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Wojcast - What is Digital Empathy?

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Gary Illyes - From 28K to Reinventing Search - Google Land (Episode 5)

Does pondering the inner workings of Google keep you awake at night? In the fifth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to Google’s own webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes. When he isn’t working side by side with the search lords arranging the collective knowledge of humanity into a infinite potentially self-aware interactive digital library, you can find Gary helping (or trolling) users on twitter, dishing out Google’s guidelines and best practices so that all of humanity’s...

Duration: 00:29:17

Larry Kim - Swimming Up WordStream on a Unicorn - Hustle ( Episode 4)

In the fourth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to WordStream’s founder and digital marketing expert Larry Kim about how he started his business from the ground up and what it takes to excel at software development, PPC and unicorn level content creation. The remarkable growth of WordStream is impressive, even by tech standards. By attracting a team that is as deep into thought leadership, hacks and ideas as he is, Larry has created the go to source for knowledge and...

Duration: 00:27:28

Mike King - Inbound Marketer Without a Pause Pt.1 - Hustle (Episode 2)

In the third episode of WojCast, Woj gets us caught up with the latest power moves from the SEO superstar, Mike King. Many things have changed for Mike since Woj first sat down with him 5 years ago. Today he is in charge of his own inbound marketing company iPullRank, he resurrected a digital space for the Hiphop community with an online record and he just created his own cryptocurrency. Oh! - and he’s just become a father. All in a day’s work for Mike King. Tune in...

Duration: 01:05:33

Mike King - Inbound Marketer Without a Pause Pt.1 - Hustle (Episode 2)

In the second episode of WojCast, Woj digs into his interview archives to share a conversation he had 6 years ago with an up-and-coming SEO superstar, Mike King. In this interview Mike describes his journey from grinding as a rapper in New York City’s underground Hiphop scene to establishing his career in SEO. Mike’s interview reveals some of the challenges he had to face as an artist transitioning into a new role at iAcquire and what his unique skill sets brought to the table. Woj and...

Duration: 00:22:07

Lewis Howes - You Matter - Hustle (Episode 1)

Woj introduces the world to his sidekick Bobby Bot, an artificial intelligence itching to learn all he can about humanity and the value of digital empathy. What better teacher than Woj’s first guest, entrepreneur Lewis Howes. He is the creator of The School of Greatness and curator of an incredibly inspirational self-improvement and leadership podcast. In this interview he recounts his journey from his struggles with an uncertain future after an injury derailed his path to professional...

Duration: 00:40:44

Wojcast Trailer - Episode 0

I’m Woj Kwasi, founder of Kwasi Studios. Join me in conversation with some of the world’s digital elite and leading entrepreneurs to undercover the secrets to their business and online success, including: How to overcome adversity to build a thriving business, mastering authenticity and discovering the power of digital empathy.

Duration: 00:03:31