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Episode 16: Peaches for Free

The Working Interferences are BACK! Again, the Queen of podcasts Erin Elliot DDS joins Josh and Lance to tackle THREE Reddit! questions! But first: who is the king of Prussia? Do you KNOW how many times you have dropped the "F-bomb"? Question 1: Paul Rudd asks about ants swarming his retainer. How to YOU clean your disease infested oral appliances? Question 2: SouthOfTheRiver asks for a name for their new dental mascot. Do YOU have a mascot? And finally, question 3. MojoWallace is...


Episode 15: The Dental Oscars

It’s Oscar night and the Working Interferences are all dressed up to award the best performance by an actor playing a dentist and best film featuring a dentist. You might be surprised at the winners! Onto the advice this week! Are you cool with your team members “calling out sick” to go to a concert? What about if they forge a note from you for their friends? A sticky situation ensues, yet Josh and Lance are busy trying to figure out what concert it was. The next question get a...


Episode 14: Peanut Butter and Meth Sandwiches

The Working Interferences return, post Chicago Midwinter meeting hubbub. Josh shares his interaction with a Heisman trophy winner and Lance refuses to do a reverse crown prep as a sign of solidarity. The first question is about CE, and if AGD fellowship is just a racket. What isn't.... The second question is about scrap gold and ownership of the crown after it is removed. Is the clandestine pocketing of scrap metal by an associate a fire-able offense? Our answer may surprise you. And...


Episode 13: Some Real Cloak and Dagger Stuff

Josh opens this weeks podcast with a new segment, actually a podcast within a podcast called Josh Complains About Commercials. This time, Josh complains about a commercial for Peyronie’s Disease, which has to do with your penis taking a sharp dog leg. Kinky stuff. Our questions this week are solid as ever! Starting with a dentist who is considering going incognito to check out a local DSO. Josh and Lance talk about possible disguise and alias options. Question 2 comes from a dentist...


Episode 12: Busted by Palatal Petechiae

It’s a Winter Olympics wonderland as the Working Interferences reconvene for their weekly pow-wow. The first question this week comes from Aaron, who is somewhat dejected from not closing a few cases. Josh and Lance come up with some solutions to increase his case acceptance rate. Then the WI Boyz cover the topic of maternity leave and temps but there is some confusion as to what the question actually is. Once again, we learn that Lance is a “heartless bastard.” Our Reddit question this...


Episode 11: Happiness?

What do you do when the adviser needs advice? The show starts with Josh asking for help overcoming a crappy day/week. Drugs are not the answer (or are they?). Question 2, Dr Orin Scrivello asks how long he must give a discount to a former employee that he slept with 14 years ago. Is it a layaway plan? The reddit question is about partying with your parents after wisdom tooth extractions. Is there even ENOUGH malt liquor?


Episode 10: Broken Moral with AACD Queen #Girlboss Tara Hardin DDS

The Working Interferences are joined by real life cosmetic dentist, AACD accredited superstar dentist, #Girlboss Tara Hardin this week. She brings a sharp wit and raises the hotness quotient of the podcast infinitely. This weeks advice starts off with a frustrated dental assistant with a blatantly racist patient and how to correct her. Without physical violence, although we wouldn’t frown upon that and neither will you after you hear what happened. Next up, we have a hefty problem....


Episode 9: Dental Feats of Strength

The Working Interferences are back this week and start off discussing a big speaking gig Josh has coming up. Lance gives Josh some advice before the advice this week, which consists of three Reddit Questions! They start off with a simple question….How do you know if a dentist is good? After a nice discussion of dental skills competition, the Interferences answer a question about instrument transportation cases. Is leather autoclavable? To wrap the show, Lance and Josh talk about how...


Episode 8: Quittin’ Time

Josh grills Lance about taking a patient to a hotel room. Lance has a plausible explanation but something still smells here. Question one this week is about the best time to quit and Lance reveals his penchant for just firing people on the spot. Next we discuss the Evergreen question of should dentists require employees to cover up their sweet sweet Ink. Finally our Reddit question involves cold calling dentists to buy their practices which sounds like and is a horrible idea. Josh ends...


Episode 7: Lance Hates Tardiness

The Working Interferences are joined this week by Dr. Kevin Fryer of Cleveland, Ohio…yes he knows Cleveland sucks. Josh tells a story featuring a dentist who committed suicide, which always makes for a rip roaring good time. Kevin gives some publicity to his old lady’s business strategy guide ( which Lance and Josh both just ordered and received. Advice this week starts with a treatment coordinator who is late every day. Lance has some…ummm….strong...


Episode 6: Andy Serkis DDS

Josh and Lance are back, giving dentist advice like only THEY can. Question 1 was from Carissa, trying to handle being a young looking female dentist (despite being old AF). Should there be a strategy? Question 2 asks how to handle a patient that falls in love with the doctor. Do you milk the love for the production? Question 3 comes from Reddit. ‘nuff said…..


Episode 5: Not A Sausage Fest…For Once

Finally some ladies up in this house! Erin Elliott joins the Interferences this week for a few TOUGH questions. We start off trying to figure out how Craig can fire his brain cancer ridden front desk without being a monster. Take a guess how that goes. Next, we talk about Alex’s practice purchase and how to prevent the seller from telling his team right before Christmas. We finish the show with some self-dentistry talk because a patient in Seattle complained about veneer prices. Way to...


Episode 2: The Awkward Observer

Josh jumps on the pod right in the middle of a Stranger Things 2 binge and the boys discuss how big of a boner the Cleidocrainial Dysplasia Foundation must have over it’s success. Advice goes off the rails again about a discussion of failure rates in dental practice advertising and Josh does some investigative journalism on a dentist making outlandish claims. Lance chimes in with his thoughts on hiring a dental school flunkie as an assistant and we close the show chatting about a...


Episode 1: Dook University

Lance and Josh start the show and the pod with some introductions and a little how-do-you-do. This being the advice show that it is, they jump head first into a staff member asking about managing her bosses colonic impulses. After a lively discussion about going #2 before prepping #2, Lance and Josh answer a question about A/R and how to thrive in mediocrity. To end the show, the guys discuss patient’s facial hair and Lance’s swarthy face patch