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Better Writing Starts With The Title

Here's a quick level-up for any type of writing you do: start with the TITLE before you do ANY of the actual writing. But for this to work, you have to understand WHY this hack is effective. In this episode we look at tons of examples across all writing industries: books, blogging, songwriting, script-writing, etc. And we give you a couple tips and tools to optimize your headline-writing game. Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith and Julian Avila


Good News Comes in Twos

Good news all around... Oh, and I just launched a new podcast, check it out at http://RenditionPod.com New stuff coming for Project Book in 3... 2...


One Christopher Nolan Movie Scene Taught Me All I Know About Great Writing

Christopher Nolan is one of today's MASTER filmmakers. He's gotten to this level because all his movies have substance, but also, are SUPER-entertaining. One of his movies stands above all though, and one scene in that movie taught me EVERYTHING about what great writing should be. In this episode we break down and study this one scene to tease out the tools one needs to become--just like Nolan himself--a great writer. This applies to ALL type of writing: fiction, non-fiction, songwriting,...


Testing is Where Value Lives

How can the small guy win in today's world? We pit some big guys vs some underdogs in this episode. Listen to a few entrepreneurs break it down for us.


Bitter Truth About How We Learn

Movies are a BAD example to follow. When it comes to learning, there is a bitter truth that most creators typically ignore. In this episode we dig up research from Robert Greene and some wise Venetians who know very well what it takes to Master any discipline. Can you handle the truth? Music by Ben Murray-Smith and Julian Avila


Two Reasons Why Your Work Hasn't Gotten Noticed

You feel there are many reasons why you're struggling to break through with your work. I tell you that there are really only two. Everything falls under one of these categories. Let's talk it out!


Best Time To Build Your Audience

Be thankful that you don't live in 1899. Or in 1932 when Henry Ford was battling the Auto industry. Matter of fact, be thankful that you are a creator in no other time but TODAY. In this episode we bring in stories from Business, Music, and Health that help us figure out the ins and outs of building your consumer base. Music by Ben Murray-Smith and Julian Avila


Which Kind of Problem-Solver Are You?

I've been thinking about this a lot. I noticed there are TWO main types of problem-solvers out there, and they're VERY different. I had a gut-check moment and I realized we're thinking about this all wrong. So in this episode I challenge you to ask yourself: Am I a Process-First Problem Solver, or a People-First one? Music by Ben Murray-Smith and Julian Avila


Lil Wayne is a Role Model

Stephen King knows a thing or two about writing. And about discipline. And about pretty much anything that has to do with being successful with your art. Well guess what, Lil Wayne knows a thing or two as well. These are the reasons why he can serve as a role model for any artist, creator, or entrepreneur. Music by Ben Murray-Smith


Shape of a Project

Expectations are a mother! I'm talking here about expectations before we start a project, but really, it applies to any aspect of life. How we manage our own expectations can be the difference between a long successful career, or quitting three days into a project. In this episode I talk about a chapter from Austin Kleon's book where he describes the "shape" of any creative endeavor. I wish I would've known about this YEARS ago...


The Lives Of Men: A Modern Startup

Jason Rosario and Claudio Cabrera have accomplished a lot in their young lives, but this endeavor they've just leapt into is not about accomplishment, it's about honoring their worldview. In this episode I speak to Jason, founder of The Lives of Men--and Claudio, its lead content specialist--who through their stories show us that it's possible to DO GOOD, and LOOK GOOD in the process. Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith


Stress is a Feature, Not a Bug

How well do you avoid stress? Most people would say "not very well at all." Well, this turns out to be a blessing in disguise, IF we start thinking properly about this stress in our lives. In this episode we look into the myths and perceptions of the modern stressful life, and through the lenses of Kelly McGonigal and Ellen DeGeneres, we get some great mind-tools for hacking a stronger self. Music by Julian Avila https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila/pineapple-paradise and Ben Murray-Smith...


Skill Over Success - according to Great Filmmakers and Songwriters

When you create, what is your goal? Is it recognition, money, excitement, or respect? Well, according to masters like Picasso, Aaron Sorkin, and Max Martin, all the previous goals are WRONG. As a creator, our first aim should be to attain SKILL. It all derives from this. In this episode we analyze the words and works of these artists to decipher what a pure work philosophy really is. Music by Ben Murray-Smith


A Time-Tested Way to Get Better Ideas

Who said ideas are worthless? The right idea, at the right time, could be worth BILLIONS. For creative folk, ideas are our LIVELIHOOD. Here's a tried and tested way to generate BETTER ideas. Let's look at some examples from science, business, and art in this dash across the ideasphere. Music by Ben Murray-Smith benmurraysmith.co.uk


The Alchemist: How a Change of Place Changes You

Paulo Coelho did not write "The Alchemist," his travels did. In this episode I talk about the events that transpired to create this massive phenomenon of a book. We mine interviews Mr. Coelho has given and discover the environmental factors that affect the caliber of work an artist can produce. Whether you like it or not, your place has a big say in your capabilities. Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith


Master Your Writing with Ed Sheeran's FAUCET Approach

Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful songwriters over the past five years. While I was listening to an interview Ed gave in front of young musicians, there was a one minute portion where he revealed his mental process for mastering his craft. In this episode we discuss this approach which we'll call "FAUCET," along with other methods described by Ira Glass, and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith


Deep Work is Your True Compass

I figured it out! After all these years, it finally clicked. Cal Newport's book Deep Work taught me a few things about how to figure out what I should be focusing on when it comes to my career and my hobbies. Music by Ben Murray-Smith


The Disconnect Between Quality and Popularity w Adam Westbrook

A must listen for Vloggers and Youtubers! Adam was living the dream: He was making a good living as a freelance video journalist, something he had been working towards since childhood. But then his view of the world got flipped upside down. He learned that quality and popularity aren't directly related. This is depressing, but there is a silver lining. In this episode we talk to Adam Westbrook, creator behind the exceptional The Long Game 3-part video essay. He shares all he's learned,...


How To Create Your Best Self w Miss Nu

People are always staring at her. "Can I touch your stomach?" is the question that they always ask first. Miss Nu is someone who's gone from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs when it comes to personal acceptance, you'll see what I mean. She currently competes in national bodybuilding competitions, coaches others, inspires 10 thousand fans over Instagram, and does all this while maintaining a position as Director at a major Pharma corporation. In this episode we go deep, I mean...


Is Impatience Ruining Your Career? Your Hobbies Can Answer - with Louis Cortes

Louis Cortes, a good friend of mine and brilliant marketer, shares his story with us. He is impatient, and this is evident by his favorite hobby: cars. In this episode we dig deep into our favorite activities, to see what they reveal about us. It turns out that our patience, or lackthereof, could very well be the thing preventing us from the success we so badly want. Music by Ben Murray-Smith www.benmurraysmith.co.uk


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