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WLRN Music Hour #5 with DJ Phoenixx -- Lucie Blue Temblay

As promised, this week I devote an hour of Women's Liberation Music to Lucie Blue Tremblay. Her music exudes such love,tenderness and ease all of which we as warriors/Amazons for Femaleness/Justice need every once in a while, hmm? I hope you will find time in your day to settle in for the next hour to allow Lucie Blue to sing to you, Sister. Remember you are deeply loved and held by something larger and deeper than the mess we face everyday under male supremacy. Blessed be, Sister. Enjoy!...

Duration: 00:59:41

WLRN's T-shirt design contest! Enter by December 5th 2017

Check out this opportunity to get your art out there and to support feminist community radio on the interwebs!

Duration: 00:01:42

WLRN Music Hour #4 with DJ Phoenixx

LESBIANISM as Resistance As we here in the US drag ourselves across the one year marker of a particular misogynistic white male supremacist presidential rule, it seems prudent on this week’s Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx to focus again on Resistance! Last time, our music of Resistance carried the flavor of Anger; this time, the music flavor will celebrate Lesbianism. Separating ourselves from men, focusing on one another as Sisters/Lovers/Friends/Tribemates/etc and as Sonia...

Duration: 01:00:12


Learn how to pre-order your TERF shirt in this entertaining little ditty some of the gals at the station made to get more women into these awesomely designed shirts! Listen to the ad to hear why YOU may want to order one today!

Duration: 00:01:27

Edition 19: Paying Tribute to Second Wave Feminists & Feminism

Greetings on this fine November day! The women of WLRN invite you to sit back and relax with A Tribute to the Women Who Came Before Us. This special herstorical podcast focuses on the achievements and experiences of second wave feminists. Our foremothers built the groundwork for liberation years ago, and we must heed their advice to nurture this movement as they have, with clear intentions and courageous hearts. As the seasons change, let us dedicate a moment or two to our righteous...

Duration: 02:21:28

WLRN Music Hour #3 with Phoenixx -- Resistance

This week on the Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx, the theme is Resistance with a special focus on Anger. In general, women are socialized to not feel anger, let alone act on it. Of course, it’s no coincidence that rebellion, resistance and revolution against male supremacy is fueled and sustained by anger. Feeling and acting on one’s anger is essential to Women’s Liberation. Reasons for being angry these days are too many to enumerate, but if I were to name a few... sexism,...

Duration: 00:51:15

Edition 18: Prostitution, Pornography & Sex Trafficking

WLRN's 18th edition podcast is packed with information and stories about prostitution, pornography and the sex trade. Though this topic is a difficult one to discuss, WLRN is committed to facing the truth about the conditions under which women live worldwide. For this reason, since we have never addressed this issue head-on before in a podcast, we are going over our normal hour length to offer up this collaborative work that is nearly two hours long. We were able to get in touch with some...

Duration: 01:49:52

WLRN Music Hour with Phoenixx! Episode 2

Phoenixx is a WLRN listener with a large women's music collection she would like to share with her sisters. Take a listen to this 2nd episode of the WLRN Music Hour!

Duration: 01:01:41

WLRN interview with Julia Long & Organizers of What Is Gender Conference in London

On September 13th, at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park in London, transactivists swarmed a group of women meeting to discuss the meaning of the word "gender" and the Gender Recognition Act that is getting support from both the left and the right in the UK. A 60 year old woman was beaten by several of the male activists and police were called to Speakers' Corner before the conference took place. The women were determined to hold it despite the attacks and some managed to make it to a secret...

Duration: 01:08:06

WLRN interview with Carlie Rae & Sam Reitger about Changing Minds

On August 26th, WLRN's Thistle Pettersen got to talk with Charlie Rae, journalist with the Fifth Column, a popular indie media news service online, and with Sam Reitger, also with Fifth Column, and co-author of Changing Minds: A Guide to Confronting Gender Doctrine. Relevant work by Charlie at Fifth Column: http://thefifthcolumnnews.com/2017/08/are-there-good-reasons-to-oppose-transgenderism/ And by Sam: http://thefifthcolumnnews.com/2017/07/liberal-silence-on-transgender-violence/ In the...

