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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like

New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like
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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like




Reaction to TLC changes and IWC whining

A quick podcast to give our reacitons to the crazy TLC changes and also address some of the IWC whining about 'wasting' Angle's Return and Aj vs Finn.

Duration: 00:25:08

Nia wants to pull a Neville, Worst Stable Ever Bracket, Crazy TLC predictions

#Nia also wants to leave too and this is confusing. #Shield takes over Raw but everything non-Shield was terrible. We do a Worst Stables Ever Bracket with stables like Right to Censor, Spirit Squad, Social Outcasts and the Oddities. In news, we talk about #Neville being gone for good and how WWE made sure Kane was mystery appearance. Our TLC preview and crazy predications about surprise appearances and people dressing in drag. We also discuss the major happenings on SD.

Duration: 02:19:33

Neville Quits? Roman attacks the Bucks and Cornette v Santino at a con

#Carmella gets attacked on twitter for being ugly. We discuss the #Cornette-Santino fight, Roman attacks the Bucks of Youth, the rumor that Neville has quit the company and some other news items. We play our Triple Whos game which means we play old promo and the contestants have to guess who the promo is about. This time, it's a promo from #Austin, #TheRock and #Flair. As always, we give our Hell in the Cell review and prediction recap.

Duration: 02:13:58

Warrior is horrible role model, Corgan buys NWA, Who destroyed Foley now game

We started the show this week talking about how the Ultimate Warrior is actually a horrible role model for fighting cancer based on some of his tweet history. We pick a sexy diva of the week based on social media. In news, Billy Corgan buys NWA, Flair struts when he wakes from his coma and Shane invests 500,000 is a marijuana money pit. We also recap Raw, SD and preview Hell In a Cell and make our predictions. #HIAC #Warrior #Corgan #Flair

Duration: 01:48:13

Two Sweet Banned, Jannetty is hacked, NXT Lowell Recap

Show starts with us discussing the banning of the Bullet Club's "two sweet" gesture and why we are for it. We do a recap/review of No mercy. Marty Jannetty's sex with daughter news story gets out again and he claims he was hacked. We recap the NXT Lowell house show that we all attended last week. Recap of the biggest things from Raw and SD like KO-Sami, Miz-Roman, Enzo's big celebration. In news, WWE thinks bringing Steph back will hlep ratings. Yes you read that right. .... and Flair...

Duration: 01:51:02

Heenan Tribute, Cody whine about Starrcade, WWE planning to do VR

This week we start with a tribute to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and some of our thoughts on his career. We brings back Starrcade and Cody Rhodes has some complaints. A huge review on Raw and SD this week. We give alot of great ideas on possible future angles to do based on current story lines. News includes GFW loses it's name and Cornette, Paige comeback eminent, WWE survey comes out hinting at some great ideas, and Cena's father does not like Alexa or Charlotte very much. Sorry, no funny...

Duration: 01:45:34

Cody is weak link in Bullet Club, Mae Young Finale falls flat, Jannetty and bologna

We started talking about how we think Cody is terrible and is the worst member of the Bullet Club. Our review of the Mae Young Classic finale which falls flat. We played our Old Gimmick Match Game and also we review Raw, SD and 205 live. #FuckCody #MaeYoungClassic

Duration: 02:03:17

Cena is gay? WWE 8 Bit Challenge, Big Show vs Braun 3

The WWE 8 bit challenge returns where we a game guessing 8-bit theme songs. We talk bout the newest Cena/Roman promo where Roman hints that Cena may be into him. Big Show vs Braun 3 review and it's our match of the week. News for the week includes JBL leaving SD, new Superstar Shakeup and more.

Duration: 01:34:30

Roman and Cena promo battle, PWI Top 500 review, Game of thrones finale recap

First off, we go over the PWI Top 500 Wrestlers list which has Okada as #1 and Reigns dropped to #5. Lots of news this week including Jannetty bragging about getting triplets, WWE2K17 more updates to the roster, Superstar Billy Graham really hates Jericho and Sexy Star tries to really injure Rosemary. In Entertainment, we recap the Defenders Netflix series and also the Game of Thrones finale and give our thoughts on all the developments. As always, #Raw, #SDLive, #NXT, #205Live recaps....

