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WLRN Music Hour #11 Featuring Mary Watkins & Sally Miller Gearheart with DJ Phoenixx

This week, we're keeping things simple, streamlined, for our women's liberation music hour. Simple and streamlined, yet elegant and deep. Featuring talented composer Mary Watkins and readings from the classic novel, The Wanderground, by Sally Miller Gearheart, we will take a journey with sound and story guided by these two sisters of the revolution. Here is an introduction to these two women of power: Ms. Watkins is the recipient of several granting foundations such as Meet the Composer,...


WLRN Interview with Anya Robyak about Using the F-Word

Anya Robyak has worked in Early Childhood Education for almost 20 years as a classroom teacher, researcher, consultant, and college instructor, and holds graduate degrees in Early Childhood Special Ed, Fiction Writing, and Instructional Technology. She hopes to bring conscious radical feminist analysis to the theory and practice of Early Ed in order to open up conversations about the ways in which sexism shapes children's lives. She is working on a book whose working title is Using the...


Winning T-shirt Design PSA

You have until midnight on February 14th, 2018 to pre-order this fabulous shirt! Listen to the PSA for instructions on how to get in on this wonderful opportunity to support the design work of Ms. Kacie Mills, the winner of WLRN's 2017 t-shirt design contest AND to support the We Want the Land Coalition, the group seeking to purchase the Land the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival was on for forty years.


WLRN's Music Hour #10 with DJ Phoenixx -- Female Friendship

This week on the Women's Liberation Music Hour, Phoenixx features ideas and words of Janice Raymond, author of A Passion for Friends, amidst an hour of music that celebrates Gyn/affection. I hope you enjoy and are moved and inspired to deepen your female friendships as they are truly political! Song List: (in background)Praise Her Shawna Carol The Woman in Your Life Alix Dobkin All That You Have is Your Soul Tracy Chapman Womyn Copper Wimmin Sister Cris Williamson This is our Clan Carolyn...


WLRN's 22nd Edition: The Politics of Love & Sexuality

WLRN's 22nd Edition on the Politics of Love & Sexuality begins with world headlines written and delivered by Jenna DiQuarto before featuring When You're Gone, a moving song about love by the late great Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer for the Cranberries. After this song, hear excerpts of an interview WLRN's Sekhmet She Owl did for this edition with legendary lesbian feminist, Bev Jo. https://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com This interview segues nicely into the first of three...


WLRN Interview with Venice Allan about Her Suspension from The UK Labour Party

WLRN's Thistle Pettersen was able to connect with Venice Allan on January 22nd to talk about her recent suspension from the UK Labor Party. Ms. Allan is accused of bullying and harassment of Labour Party officials and trans-identifying males. These people include Heather Peto, TIM running for MP and already on the Labour Party's All Women Shortlist, Lily Madigan, Women's Officer, Jon Lansman, recently elected to the National Executive Committee, Paris Lees, a trans-identifying male...


WLRN music hour #9 For Jackie & Jan with DJ Phoenixx

This week, in honor of two old strong female activists of social and racial justice, I dedicate this hour of music and spoken word to Jackie Robinson of Chicago and "Jan" of South Jersey. Please read of Jackie Robinson's life of service to Lesbians and other oppressed peoples: PASSAGES Activist, professor Jackie Anderson dies - Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News - Windy City Times Songlist: Miss Celie's Blues Suede Barely Blue Wild Things Cris Williamson The Changer and the Changed Fannie Lou Hamer...


Edition 21: Ancient Gynocentric Societies

Greetings and Happy New Year! The team at WLRN is proud to share our first podcast of 2018, Edition 21: Ancient Gynocentric Societies. Photo of Babylonia, goddess Ishtar or Ereshkigal 'Queen of the Night' 18th C. BC by monopthalmos on flickr. This edition focuses on the developments and relics of woman-centric societies throughout history. Our guests Max Dashu, Riane Eisler, and Starhawk shared what they know about the herstories of woman-centric communities. Now is the perfect time to set...


WLRN Music Hour #8 -- Deep Winter with DJ Phoenixx

This week for Deep Winter’s Women’s Liberation music hour, I feature songs from female musicians of various parts of the world. All but the first one are either purely instrumental or have lyrics that are not in English. I hope my selections will help to shift your consciousness away from the ordinary, bringing the deep calm of yourself as Female and all the expansiveness and connectivity to Her and Her beneficent Life. Photo Credit: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami Girl-child is of theTsaatan (Dukha)...


