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Episode 35: How to reclaim your self-worth with Mal Duane

Mal Duane is a certified spiritual, professional and life coach, as well as a bestselling author. She uses her personal experience with betrayal, depression, and alcoholism to teach women how to reclaim their self-worth. Listen in to this episode of Women Inspired where you will hear: Full show notes


Episode 34: Clear speaking even with an accent with Karen Astin

Karen Astin is a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in English Pronunciation and neutralizing foreign accents. She works with clients all over the world to improve their English skills and confidence in speaking. Listen in to this episode of Women Inspired where you will hear: Full show notes


Episode 33: Dance empowerment after impairment with Ellice Patterson

Ellice Patterson is the founder of Abilities Dance - a physically integrated dance company based in Boston. She founded the company when she found herself re-learning how to dance after a spinal operation. Full show notes


Episode 32: Feel unstoppable and unlimited with Alex Bynum

Alex Bynum is a certified Spiritual Guide, Professional Healer, and Meditation Instructor. She explains why meditation is important, how to use physical activity to change your mindset, and more. Full show notes


Episode 28: How to be an unstoppable leader with Terry Wildemann

Being a leader can be highly stressful and demanding. Terry Wildemann, creator of Intuitive Leadership®, helps entrepreneurs and professionals become unstoppable and resilient intuitive leaders so they can positively serve and influence others. Author of The Enchanted Boardroom, Terry shares her timely message for tapping into intuition for self-connection, integration and self-care. In today's episode of Women Inspired, you'll learn: Full show notes


Episode 29: Mompreneur hacks for getting it all done! with Sarah Tugender

Mompreneurs have special needs! Health practitioner Sarah Tugender shares her well-tried strategies for blending business and family. On this episode of Women Inspired, you'll learn: here is the link Full show notes


Episode 27: Manage your energy for peak performance with Rachel Rice

How do you stay inspired, feel less tired, and shift from un-organized, ADD, and wired to organized and on fire and achieve peak performance? Rachel is an executive coach, and energy medicine and energy psychology practitioner. Full show notes


No excuses to getting on stage with Bobbie Carlton

Join me, Linda Ugelow, on Women Inspired TV for this interview with Bobbie Carlton, award-winning marketing, PR and social media expert who will share how you can secure speaking gigs now. Bobbie most recently founded Innovation Women, an online speakers' bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women designed to help event managers gender-balance their speaker slates. On this show, she is going to share with you how you can get yourself onstage at conferences and...


Episode 25: Organize for success and well-being with Heidi Solomon

Are you living or working in an environment that distracts you, frustrates you or pulls you down? Organization, de-cluttering and re-thinking design could be the answer. My guest on Women Inspired and professional organizer, Heidi Solomon speaks about the incredible and overlooked benefits of a supportive environment in our lives for better relationships to others and to ourselves. She is also a savvy business woman who is booked months out and trains others in the art and business of...


Episode 23: Hair coloring meets art with Jamie Cholaki

Hair coloring meets art. The hair styling business has arrived at a new level of recognition, self-care, and expression. Listen to my guest, Jamie Cholaki, on Women Inspired TV describe the opportunities available for those interested in the business with her personal tips and advice for both stylists and customers. Full show notes


Episode 22: Vocal care and impact with Gina Razon

Our lives are largely based on speech and communication, but so many of us have less than positive relationships with our voice. Either we hold ourselves back from speaking, or we strain it from overuse. My guest on Women Inspired, Gina Razon, is a speaker, singer and voice and speech specialist. She shares her stories and mission on the connection between our sense of well-being and our voices as well as sings us some raw Edith Piaf. Full show notes


Episode 21: Branding and publicity brilliance from a superstar with Melanie Downey

People usually go for small and specific changes to try and chase happiness, but they aren't always what will bring about true, meaningful, and lasting happiness. My latest guest on Women Inspired, Melanie Downey, first discovered the secret to happiness when she was a part-time grad student and full-time stay-at-home mom. She explains that knowing what you stand for and committing to it will increase your confidence and sense of self-worth. Full show notes


Episode 20: Anxiety to healing to intuitive guide with Leila Laura

Where do you turn when you feel stuck in some area of life and have tried everything? My guest on Women Inspired, Leila Laura, describes how her work as an intuitive guide and healer supports people to achieve their dreams. She, herself struggled with anxiety, depression, and health issues bouncing from psychiatrists and doctors since age 6. Several years ago, she discovered her gifts that turned her life around as well as well as those of her clients. Full show notes


Episode 19: Creating a beautiful life after trauma and abuse with Kathy Tuccaro

Kathy never spoke about or even acknowledged her lifetime of abuse and trauma until she couldn't function anymore. She was a nurse for 13 years when she had a nervous breakdown. That changed everything. After being homeless for a week, she picked herself up to get help. She went to Women Building Futures and drives the biggest truck in the world up in the Northern Alberta Oil Sands. Kathy went on to author the book: DREAM BIG! Overcoming a Lifetime of Trauma & Abuse That Led to Dreams of...


Episode 18: New purpose from disability with Karen Lock Kolp

Karen Lock Kolp lost the ability to move her arms and hands for a time. Not able to cook or do laundry, she found something she could do. Talk. And that's how the "We Turned Out Okay" podcast came into being. Listen in on this episode of Women Inspired TV, to Karen's ninja techniques for Positive Parenting from her podcast, parenting community forum and her new book. Full show notes


Episode 17: Spiritual healing for women with Zak Lioutas

Zak has assisted individuals from all walks of life in living the life they desire and let go of the past. Zak is 20 years cancer free and has had her fair share of battles with mental illness (depression and anxiety). Once she recognized what she was experiencing, she was able to shed light in the darkest of places and on the path she is currently walking on, teaching souls techniques and modalities of what to do to get out of the dark and start walking on the path of self-love. Full...


Episode 16: Energy work to clear your blocks with Aileen Dashurova

We often have physical symptoms that nothing seems to take care of, or a sense of being out of balance. Aileen Dashurova describes how she uses her inner resources to help people lovingly undo the blocks and melt back into their sense of wholeness. She teaches about standing into your own power and taking leadership. Full show notes


Episode 15: Thriving in spite of cancer and other curve balls with Anita Jeter-Peterkin

At age 23, and with 3 small children in tow, Anita was diagnosed with breast cancer and given a year to live. She speaks about faith, attitude, courage and persistence as she describes the challenges she has faced and overcome and helps others to do the same. Check out her book "Wrapped in Pink". Full show notes


Episode 14: Taste your dreams before you commit with Marci Nault

Marci came up with the idea for her Dream Tasting Conference when at a wine tasting. She was talking to lots of women who said they wanted to try things out but were afraid of making a commitment. What if, she thought, we could have a taste of different experiences before having to sign up for a course or program? She talks about what goes into creating and hosting an event to make it a hit. Full show notes


Episode 13: Create from the place of joy with Mariya Shiyko

Joy is our essence. We are here to create and explore. Yet we overlook the importance that play "plays" in our lives. Mariya describes her school of mindful play, who it helps and how she works with them. You'll find inspiration here to play more yourself and reap the benefits. Full show notes


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