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Word is Bond Radio© is a new radio station founded by Q. Shepard, co-founded by Taqee Bond. Co-hosted by Cleverly Chloe. We discuss the latest in Entertainment, Current Events and Gossip every single Wednesday.




Why You So Obsessed With Me

In a day and age where everyone is overly obsessed with celebrities and putting their relationship on a pedestal we take time to dissect why everyone holds them to unrealistic standards.

Duration: 01:03:34

New Podcast, Who This?

The squad is back from our holiday vacation and we have a lot to talk about. With this being our final episode that we stream live, we make our true transition into being a podcast. We get to come back from holidays and discuss King Gucci Soulja having beef with the whole world & a mariot of happenings going on in the world

Duration: 01:10:45

Home For The Holidays

For this episode we all got to speak on some of the biggest events that occurred in 2017 and more. What was your favorite event? FYI: This will be our last episode until January 4th 2017. We're taking some time off to revamp the podcast and come back better than ever! So enjoy your holidays, we'll see you soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

Duration: 01:58:52

Brodie Fresh Freestyle On Word Of Mouth Radio

Brodie Fresh Freestyle On Word Of Mouth Radio by Word Of Mouth Radio

Duration: 00:03:39

Just Talking Shit

With all the nonsense that occurred within the last 2 weeks, we had to make sure we gave our opinion on the latest things to occur.

Duration: 01:19:07

The Brodie Fre$h Episode

The Brodie Fre$h Episode by Word Of Mouth Radio

Duration: 02:03:38

The Justin Rose Episode

We're making sure this month that NYC artists know they have a home to be highlighted on, so we reached out to the buzzing artist Justin Rose! Justin just put out a project titled "Water White" that's been getting a lot of traction, especially with his Playboy Carti feature. It's an exceptionally great project so we had to get him up to elaborate more on it. This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

Duration: 02:08:26

The Cash Sinatra Episode

Cash Sinatra is a Queens' artist who has put in a lot of work this year. He just released an excellent project, Raheem, and has been gaining a lot of traction with it. Just coming off performing for HOT 97 at their Whos Next showcase series. We invited him up to talk to him about his project and his team, LoudER to find more insight on his opinion of NYC rap and more. We even had enough time for them to spar over a cypher! This episode was produced by Danu Bickram

Duration: 02:02:00

The Wayno Episode

Behind every huge artist in the game is a manager connecting the dots to make sure things are going correctly. A lot of them don't get the recognition they deserve. Well we reached out to Wayno to tell his side of the story from how he got his humble beginnings working for Roc-A-Fella records all the way to managing one of the hottest artists in the game right now, Dave Ea$t. This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

The Young Lito Episode

We invited Young Lito from BSB to talk about what he's been working on lately, his goals in the rap game and his current relationship with Troy Ave. This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

Duration: 01:00:54

The Donald Fields Episode

With all the educated ignorance that we are able to provide the world, we have to do our due diligence to keep our community informed of other elections that take place. We must know that our votes mean something so we brought city elect, Donald Fields to talk more about the election he is up for. This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

Duration: 02:23:59

The Producer Episode w/ AMEN x Dizzy Banko & Fortes

There's a lot of great music that we get to listen to these days, and sometimes it becomes easy to forget about the workers in the back who help piece them together. We reached out to 3 prominent producers all working to be house hold names; AMEN, Fortes & Dizzy Banko.

The Never Have I Ever Episode w/ Alexa Leighton & Eric Hill Jr.

With Taqee taking an absence from the show tonight, we have Alexa Leighton to replace him and Eric Hill who recently played DJ Kool Herc on the viral hit show "The Get Down" now available on Netflix.

Gather Around, Lets Talk Episode

We took an episode to talk about the most current events going in the world that were brought up to us by our fans. Cleverly Chloe also had a moment where she got to discuss her moment with "Lightning" This episode was produced by Danu Bickram

Duration: 01:36:20

The Child Mistakes Episode w/ Miss Lissa & Premium Pete

We've all made mistakes as children, trying to find our own path; which took some longer than others. We have those regrets, but what if you could go back and tell your younger self to do things differently? This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

Duration: 01:57:20

The Word Of Advice Episode

With an immense amount of our listeners looking for our help, it was only right we try to help them amount by dedicating a lot of time to assist them finding the answers! Special thanks to Malik aka Dino Spimoni for stopping by to help give some of the users help This episode was produced by Danu Bickram

Duration: 01:33:50

The Dyme-A-Duzin Episode

Back fresh off of celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we have Brooklyn's own Dyme-A-Duzin stopping by to talk to us about his recently released 2 Piece project.

Duration: 01:44:05

The 1 Year Anniversary Episode

We have finally done it and hit the 1 year mark! We used this episode to reflect on some of the greatest moments of #WordOfMouthRadio and even brought a couple past guests on the show to share some stories with us as well. Thanks to all the supporters who have helped us get this far! Special Thanks to Tax Stone, Nene, Crystal Caines & Walt for stopping by. This episode was produced by Danu Bickram.

The Jaz The Rapper Episode

The Jaz The Rapper Episode by Word Of Mouth Radio

The Elite Hoeism Episode w/ Safiya

Before you listen to this episode, what's your definition of a hoe? It's defined in the dictionary as "A gardening tool," but that's not what society defines it as. It seems everyones description for the word changes, so we brought up Safiya; author of "Elite Hoeism" to talk about not only what is a hoe but what's Elite Hoeism.
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