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Manliness in 1 Word with Timothy Wenger - #039

If you were asked to describe what it means to be a man in one word, what would it be? If we asked 100 people, we would get a lot of really interesting answers. This is exactly what my friend Timothy Wenger did. He's a powerful photographer and interviewer who jumped out of his comfort zone to interview people on this topic.


Ask a Man - Female Bosses and Pornography - S01 E02

In this episode, a man asks us about how to deal with a female boss that seems to have it out for him. We talk about how working for a lady can change the dynamics of a work environment. We also talk about how to get your mind right about porn, and ultimately how to kick it.


The Proper Defense of Masculinity - M2M - #38

We see traditional masculinity under attack on an almost weekly basis, and our initial response it to defend manliness based on the things that men have traditionally done: fight, lift, go to work, etc. But, I think there is room for a better argument and in this episode I recommend 2 ways to defend masculinity that doesn't put people on the defensive.


Ask a Man - Millennial Dating and Emotional Intelligence for Kids - S01 E01

In our first episode of our Ask a Man series, Brandon and Mike answer your questions on Millennial Dating and training your kids to be Emotionally Intelligent. Be sure to listen to the end as there's something special.


The Art of Asking Questions, Entreleadership, & Your Calling with Ken Coleman - #37

If you want to grow, there's no better tool than the questions you ask, and I don't know of anyone doing this better than Ken Coleman. Most of you know him from the Entreleadership Podcast where he interviews leaders and entrepreneurs and if you've listened to the show you know why he is exactly the right man to ask about the art of asking questions.


Fighting Human Trafficking with Mark Blackwell of Justice Ministries - #36

It's easy to see the myriad of problems that show up in a society where father's are absent and manhood is in want: poverty, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. But, there are those things which exist in the dark and so wrench our souls we would rather not think of them. Human trafficking/sex slavery is one such problem that we do not hear enough about, and most people don't know how serious and wide-spread it is. Mark Blackwell of The Justice Ministries, shares some insight into the...


3 Things that Will Wreck Your 2018 - M2M - #35

2017 likely brought some things that you didn't expect, some good, some bad, but life doesn't always follow our plan. 2018 will likely have some curveballs of its own but there are somethings that if you don't manage it will wreck the goals you have for 2018.


Merry Christmas 2017! - Abiding instead of striving for the Christmas spirit

Christmas cannot be reduced to a Hallmark slogan. In this episode I wish you all a merry Christmas, but also share some thoughts that help put the true meaning of Christmas in perspective. Merry Christmas, from my family to yours! - Mike Yarbrough


How Epigenetics Puts You in the Drivers Seat of Your Health with Gray Graham - #33

How many times have you heard "It's in my genes" or "My mom had it so I have it"? In many cases it's a copout and a farce. What we were taught in school about genetics has led many men to believe that their lives and health are predetermined. Everything from high cholesterol to a paunch belly is blamed on genes. However, new research into the field of epigenes, or epigenetics, tells a different story. My guest, Gray Graham, talks about how we've come to the conclusion that our thoughts,...


Understanding Millenials and Generation Z with Dr. Tim Elmore - #32

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the term "millennial"? I'm guessing it's not hard-working, determined, sacrificial, wise, gutsy, strong or any such description that we have come to admire in generations past. As for Gen Z, there's a good chance that it's a new term for you. As my sons are 15 and 18 years old, I am a Gen Z parent, and I see some things I really love about this generation and some things that worry me. As a business owner and former software...


Barefoot Running & Why Your Feet Aren't Made for Shoes with Thomas Hughes - #31

When I was a kid I used to run all over the place, barefoot in the country, and never had any issues with my feet. As an adult, however, it's been a different story. I was an avid running for quite some time, but in the last few years have had one set back after another. I've rolled my ankles several times, have had plantar fasciitis, I overpronate, have worn orthotics and big clunky running shoes...you name it. This piqued my interest in barefooting, which is going well so far. My guest...


Speaking to Reason, Politics, and Manliness with Stephen Mansfield - #30

If you are a man looking to better yourself, you've likely heard of Stephen Mansfield. He's the author of a number of books including Mansfield's Book of Manly Men, In Search for God and Guinness, & The Faith of George W. Bush. He's also a noted speaker and commentator, and regularly adds his voice to the topics of manhood and leadership. I've been looking forward to having him on the podcast for some time and getting his thoughts on reasoning with what seems to be an unreasonable...


Donald McAlister of The Independence Fund on Caring for our Veterans - #29

Men, we need to take care of those who have served, and especially those who come back wounded. They are our heroes and our neighbors and The Independence Fund is supporting them in a big way. In this episode I talk to my friend Donald McAlister on what the Independence Fund is doing, some of the wounds, both emotionally, mentally, and physically our vets face, and how we can help. This is a great opportunity to give and get involved. Head over to https://wolfandiron.com/independencefund...


M2M - Fight! Defeat your Demons - #28

The last few weeks have been hard. My dad died. My world has been rearranged a good bit, or at least a new type of reality has set in. Honestly, I had been expecting this day since my boyhood; that I would get a call saying my dad had died in some car accident or fallen down or something similar. He was an alcoholic, and finished his days in a pretty sad state. I share some stuff about my dad's death, and use this episode as a catalyst for the one thing that has been coming to mind over...


Author Eric Barker on Why what you think about success is likely wrong - #27

If I could suggest to you all, one book to read this year on success, it would be Eric Barker's excellent book Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong. This is a great book and I am really honored to speak to Eric Barker on this subject. He is an outstanding guest on the podcast and you guys are going to get a lot from this conversation!


M2M - How to get out of the weeds of life and into a clearing - #26

Men, do you ever feel that you're stuck in the weeds and muck of life, unable to move forward? We need to be in a position where we can see the road ahead, make strategic decisions, and live the life we feel the ought. I give a quick talk on what's keeping us stuck and how to move forward.


Introducing "Ask a Man": Get (mostly) solid answers to life's hard questions

Men, have you ever wanted to bounce some questions off a friend and get some thought-provoking and solid answers or advice? That's the idea behind Ask a Man. You send over a question, and I and a co-host will do our best to give you some solid answers, plus have some fun as well. Head over to https://wolfandiron.com/askaman to submit a question. Keep yer powder dry! - Mike Yarbrough


Aaron Dokos on True Strength, Health, & Intermittent Fasting - #25

Men, we've been sold a lie. Actually, we've been sold several lies, particularly around what it takes and what it means to be healthy and strong. My friend Aaron Dokos has such enthusiasm for life. In this episode we talk about strength, health, and intermittent fasting, and in a way that is practical, fun, and has a holistic view of what it means to be the best version of yourself.


Man to Man - On Planning: Why I hate it, and why I do it anyhow - #24

I have a love-hate relationship with planning/scheduling my day and week. I hate sitting down to do it, but I love the results. In this episode I cover some of the underlying reasons why some of us creative types rally against routine and how we may be able to change our mindset on the issue. I also talk about how to structure your day into blocks rather than an overwhelming minute by minute list of things to get done. Check out the show notes and references mentioned in this episode at...


Joel Salatin on Regenerative Farming Eating and What Were Doing Wrong - #23

Joel Salatin calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. So, I had to have him on the podcast. We have a great conversation about the unique things going on at his farm, his thoughts on agriculture, and how our lack of connection with the land is steering us down a bad path.


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