WLRN extended interview with Riane Eisler

WLRN's Thistle Pettersen got to sit down with Riane Eisler, a prominent scholar who influenced Ms. Pettersen's thinking greatly in her youth. Dr. Eisler contributes much to conversations past and present about the status of women and how radical and lesbian feminists are on the cutting edge of the movement for a more humanitarian and just society. Riane Eisler is an eminent social scientist, attorney, and women’s human rights activist who pioneered the recognition of women’s rights as...


WLRN Music Hour #7 -- Quieting with DJ Phoenixx

This week I’m foregrounding music that quiets. Even though we all have both individual and collective fights against male supremacy, we need time to rest, replenish the reserves. And I know how often it feels like there’s not time for that. When we are working 40+ hrs a week, have families and loved ones who need our attention our energy; when the Liberation front needs our fuel...after all, male supremacy and injustice does not sleep! How can we dare to rest? We dare to rest to keep our...


Womyn In Music: Edition 20

Think of the first song you ever heard. Was it the lullaby your mother sang at night? Perhaps it was some wind chimes tinkling in a storm. No matter the tune, music resonates with our souls far deeper than any writing or speaking ever can. Music, that unique organization of sound in time, is the oldest art. Before notated language, women spoke our herstories to the beat of drums. Thrumming on taught skins and hollowed logs sent messages into our bones. We breathed life into pipes that...


WLRN Music Hour #6 Spirit with DJ Phoenixx!

This week, I call on music that invokes Spirit in me, and hopefully in you. For me, there can be no Revolution without some ground in one's soul or connection to a notion of Mystery/Spirit/Divinity. That looks different, of course, to all of us, but for the purposes of THIS fight for Women's Liberation, that Mystery, that Divine, that Spirit is Female. SheWho, as Judy Grahn named. Hope you enjoy my selections! Please let me know of songs that inspire Spirit in you; I'm always collecting...


WLRN Music Hour #5 with DJ Phoenixx -- Lucie Blue Temblay

As promised, this week I devote an hour of Women's Liberation Music to Lucie Blue Tremblay. Her music exudes such love,tenderness and ease all of which we as warriors/Amazons for Femaleness/Justice need every once in a while, hmm? I hope you will find time in your day to settle in for the next hour to allow Lucie Blue to sing to you, Sister. Remember you are deeply loved and held by something larger and deeper than the mess we face everyday under male supremacy. Blessed be, Sister. Enjoy!...


WLRN's T-shirt design contest! Enter by December 5th 2017

Check out this opportunity to get your art out there and to support feminist community radio on the interwebs!


WLRN Music Hour #4 with DJ Phoenixx

LESBIANISM as Resistance As we here in the US drag ourselves across the one year marker of a particular misogynistic white male supremacist presidential rule, it seems prudent on this week’s Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx to focus again on Resistance! Last time, our music of Resistance carried the flavor of Anger; this time, the music flavor will celebrate Lesbianism. Separating ourselves from men, focusing on one another as Sisters/Lovers/Friends/Tribemates/etc and as Sonia...



Learn how to pre-order your TERF shirt in this entertaining little ditty some of the gals at the station made to get more women into these awesomely designed shirts! Listen to the ad to hear why YOU may want to order one today!


Edition 19: Paying Tribute to Second Wave Feminists & Feminism

Greetings on this fine November day! The women of WLRN invite you to sit back and relax with A Tribute to the Women Who Came Before Us. This special herstorical podcast focuses on the achievements and experiences of second wave feminists. Our foremothers built the groundwork for liberation years ago, and we must heed their advice to nurture this movement as they have, with clear intentions and courageous hearts. As the seasons change, let us dedicate a moment or two to our righteous...


WLRN Music Hour #3 with Phoenixx -- Resistance

This week on the Women’s Liberation Music Hour with Phoenixx, the theme is Resistance with a special focus on Anger. In general, women are socialized to not feel anger, let alone act on it. Of course, it’s no coincidence that rebellion, resistance and revolution against male supremacy is fueled and sustained by anger. Feeling and acting on one’s anger is essential to Women’s Liberation. Reasons for being angry these days are too many to enumerate, but if I were to name a few... sexism,...


Edition 18: Prostitution, Pornography & Sex Trafficking

WLRN's 18th edition podcast is packed with information and stories about prostitution, pornography and the sex trade. Though this topic is a difficult one to discuss, WLRN is committed to facing the truth about the conditions under which women live worldwide. For this reason, since we have never addressed this issue head-on before in a podcast, we are going over our normal hour length to offer up this collaborative work that is nearly two hours long. We were able to get in touch with some...


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