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Telling the untold stories of our work life. We curate a broad spectrum of the human experience of work, from work burnout and depression to pursuing our life purpose, joy, and mastery at work. We will explore new professions, novel work designs, and radical ways of organizing people and resources that focus on human thriving. We hope to help you see your work in new ways, one story at a time. Together, let's re-imagine what work can be for you, your loved ones, and the society as a whole.




E2. Story of A Workplace Asshole-Part 2

Full Show Transcription Welcome back to the Work Stories Project. I’m your host Carol Xu. In today’s show, Mark and his co-workers will continue with the workplace asshole story. In the last episode, Mark had no real awareness that his co-workers hated working with him for four years. When his manager Miles incidentally broke the news to him, it was a painful revelation to Mark. Mark: It just never occurred to me that I was disliked. So the idea that my self-image of being a nice guy that...

Duration: 00:26:12

E1. Story of A Workplace Asshole-Part 1

Show Transcript [Section I: Introduction] Welcome to the Work Stories Project. I’m your host Carol Xu. Oh, workplace assholes. Have you ever worked with one? Have you ever wondered what’s going on in their head when they’re making other people miserable? Well, I’ve got an interesting story for you. We’ll hear the victims’ perspective first. Then, we can also get into a workplace asshole’s head and poke around a little and ask him questions like “So, were you aware that others regarded you...

Duration: 00:34:17