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A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com

A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com
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A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com






7 Ways To Use Your Rehearsal Night To Its Full Potential

Our rehearsal nights can be so much more than just playing through a few songs. If used correctly, they become times to shape culture, invest in relationships, do discipleship, train new volunteers, raise up new worship leaders, find better uses of our technology and more. This month, I’m the one being interviewed, by Carl Barnhill of the Church Media Podcast (check them out!). In this episode, I share 7 ways we can use our mid-week rehearsals to their full potential. Enjoy! (Please leave...


Cultivating A Deeper Spirituality On Your Worship Team w/ Jeremy Riddle

In a world of pervasive “shallowness”, deep spirituality can seem an elusive thing to attain. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other distractions keep our minds in the shallows. This is the world that our team members live in. As leaders in God’s Church, it is our responsibility to fight for depth, focus, and deeper spirituality in our people, so that there is power in our worship leading. But how do we do this? Today I talk with Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Church about how he helps his teams...


Helping Your Band Beat Busyness and Embrace Musical Simplicity

We have all had those band members who think that the worship set is their time to shred! The drummer who plays a fill every two bars. The electric guitar player who solos over the vocal. The bassist who won’t stop noodling! No more! Put an end to musical busyness with this month’s episode. This month, I give you seven principles to help your band beat busyness and embrace musical simplicity. God deserves excellence, but excellence does not equate to unceasing shredding. Help your band...


The Current State of Worship w/ Matt Redman

As we come to the close of the year, I asked prolific songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman about the current state of modern worship around the globe. Where are we at as a worship culture, what encouraging trends is he seeing, what concerns him, and what advice does he have for worship leaders as we stewart our calling well? This episode is less of a training and more of an encouragement and exhortation from a wiser, older brother. Be encouraged and challenged! Matt Redman...


6 Ways To Utilize Your Acoustic Guitar To Its Full Potential

Your acoustic guitar is an incredibly powerful tool. Its melodic and percussive nature allows you to create lots of energy and dynamic if utilized properly. Unfortunately, many worship leaders are under-utilizing this versatile instrument because they have never been taught a handful of simple techniques that can take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level. Whether you lead alone (just you and your acoustic guitar), or you have a worship band, using the six techniques outlined in...


Using Our Worship Services To Shape Peoples Souls w/ Zac Hicks

Our worship services have a formative effect on our people’s minds and souls. With weeks, bleeding into months, into years, and ultimately decades, the habits we form in our people have a long term cumulative effect. What we do in our services and how we do it matters. In today’s episode, I talk with author and Pastor Zac Hics about the ways in which worship is formative and how to best utilize our gathered worship times to shape our people into the image of Christ over the long...


We Had To Change Our Name!

We were recently forced to change our name. In this episode I explain why and share a few ways you can help. All new content will now be at worshipministrytraining.com Thank you for your support!!! Share with Your Friends: Tell your friends about us on EMAIL, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER. Donate To Our Legal Fees: Donate $1 Donate $2 Donate $5 Donate $10 (or more) - Donate $10 or more and get a full downloadable catalog of Alex's music from the last 10 years. Thanks for all the...


Creating Culture Through Consistent Communication w/ Aaron Ivey

Culture is one of the most important aspects of your worship ministry. Healthy culture will help your ministry thrive, while unhealthy culture will undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. But healthy culture doesn’t appear of thin air. Culture is something that is carefully cultivated through consistent communication of a clear and compelling vision. Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship seems to have cracked the code of clear, consistent communication and has crafted an incredible...


5 Administrative Systems, Structures and Schedules to Bring Health To Your Worship Ministry

One of the key characteristics of a great worship leader is administration and organization. It may not be glamorous, or even fun, but you literally can’t have a healthy worship ministry without administration and organization. In this month’s episode, I share 5 administrative systems, structures, and schedules that are necessary in order to have a healthy, thriving worship ministry. Free Audition Template Free Chord Charts Direct Download (Episode) I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM...


Bonus Q&A: Switching to Multiple Worship Services

In our third Listener Q&A Episode, podcast listener Jason Daugherty asks for advice as his church plans to switch from one worship service to multiple worship services. Brenton Collyer, Justin Kalama and I share some key concepts to keep in mind when switching your church from one service to multiple services, from scheduling to family, to time usage, unity, keeping it authentic, and more. If you’d like to submit a question for a future episode email me at alex@worshipleadertraining.com ...


Bonus Q&A: How Do I Lead Youth Worship Team Well?

