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WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.

WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.
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WORKSHED. Noun (Plural Worksheds) A shed where work is carried out. Host Ian Lawton is joined by Robert Holt in 'I Digress', 'Dog Thoughts' needs a dead cat & Ben Red cuts loose on 'Misanthropy Rising'.






31 - Artificial Intelligence | Opening The Pod Bay Doors with Calum Chace

Joining Host Ian Lawton on this episode is Author, Futurist and Public Speaker Calum Chace to discuss the inevitability of the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and what it could potentially mean to humanity if we don't get it right first time. For more information on Calum, visit his website For all the things and stuff Visit the above website for direct links to Calum's books. This episode is sponsored by...


Episode 30 - Those Kind of Cars Don't Pass You Every Day | Remembering Prince with Thomas Dunning

The title says it all. This day last year we lost one of the most important artists of our generation. Thomas Dunning reminisces about the myriad ways Prince enhanced our lives. Those kind of cars don't pass you every day... This episode is sponsored by For all the things and stuff:


Episode 29 - Can One Be Both 'Pro-Life' and 'Pro-Choice' with Carl Sagan

This episode is brought to you by


Episode 28 - A Play Date with Mark 'The Boy' Jordan

Two old codgers reminisce about the Dublin indie music scene. Guitar legend Mark Jordan joins host Ian Lawton as they dissect his past as a working guitar player in many of Ireland's best indie rock combo from The Dudley Corporation to Large Mound and more recently from The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock to The Run Ons. Links to some of the bands Mark has been involved in over the...


Episode 27 - Dog Thoughts Extra #8 - We Were Never Being Boring

Just some thoughts on Pride For all the things and stuff:


Episode 26 - Removing Self from Self Righteousness with Mark Price

Joining host Ian Lawton in the Workshed is Mark Price, a social activist from Dublin. They discuss the relationships betweenActivism and Humanism, the meaning of Engaged Buddhism and our responsibility as human beings on planet earth. This episode is sponsored by Audible. For all other things and stuff visit:


Episode 25 - An Evil Deadcast from the REAL Workshed with Mike Pesquali

Mike Pasquali hails from West Virginia USA and joins host Ian Lawton in the Workshed to talk about... well... The Workshed. I mean THE Workshed. Mike has taken on the noble task of rescuing the original Workshed from the filming location of the classic 1987 comedy horror from Sam Raimi; Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Mike shares the story in how he tracked down the location and set about salvaging as much as he could and in turn restoring the famed Workshed. A workshed about the workshed....


Episode 23 - Just This Is It | Zen Monk Myozan Kodo

In this episode host Ian Lawton gets his Zen on with Soto Zen Buddhist Monk Myozan Kodo. An enlightening episode for anyone wishing to know more about the mysteries of Zen Buddhism. Myozan is the head of Zen Buddhism Ireland,also an author, poet, novelist under the name Ian Kilroy and teaches journalism in the Dublin Institute of Technology. To learn more about him and his practice in Dublin visit: This episode is sponsored by Datsusara


Episode 22 - Dog Thoughts Extra #6 | Negativity Bias & Memory Loss

A rather pointless and ill prepared 18 minutes of nonsense. Still, could be worse. Could've easily been 20 minutes. This episode is "sponsored by" Audible.


Episode 21 - Sex, Lies & DVD | The Narcissistic Ramblings of a Filmmaker

In the ultimate "low hanging fruit" episode, guest host Robert Holt interviews regular host Ian Lawton about his life as an indie film guy. Probably the most narcissistic episode of a podcast ever produced, yet strangely fun. Dog Thoughts dismisses the spite burger and Ben Red pulls no punches on solidarity profile pics in Misanthropy Rising. A bumper episode of Workshed Podcast. This show is sponsored by Audible. For all the things and stuff:...


Episode 20 - God, Love & Gender Fluidity with Thomas Dunning

In this episode host Ian Lawton speaks with self proclaimed Queer, Radical, Activist Thomas Dunning. This lengthy talk covers the subjects of gun violence, homophobia, racism, feminism & alcoholism, to name but a few, but with a healthy dose of spirituality, love and friendship. Dog Thoughts waxes lyricalon driverless cars while Benny Red pulls no punches yet again on Misanthropy Rising to close out the show. This episode is brought to you by Audible. For all...


Episode 19 - Buzz Kill or What Have You...

A "classic" workshed episode. A Rob, a dog & a Benny. This episode is brought to you by Audible. For all the things and stuff:


Episode 18 - Turn and Face the Strange with Jason Kufner

In this episode, host Ian Lawton talkswith Canadian Sci-Fi author Jason Kufner where they talk about everything from Science Fiction to self publishing, from Guns to Buddhism, fromPsychedelics to everything in between... It's a good talk. Jason's Twitter:@subatomicbuddha Benny & Ian discuss acontroversial topic in Misanthropy Rising that may be considered offensive to some, but why it is offencive to some isessentially the point of the discussion. This episode is sponsored by Audible....


Episode 17 - Dog Thoughts #5 | Dust For Something

An extended observation on the litter problem in my small town including the strangephenomenon of the "bag o' shite"... Visit for all the things and stuff.


Episode 16 - Dog Thoughts Extra | It's All Good

Short little message for those of you feeling the tug of the passage of time on New Year's Eve. Go to: for all the things and stuff.


Episode 15 - Skipping School for Star Wars

Yes, it's the obligatory dad's in their 40's Star Wars podcast special. Just shy of a two hour nerd fest as Ian is joined by actor Steve Wilson to geek out about all that is Star Wars. Benny is back in Misanthropy rising and a very special extra guest is peppered throughout the show. May the Force be with you! This episode is brought to you by Audible Additional music by Stealing Orchestra


Episode 14 - Dog Thoughts Extra #03 | Remembering Carl

Short episode of Dog Thoughts Extra to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan. Additional music by Chris Zabriskie This episode is brought to you by Blinkist. Valid till 27th December, buy one subscription and get another for free!


Episode 13 - Bringing Meditation Online | Talking with Dawai Gocha

In this episode host Ian Lawton had the opportunity to talk with trailblazingBuddhist monkDawai Gocha,where they discuss his pioneering concept of bringing meditation online. A concept that, despite its innovation, has been somewhatmarred withcontroversy.Please check out Dawai's website and consider signing up: episode has no sponsor


Episode 12 - Dog Thoughts Extra #02 | But It Tastes Good

Secondin a series of BONUSepisodes ofDog Thoughts,Dog Thoughts Extra. While dog walking Ian shares his feelings about certain companies and the relaxed attitude we have towards them. Yes, a bar of chocolate can really make a difference. Want a free audiobook courtesy of Workshed Podcast? Visit up for a 30 day trail and get a free audiobook of your choice, yours to keep even if you cancel the trial. BUT if you do decide to keep your subscription you will...


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