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Kyle, Nick, and Jonathan have extended and uncensored discussions about the sports culture in local Tampa Bay. Follow us all season long.

Kyle, Nick, and Jonathan have extended and uncensored discussions about the sports culture in local Tampa Bay. Follow us all season long.
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Tampa Bay, FL


Kyle, Nick, and Jonathan have extended and uncensored discussions about the sports culture in local Tampa Bay. Follow us all season long.






Episode 213 (Advanced Stats)

Anthony and Kyle talk about their favorite bands before discussing the NFL product and pining for the old days. Kyle again explains why Jon Gruden is a bad a idea for the Buccaners. They go over the Jets game and talk about the Dolphins games. Anthony explains why all may night be what it seems with the Lightning, and they talk the Rays portion of their new stadium

Duration: 01:19:27

Episode 212 (Losing the Locker Room)

Nick returns! The guys talk about the Buccaneers, the Lightning, Joe Buck,bad annoucing, and their favorite MCU movies.

Duration: 01:12:40

Episode 211 (Ranting and Raving)

Kyle goes it alone again. He rants about the loss to the Panthers. Jon Gruden coming back, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Desuan Watson.

Duration: 00:53:03

Episode 210 (Ybor Rays)

Kyle talk about the possible return of Jon Gruden and Simeon Rice to the Buccaneers. The guys go over what went wrong with the Bills and what needs to go right with the Panthers. Anthony talks about the Lightning's 9-1-1 start, and hockey. Then the guys talk about the potential new Rays stadium site.

Duration: 01:14:00

Episode 209 (Goodbye Horses)

Kyle talks about the rapid react podcast that wasn't, and comes baring clips. The guys talk about VHIII and the role he played in the Cardinals loss as well as the rest of the team. Then Anthony goes over the Lightning and their hot start, and what it might mean down the road.

Duration: 01:08:47

Episode 208 (Full Strength)

The show returns to full strength as the guys talk about ghosts, JJ Watt, and baseball playoffs. The guys talk about last weeks game against the Patriots and whats to come with the Cardinals. Then its time to get into some Lightning hockey as Anthony and Nick discuss the defensive parings of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Duration: 01:16:17

Episode 207 (In The Boxx/The Folk Below)

Kyle goes solo as her talks about the Bucs giants game and what to expect from the Bucs Patriots game. He also discusses Jim Hickey and the Lightning's defensive lines. He then hads the mic over to 6 AM Kyle to close out the show.

Duration: 00:36:26

Rapid React: Bucs 25 Giants 23

Buccaneers win! Kyle and Anthony talk about the game that was

Duration: 01:21:05

Episode 206 (Giant Pain)

@DerrickOversell joins to talk about the Bucs loss to the Vikings and the upcoming game against the Giants. Then Anthony and Kyle talk about the upcoming Lightning season and which Tampa coach would do better on which team.

Duration: 01:21:06

Episode 205 (The most noteable)

Nick, Anthony, and Kyle talk about the Rays v Cubs series, the Buccaneers win over the Bears, and the upcoming game against the Vikings. @NickWOTB @KyleWOTB @StrikeTwiceWOTB https://www.patreon.com/WordOfTheBay

Duration: 00:59:49

Episode 204 (The Aftermath)

Hurricane Irma has come and gone. Anthony and Kyle talk about their week leading up to the day of the imfamous Hurricane. The guys talk about the postponed Buccaneers game and what it means for them down the road. Kyle and Anthony give their Keys To The Game, before discussing college football and best concessions in Tampa Bay.

Duration: 01:16:07

Episode 203 (NOT TODAY)

Kyle talk about the Hurricane. Bucs v Dolphins and the Rays.

Duration: 00:33:55

Episode 202 (My Team)

Kyle has more Tropicana field takes. The guys have an impromtu discussion about the Tampa Bay Lightining. The Buccaneers are wrapping up pre-season so the guys talk about position battles and make their regular season predictons. After the break the guys talk about the Rays recent win resurgence with Carlos.

Duration: 01:15:55

Episode 201 (Take a Knee)

Hard Knocks, the Buccaneers roster, Tropicana Field, and Sitting down for the national anthem, The guys ham-fistedly dive into those topics of conversation as they try to relate it all back to Tampa-Bay sports.

Duration: 01:11:03

Episode 200 (Oh Snap)

The guys talk about the 200th episode of Word Of The Bay. HBO's Hard Knocks. The Buccaneers, and do the Rays suck?

Duration: 01:08:15

Episode 199 (Dale the Food Guy)

The guys talk about the Hard Knocks watching experince or lack thereof. Kyle vents about Roberto Augyo. Nick has questions about Tropicana field, and the Rays not only have the worst food, but maybe the worst team.

Duration: 01:03:07

Episode 198 (You Guys Are Doing Good)

Nick and Kyle talk Bucaneers training camp, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Duration: 00:58:05

Episode 196 (The Testies)

Anthony and Kyle dole our arbitrary sports awards for best team, best coach, best game, etc.. Join us as we relive some of the best moments from this past year in Tampa sports. Then after the break we welcome Carlos to talk Rays

Duration: 01:12:58

Episode 194 (Boy Ain't Right)

The guys assemble a team of assassins using only current Tampa athletes. They then talk about women in sports, and some of the Buccaeers latest movies. Then, Carlos joins to talk about the week that was for the Rays.

Duration: 01:19:21

Episode 193 (Stay Golden)

The guys talk about the NBA talent compared to every other major sport. They talk the recent expansion draft, and how the Vegas Golden Knights roster is shaping up. Anthony touches on a few on the Lightning's offeason moves. Then @EBushman07 joins the guys to talk about Rays.

Duration: 01:22:00

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