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STEM Girls' Advocate | No. 5

Saki Milton is the founder of a group called GEMS Camp—she turned her passion for math into a STEM-focused camp for girls, particularly girls living in urban neighborhoods. Her vision is to instill confidence in urban teen girls in five core areas–academics, career, creativity, leadership, and service– so that they’ll be successful in STEM studies and future careers. Saki's got a great story, because even though her program began and continues to flourish in the Dallas, Texas area, she...


Researcher & Writer | No. 4

Gretchen Rubin is a researcher and writer who’s become one of the most influential observers of happiness and human nature in our culture. She’s written many books, including her bestseller, The Happiness Project, and came up with a nifty, spot-on rubric for helping us understand how we uniquely approach the art of setting habits, which she then wrote about in a book called, The Four Tendencies. In this episode, Gretchen shares how she got into the work of research, because it wasn’t an...


Social Entrepreneur | No. 3

Jessica Honegger the founder of Noonday Collection, a fashion company that designs and sells jewelry and accessories made by artisans across the globe. In this chat, Jessica shares why she started Noonday—because she never actually meant to create a business. She also talks about what it was like to found an ethical retail business when she never had any actual business or retail experience, and yet why she thinks Noonday has taken off like it has. It has a unique model that both empowers...


Ep. 2: Bookshop Owner

Annie B. Jones basically has my own dream job (besides being a writer): she owns an indie bookstore called The Bookshelf, in beautiful Thomasville, Georgia, not too far from Tallahassee, Florida. Annie shares what it was like to start off as a bookshop owner with zero business background, and the things she had to learn on the sales floor about managing a team, deciding what her community liked — and didn’t like — to read, and at the end of the day, how to keep the lights on doing...


Ep. 1: City Commissioner

You might know Sarah Stewart Holland as one half of the podcast Pantsuit Politics, but she's also a city commissioner of her small Kentucky town, Paducah, where she spends a lot of her workday making decisions that make where she lives a better place. She shares about the ins and outs of what it means to be a city commissioner in a small community. And she’s open and honest about the hurdles she jumped to become a young woman and mom who spins a lot of plates to use her passion for...


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