmars

This week, we sat down – in a room festooned with hilarious black light posters – with Mac and Mark of 90s-influenced noisemaking duo Mmars. They’re releasing their debut Fuzzstronaut album July 22 at the Good Will, so we talk about the record (which is fantastic, by the way) and a lot more!

Duration: 01:01:46

WR235: Badpants

Coming off last month’s successful release of their second EP, Genre Fluid, Winnipeg punks Badpants are making a name for themselves in the local scene. We talk about their diverse influences (hence the title of the record), the eternal appeal of ‘90s punk, navigating the world of promoting their music online… and much more!

Duration: 01:06:05

WR234: Greg Arcade / Rattlesnake Music Festival

Country rocker and longtime friend of the show Greg Arcade is back for his fifth appearance on the podcast (eighth if you include two Mix-Up live shows and a video minisode) to talk about this weekend’s Rattlesnake Music Festival, a new country/blues/rock n’ roll-focused event he’s organizing through his Golden Oak Record Company label. We hung out by a fire with Greg and his dog Jake to talk about the festival’s origins, the artists involved and more! It’s a deadly lineup, including past...

Duration: 01:17:58

WR233: Black Cloud

One of our favourite local acts, instrumental post-rockers Black Cloud, are back on the show to promote their new record and talk about a number of absolutely ridiculous things. The new disc (on Transistor 66!) Void, drops May 26 with a release show at The Handsome Daughter.

Duration: 01:15:35

WR231: Fred Penner

I’m still excited about this one. Beloved children’s entertainer (and straight-up Canadian music legend) Fred Penner was at the top of my unofficial ‘dream’ list of potential guests, and I finally got the chance to sit down with him. Fred is currently promoting his (excellent) 13th LP, Hear the Music, and we talked about the record, his remarkable 45+-year career, and more! Stay tuned ‘til the end to hear a couple of live performances! Big thanks to UMFM 101.5 (which broadcasts this show)...

Duration: 00:35:39

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