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Glenroy, VIC


Worldly Music is an opportunity to chill out with Australia’s latest music from AMRAP/Airlt. The program covers a diverse background of music genres and tells stories of different peoples we have in Australia through their music. It includes Ethnic, Multicultural artists, bands and groups. Worldly Music gives airplay to emerging artists from across Australia, and inform the public about the artists’ accomplishments from ARIA-winning awards to the upcoming local folk festivals. It encompasses new and emerging communities and gives views of up and coming projects. One such project is the “Accent of Women’s Snapshots” which is aired at the end of the program - one story at a time, giving the listener time to listen to a story, painting a picture, an emotion or a feeling, on what’s it like to settle in Australia.



This show will be available on Wed, Aug 28 at 10PM.