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#051- Interview with JP Dinnell from Echelon Front

JP Dinnell is a former Navy SEAL and currently the Director of Tactical Training Programs for Echelon Front, the leadership consulting company started by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, co-authors of the New York Times Best Seller Extreme Ownership. I met JP in New York while attending Muster 002 in May 2017, the leadership conference … Continue reading #051- Interview with JP Dinnell from Echelon Front →

Duration: 01:17:47

#050-SMART Goals are Stupid. Dumb Goals are Better

This time of year you will hear a lot about goal setting. If you are listening to anyone talk about goal setting, it means you are probably not successful at goal setting. If you were you wouldn’t be listening. If you are successful at achieving goals, then don’t waste your time listening to anything else … Continue reading #050-SMART Goals are Stupid. Dumb Goals are Better →

Duration: 00:39:05

#049-5 Factors of Believability

How should you decide who has enough credibility to listen to? What factors make a person’s opinion worth listening to? The better you get at determining who to believe and seeking out those believable people, the more believable YOU will become.

Duration: 00:25:28

#048-Four Differences Between Teaching and Instructing

Many people use the words teacher and instructor interchangeably. I do too. I’m not too concerned with what word you use, but in this show, I use those two words to describe two different types of trainers. I greatly prefer to learn from and be one over the other. Listen in to see which is … Continue reading #048-Four Differences Between Teaching and Instructing →

Duration: 00:31:45

#047-A Key Ingredient to Leadership

I was listening to a podcast the other day and heard the phrase “Executive Presence”. For some reason, it peaked my curiosity so I looked it up. I’m glad I did. In this episode I’ll share with you what Executive Presence is, and why I was so glad to come across this concept.

Duration: 00:24:57

#046-Potty Training

You may think you are too old for potty training. Think again. I came across a cool idea at a training I was at recently that I thought I’d share with you. It’s also an opportunity. Listen as I explain.

Duration: 00:12:34

#045-Weaknesses don’t make you weak

When planning your strategy, avoid finding the reasons it will work, and be sure to find the reasons it won’t.

Duration: 00:10:30

#044-The “Burden” of Command

I often hear leaders and managers talk about “The Burden of Command.” I’m not sure I know what that is. I’ve had more opportunities to be “in charge” (for lack of a better word) of things lately, and kept waiting for this “Burden” to arrive, but it hasn’t. I’m not sure that there is any … Continue reading #044-The “Burden” of Command →

Duration: 00:08:55

#043-The 3 Elements of Mastery

If you are looking for an Edge, for an advantage in your ability to Master your profession, there are only 3 areas to look. Are you not focusing enough on one of these 3 elements of mastery?

Duration: 00:13:55

#042- Are You Good?

You can be good, or you can get better. But you can’t do both at the same time. We all have a choice to make. Are we going to be satisfied with our current capabilities, and do everything in our power to make sure nothing changes? Or are we going to expose ourselves to the … Continue reading #042- Are You Good? →

Duration: 00:22:52

#41-How to Handle Critics

The world is full of critics. And if you are doing something important, rest assured that they will find you. How should critics be handled? Should we completely disregard them. Should we bow to them and correct our course when we encounter them? I don’t believe critics should get any of your energy unless they’ve … Continue reading #41-How to Handle Critics →

Duration: 00:26:23

#40-10 Ways to get more experience in a shorter amount of time

Your time on the job does not entitle you to anything. Your time on the job is worthless. What really matters is the amount of experience you gain in the time you have. Many times people feel entitled to certain positions, opportunities, or advantages because they’ve been around for a long time. The opportunities, the … Continue reading #40-10 Ways to get more experience in a shorter amount of time →

Duration: 00:23:45

#039-The Tap

I love quotes. And this is one of my favorites. If it can’t scare you into action, nothing will.

Duration: 00:12:58

#038- You Don’t Need Followers to be a Leader

There was one thing holding me back from being the leader I wanted to be. I have a feeling this same thing is holding others back from being the leader they want to be. I didn’t want to start leading until I knew there were people who wanted to follow me. I realized that leaders … Continue reading #038- You Don’t Need Followers to be a Leader →

Duration: 00:15:31

#037-The Secret to Performing Better in High Pressure Situations

Pressure. There is one secret to performing better in high pressure situations. Listen in to find out what that is.

Duration: 00:17:47

#036- 5 Strategies for Operating in the Grey Area

As a high stakes professional, you don’t work in a black/white environment. There is no manual, no cheatsheets, no checklists, no flowcharts, and no “right” answers. Today I’ll share 5 strategies I’ve learned that help you navigate the muddy waters of the dreaded “Grey Area.”

Duration: 00:29:33

#035- Have you lost your passion for your work? No, you haven’t…

Are you passionate about your job? My guess is that if you are relatively new to your job, you can honestly answer “Yes” to this question. But if you’ve been around a while, it may be much harder for you to answer with a yes. In fact, the honest answer may be a resounding “No”. … Continue reading #035- Have you lost your passion for your work? No, you haven’t… →

Duration: 00:12:46

#034-Why Good Habits are a Bad Idea

Good habits are highly overrated. In today’s show, I tell you why, and what we should be focusing on instead.

Duration: 00:23:32

#033-“The Natural”

Have you ever looked at what someone has done or is able to do and think something like, “Wow, that person is just a natural.” Me too. But its a bad idea, for two reasons. I’ll share those with you today.

Duration: 00:07:40

#032-4 Dirty Little Secrets I Know About You

We’re all very different, but after years of working in a high-stakes environment, I’ve learned that there are several ways we are really similar. In this episode I’ll expose 4 secrets about you that you may not even want to acknowledge about yourself.

Duration: 00:25:26

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