Duration: 01:01:59

Women's Liberation Music Hour with DJ Phoenixx!

Listener volunteer, Phoenixx, created this hour-long music show to contribute to what WLRN does in the femisphere! Take a listen and write to us at wlrnewscontact@gmail.com with any requests for future shows.

Duration: 00:51:17

Women's Health & Wellness -- Edition 17

WLRN’s Edition 17 podcast focuses on women’s health and wellness practices as they have developed under, and outside of, patriarchal influences. We spoke to two women who have devoted their lives to advocating for the use of natural medicines and herbs, specifically in terms of women’s health. Linda Conroy is a practicing herbalist who has dedicated her life to the green world, providing herbal education, workshops and apprenticeships throughout the country, as well as individual...

Duration: 00:58:16

Renee Gerlich Interview with Godrun Jonsdottir

Feminist blogger Renee Gerlich, who is based in New Zealand, interviews Gudrun Jonsdottir, one of the founders of Reykjavik rape crisis centre, Stigamot. Gudrun has been part of Iceland's women's movement since the famous 1975 women's march, so she talks about its beginnings and early development. Coming from New Zealand, where prostitution is considered legitimate industry, Renee also wanted to know about the Icelandic women's struggle to criminalise pimps and the purchase of women and...

Duration: 00:54:22

Interview with Karen Thompson & Leslie Gallagher

In August of 2015 the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a lesbian institution that existed for 40 years, closed its gates for the last time. There was no plan for the land upon which the festival took place and no plan to continue the festival in a different form. A group of women who had attended and worked at the festival got together to explore the possibility of buying the land from Lisa Vogel, the festival founder and owner. The We Want the Land Coalition (WWTLC) was born in 2016 and...

Duration: 00:44:48

Edition 16: Money Behind the Transgender Movement and Impact on Lesbians

WLRN's 16th edition explores the money behind the medicalized transgender movement and the impact that the trans movement is having on the lesbian community. Interviewees inlude Mary Lou Singleton, Jane Chotard, and Taylor Fogarty. Music by Fleetwood Mac and Ali Bee.

Duration: 01:02:01

WLRN interview with Nedra Johnson

Recently, Thistle Pettersen got to sit down with Nedra Johnson at the National Women's Music Festival held in Madison, WI every year. She asked Nedra about her music career, MichFest & a t-shirt Nedra had made and posted online using the misogynistic slur term TERF. Nedra's insights and stories about Michigan make this a gem in the treasure chest of our women's herstory WLRN is committed to exploring and preserving.

Duration: 01:04:04

Guest Commentary by Maureen Doll

After edition 13, Maureen Doll approached WLRN about her disappointment in our coverage of the issues. She has contributed this guest commentary to reply to Nile Pierce's WLRN commentary from edition 13. Thanks for staying tuned!

Duration: 00:08:29

Jocelyn Macdonald Full WLRN Interview

Jocelyn Macdonald is a radical lesbian feminist who will perform her poetry during WoLF Fest in July 2017. She granted WLRN an exclusive interview about her work, her coming out as a gender-critical lesbian feminist and her ideas about how to attract more women to our movement.

Duration: 00:39:13

Edition 15: Women's Spirituality

WLRN's Edition 15 explores feminist and women's spirituality, in the forms of goddess worship and witchcraft, and makes a feminist criticism of patriarchal religions. Interviewees are Tizzy Hyatt, Terri Strange, and Carol Christ. Poem by Nile Pierce and commentary by Sekhmet She Owl. Musical spots by Jana Runnals and Sexwitch.

Duration: 00:59:05

Ruth Greenberg on Coalition-building

Edition 13 deals with the debate among women regarding radical feminists who align with right wing forces, individuals & organizations to reach a narrowly agreed upon goal. It is always hard for us to decide what makes it in to our podcasts and what does not. We usually have far more material to include than we do space. What Ruth adds to this discussion is extremely valuable and we hope that women will listen to this in addition to all of the voices in edition 13. Thanks.

Duration: 00:04:10

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