In our 2nd Listener Q&A Bonus Episode, we answer a question from podcast listener, Brian Johnson. Brian is a new worship leader and will be taking over an established youth worship ministry. He asks for advice on how to lead a band, and how to do his best as a new leader in a youth group context. Justin Bell and I answer. If you’d like to submit a question for a future episode email me at alex@worshipleadertraining.com or call and leave a voicemail at 831-607-WLT1. AUDITION / CULTURE...


Holding High Standards In Small Churches w/ Kade Young

The average church in America has only seventy members. This means that most worship leaders are fighting the uphill battle of trying to create an excellent worship ministry with limited resources and limited personnel. However, Kade Young seems to have cracked the code. In a church of only 100, Kade is consistently bringing forth excellence from both his worship and tech ministries. Today we talk to Kade about how to hold high standards for excellence in a small church. The principles...


Starting A Songwriting Ministry At Your Church w/ Andi Rozier (Vertical Church Band)

Sixteen years ago Andi Rozier starting writing songs for his church, Harvest Bible Chapel. Today, his songs are being sung in churches all over the world. Many worship pastors desire to write songs for their church, so in today’s episode Andi (Vertical Church Band) helps us learn how to get started, what we should focus on, dangers to avoid, and how to practically and financially set things up for health and success. If you’ve been wanting to start a songwriting ministry in your church,...


Bonus: Should Worship Look Like A Concert? (A Definition of Worship Ministry Success)

Should we be borrowing ideas and techniques from concerts to implement in our worship services? Can a small church with zero technology have a successful worship ministry? What defines ministry success? This short bonus episode encourages us to go back to the heart of our calling to examine the why, what and how of a successful worship ministry. worshipleadertraining.com/resources I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! EMAIL ME your thoughts on this episode or ASK A QUESTION that you’d like us to...


Recovering The Lost Art of Congregational Singing w/ Keith Getty

As many churches try to replicate stadium-style worship concerts in their weekly gatherings, the art of congregational singing is declining. Participation from congregants is down and what was supposed to be a participatory event has turned into passive observers watching leaders dance around a technicolor stage. But Keith and Kristen Getty are on a mission to revitalize congregational singing in churches across the globe. Today I talk with the prolific, modern day hymn-writer, Keith Getty...


Using Vocal Cues to Help Your Congregation Sing

As worship leaders, our job is not to sing, but to help the people sing. We are facilitators of the congregational choir. One way we can help facilitate is by using “vocal cues”. Vocal cues are the things you say or sing to help your congregation know where you’re going next in a song. Today’s episode feels less like a lecture, and more like you’re sitting across from me in my office with our guitars, working through some real-life examples of using vocal cues well. You’ll hear about how...


Wise Boundaries with the Opposite Sex (Part 2) - Worship Leader Roundtable

Last month we talked with specialist Zack Carter about Wise Boundaries with the Opposite Sex in Ministry. This month we talk to five worship leaders from across the U.S. about how they maintain wise boundaries with the opposite gender in their ministries. Our Guests: Krissy Nordhoff – KrissyNordoff.com, Brave Worship Brenton Collyer – BrentonCollyer.com, Restore Worship Conference Justin Kalama – Hope Chapel Worship Justin Bell – Calvary Nexus Direct Download More content at:...


Wise Boundaries with the Opposite Sex in Ministry w/ Dr. Zack Carter

Affairs and infidelity are occurring often in the Church. Not just among the congregants, but also among staff and pastors. How many great and influential pastors have fallen into sexual or emotional affairs in the last several years? If infidelity can happen to them, it can happen to us. We must be diligent to guard our hearts and our interactions with the opposite sex. Dr. Zack Carter joins us to talk about setting up wise boundaries with the opposite sex in ministry. Dr. Carter is a...


Bonus: The Best Way To Use Your Pre-Service Playlist

Almost all churches have some sort of pre-service music playing while people walk in. Instead of just filling that Pre-Service Playlist with your favorite songs, here's a "Pro Tip" (I'll share it with you right here in the show notes): Use your church's pre-service playlist as a tool to subliminally teach your congregation new songs that you plan to introduce. I'll explain my process in this short bonus episode, so if you want to find out how to subconsciously teach your church new songs,...


Improving Announcements and Communication For Our Church Services w/ Brady Shearer

Great communication matters. We have only seventy minutes on Sundays to communicate to our congregants the things we feel are vital for them to know. We must think strategically and purposefully about every element of communication in our worship services: pre-service slides, announcements, prayers, lyric slides, videos and more. Brady Shearer, founder of Pro Church Tools, joins us today to help us improve our announcements and maximize our communication during our Sunday worship...


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