Duration: 01:55:11

Jannetty wants to sex his daughter, Sid Vicious thinks he's better than Rock, McGregor's next step

This week there was alot of new and rumors and we cover it all. Marty Jannetty wanted to bang his would-be daughter, Sid Vicious thinks he was better than Austin and the Rock and X-pac is the reason Roman is forced down our throats. We also go over #Takeover, #Summerslam, Enzo joining 205 Live and the NXT minute. Lastly, our favorite wrestling show came back, Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 2 is here and it's awesome.

Duration: 02:13:50

Vince souring on Dolph, Summerslam Trivia, 205 Live is getting good

This week we talked about the big stories like how Vince has soured on Dolph, Seth saying UFC guys aren't needed, DB is trying hard to get back into wrestling and more. We also play Summerslam Trivia, preview Summerslam and do a full recap of 205 Live for the first time in ages because it's getting really good.

Duration: 01:57:56

Will Ronda Rousey be good for WWE, does Cena deserve his spot, Game of Thrones was amazing

There was alot of arguing this week. We have major arguments about Rousey becoming a wrestle and if Cena deserves his spot in WWE. We also talk about the latest Game of Thrones because it was amazing. We also recap the highlights from Raw, SD and 205 live.

Duration: 01:56:18

WWE Dating Game, Enzo's backroom heat, WWE's dismal profits

We play a game based on WWE Superstar's dating profiles, we argue if Gable be a cruiserweight, recap of RAW, SD and NXT and we go over the latest news about Enzo's backroom heat, Heyman pushing Joe for champ, and the dismal WWE profits.

Duration: 01:59:29

The Wrestling Family Feud, Shakeup after Summerslam and Braun argues with Angle's Ex

For the first time ever, we play the Wrestling Feud, a family feud styled game using survey results from actual wrestling fans. We discuss such news as the Braun confrontation with Angle's Ex-wife, the possible superstar shakeup after Summerslam and Smacking Talk has it's first episode. We also go over Battleground results and recap Raw, SD and NXT.

Duration: 01:46:39

Angle's black son, WWE Price is Right, Interview with Shayan Tamayo from Machinima

This week, we have a special guest host, Shayan Tamayo from Machinima who talks about his new Body Count Fighting event coming up on July 27th. He also hangs around to play WWE Price is Right with us and go over our Battleground predictions. We also discuss everything wrong with Kurt Angle's illegitimate son storyline, why Talking Smack was cancelled, we cover most of the weeks major news and we recap Raw and SD.

Duration: 01:55:35

El Patron abuses Paige, Superstars as Game Of Thrones characters, Roman kicks Enzo off the bus

We talk about the latest new like El Patron / Paige domestic violence incident and Roman kicks Enzo off the bus, we cast WWE Superstars as Game of Thrones characters, and we recap GBOF, RAW, SD and NXT.

Duration: 02:17:46

Del Rio rants on WWE, Enzo has promo of his life, How great is Okada?

We talk about Del Rio / El Patron's rant on the WWE, Enzo gives the promo of his life, we play Wrestling Categories game, Great Balls of Fire predictions, and we recap RAW and SD.

Duration: 01:58:25

Vince is obsessed with Steph's bazongas, Miz wants all the balls and women's revolution is dying

Why is Vince is obsessed with Steph's bazongas, The Miz wants all the balls, the IWC thinks Scott Steiner is better than the Rock and Austin and we explain why the Women's revolution is dying. We also recap Raw, SD and NXT while we are at it.

Duration: 01:35:44

Interview with Ultimate Warrior, Kamala's secrets to success and we book Bayley to Summerslam

Interview Beyond the Grave with Ultimate Warrior, Kamala gives secrets to success in wrestling to his son, we booked Bayley to Summerslam to save her and Sasha, MITB / RAW / SD recaps.

Duration: 01:14:20

HHH is frustrated with Vince, MITB Trivia, Big Show hates the writers

We talk about rumors that HHH is frustrated with Vince and how Big Show hates the writers, we do Money in the Bank Trivia, some members of the IWC really think wrestling is fake and Cam is bothered by this plus we recap Raw, SD, NXT and MITB preview.

Duration: 01:28:49

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