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Episode 15 • Having Tough Conversations with Team Members

In Episode 15, Brenton Miles, Worship Leader, Producer, and Co-Host is joined by Libby Lewis, Worship Leader, Songwriter, and Vocal Coach, also a team member of Worship Online to discuss some of the harder conversations that have to be had with worship team members. This episode along with the following two are from a collection of questions sent in to Worship Online from worship leaders, musicians, and pastors around the country. We decided to pick some of our favorite questions and help...


Episode 14 • Finding Liberation In Taking Risks with Phil Joel (Zealand)

In Episode 14, Brenton Miles, Co-host & Worship Leader sits down with Phil Joel, Zealand frontman and Worship Leader to talk all things worship and the journey that God has taken Phil on over the last 25 years of being a full time touring musician and recording artist. You may recognize Phil's voice from his recent projects as the frontman of Zealand, or maybe from his past years as the bass player and singer for Newsboys. In this episode, the guys talk about so many topics relating to...


Episode 13 • Be That Person Who Says Yes

In Episode 13, we unlock the full potential of a worship leader - Being a person that always says "YES". Being a person that gains influence and grows in leadership, typically carry a few patterns that you can recognize pretty quickly. A few that stand out are: a good attitude, someone who's constantly excited about the vision and instruction, and someone who always says "yes". Anytime you go to an improv show, it's taught that any idea that's thrown out is always "Yes, And" - Shalon...


Episode 12 • Who's In Charge On Your Team

In Episode 12, Shalon shares a personal story of one of the scariest moments in his life... No joke, if we all had a moment like that, it would be unforgettable. You'll have to listen in to hear the story... But it ties right into what we're talking about - Knowing who's in charge. It's important to know who's making the calls and who the leader is inside of a church setting. Organization and leadership is paramount to a healthy church. But it all starts with a mutual respect and honor...


Episode 11 • Interview with David Curran

In Episode 11, Shalon and Brenton sit down with David Curran - Bass player and instructor for Worship Online. He’s played for years with Elevation Worship and is now touring with Lauren Daigle. We explore what it means to be a bass player for worship teams, what an all-around team player looks like, and of course, gear! David has an incredible story of how he joined Elevation’s team, and how it has been an example for so many. If you’re a team leader or worship pastor, definitely listen...


Episode 10 • Avoiding Train Wrecks

In Episode 10, we talk about the importance of avoiding train wrecks in a worship set. It all starts with good communication. When the band is clear on where you're headed, there's a good chance you'll avoid any mishaps or train wrecks. When the band is clueless and people are communicating different things... that's where the breakdown occurs. It's really difficult to not be distracted by a train wreck. This episode goes hand in hand with being prepared. But it's so much more than that....


Episode 9 • How To Become A Better Musician

In episode 9, we talk about PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! - You guessed it... hopefully... we're talking about practice. - It's what Worship Online is all about - Equipping and resourcing the local church with content and material that will help any musician practice. In this episode, we dive deeper into the idea of practice... how it helps not only grow us as musicians, but helps take our teams to the next level. Going beyond what's expected so we can grow into new areas, and be ready to...


Episode 8 • Interview with Max Corwin • Guitars

The legend, Max Corwin sits down with Shalon & Brenton in Episode 8 of the Worship Online Podcast talking about his journey as a guitarist, producer, and one of the first people to check out a "get together" in a basement that later became known as The Belonging Cø. We hear from Max about his journey as a musician, how he got started, and some inspirations picked up along the way. This is also the formal introduction for Max as our new team member at Worship Online as a guitar instructor...


Episode 7 • Humility, An Honest Conversation

In Episode 7, we get real and talk about the importance of humility as worship leaders. Now... how do you have an open and honest conversation about humility with a couple of musicians on a podcast? --- we have not idea. But it starts with this quote - "Humility is being comfortable in your own skin." The opposite of humility can look different. It can look like insecurity, arrogance, lack of self confidence or self worth... whereas some characteristics of someone who walks in...


Episode 6 • Interview with Austin Davis • Drums

In Episode 6, we sit down with the legendary Austin Davis - Drummer for Kari Jobe, The Belonging Cø, and many others. Also one of our drum instructors for the Worship Online video tutorials! In this episode, Austin unpacks his journey as a musician on the road, his upbringing as a pastor's kid in Hawaii, and some of the lessons learned along the way. // Follow Austin on Instagram @theaustindavis // Be sure to check out the video version of the podcast on our Youtube Channel and...


Episode 5 • The Secret Weapon To Success As A Musician

Prepare - Prepare - Prepare! Preparation is key to the success of every musician. Next to the heart behind worship, preparation truly is the most important piece to a smooth and enjoyable experience while leading worship. It’s also the entire purpose behind starting Worship Online in the first place! Being prepared adds a whole new level of influence and respect within a team. In addition to showing up early, treating people with respect and professionalism, when a musician shows up...


Episode 4 • Be Professional, Not Annoying

We can probably all recall a musician along the way who would show up to band practice, get their gear setup, then start playing immediately while everyone was still setting up. Or the guy (or girl) who shows up without their capo, in-ears, picks, or sticks… maybe the vocalist who decided to come in after their outside job without the chance to shower first or at least wear deodorant… The list goes on…. But, like we mentioned in Episode 2 - Our team members, our family, others… are more...


Episode 3 • The Importance Of Showing Up Early

Simply put, this is a no-brainer. If you want an easy way to influence your team and show them that you care about THEM… may we introduce the most affective sub-conscience way to do so - showing up early. Brenton’s pastor growing up used to always say “if you’re on time, you’re late.” - This is something a lot of people disregard and don’t think much about. But how many times have you noticed, when you walk into a meeting and the person you’re meeting with is already there, how it feels...


Episode 2 • Why We Play Worship Music & The Heart Behind It

In this episode, we talk about the heart behind worship. The "Seek First" principle is something we should all have as a number one priority in our lives as Christians… especially as worship leaders. Matthew 6:33 says “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” The entire point of leading worship is to help other people connect with this truth. When we seek God first, He becomes the foundation of our lives and everything else is a...


Episode 1 • Why We're Starting A Podcast

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Worship Online Podcast! In this episode, co-hosts Shalon Palmer and Brenton Miles formally introduce themselves and worship online. Shalon is the founder and creator of Worship Online and has a heart for helping worship leaders and musicians grow in their leadership, as well as continue to grow and expand his successful business and talented team. Brenton has been leading worship for over fifteen years and has been a volunteer, intern, and full time staff member...


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