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Welcome to the broadcast site for "The Worst Show on the Web." We invite you to join us for an hour of mindless banter and witty drivel that you won't find anywhere else! If our most recent show doesn't make you want to take a sledgehammer to your computer, then you can listen to our previous shows by clicking on the appropriate episode.

Welcome to the broadcast site for "The Worst Show on the Web." We invite you to join us for an hour of mindless banter and witty drivel that you won't find anywhere else! If our most recent show doesn't make you want to take a sledgehammer to your computer, then you can listen to our previous shows by clicking on the appropriate episode.
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Los Angeles, CA




Welcome to the broadcast site for "The Worst Show on the Web." We invite you to join us for an hour of mindless banter and witty drivel that you won't find anywhere else! If our most recent show doesn't make you want to take a sledgehammer to your computer, then you can listen to our previous shows by clicking on the appropriate episode.






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09/23/13 - "The Growing Up in Hollywood Show!"

This week's guest is none other than veteran film and television actor Mackenzie Astin. The son of John Astin and Patty Duke (and brother to Sean Astin,) Mackenzie has been a steady force in Hollywood since his recurring role as Andy Moffett on "The Facts of Life", and has been on just about every television show aired in the last few years. We will be talking with Mackenzie about what it is like growing up in a Hollywood family with a famous mother (who won an Oscar at 16), a famous...

08/12/13 - "The New Co-hosts Show"

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Jon... but that was last week. Now it is time to find out where this crazy train is heading. The Worst Show on the Web is proud to announce that Wes Robertson and Anthony Farrell have been tapped to fill the demanding co-host positions on the WSOTW. Both Wes and Anthony are actors and writers... and I think at least one of them is Canadian. Tonight we will feed on our own. Our guests for tonights show are... well... us. Join us as we get to...

07/22/13 - "The Wicked Little Show!"

This week we will be joined by singer/actress Amanda Jane Cooper. Among her many stage and television roles, Amanda played Glinda the Good Witch on the first national tour of the musical "Wicked". She will be talking about her time portraying the iconic role as well as her one-woman show - "Jazz Hands" - which just opened in Los Angeles. We might even get her to sing something. Bringing you the worst, and most wicked, actress/singers and web talk radio... guaranteed!

07/15/13 - "The Playing Guitar During Brain Surgery Show!"

What an odd title for an episode, don't you think? Well, that is exactly what happened to this week's guest, Brad Carter. Brad is a successful Los Angeles based actor and musician who, for a number of years, has been battling Parkinson's disease which had robbed him of his ability to play music. On May 23rd, he was the 500th person to undergo a procedure at UCLA Medical Center to help combat his symptoms. His brain surgery, which was streamed live on the internet, was also remarkable for...

07/08/13 - "The Another Show with that Homeless Guy Show"

We have had Christian Calloway ( on this show many a time - as a guest, as a corr-despondent, as a caller. Well, tonight we have him again. Why would we do that? Well, Christian, whom you might remember makes his living playing exclusively homeless characters in film and on TV, has just completed a three month long exercise where he actually lived as a homeless person. In the end it cost him his real place to live, his girlfriend, his cats. It wasn't easy. We...

05/27/13 - " The Memorial Day Golfkon Show"

Join us while we celebrate this Memorial Day at a miniature golf tournament. Golfkon 2013. We would write more about it, but we are running out of time.

05/13/13 - "The Cut, Print, That's a Wrap! Show"

Our coverage of the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival concludes with our traditional 'roundtable' discussion of Festival-screened films and other goings on. Joining us will be a couple of old friends of the show - Lincoln Spector, webmaster of, a great site to seek out for everything cinema in the San Francisco Bay Area, and John "A Pass" Angelico, who blogs on the San Francisco Chronicle's site under the heading "Culture Blog." Join us as we discuss...

05/06/13 - "The Krishna Das Show"

This week, on a very special Worst Show on the Web, we welcome Jeremy Frindel. Jeremy is the director of ?One Track Heart?, a soon-to-be-released documentary that chronicles the journey of Grammy nominee Krishna Das - from rock star hopeful to world renowned kirtan wallah - with detours through drug abuse and depression. Join us as we discuss Krishna Das, his life, his music, and his rise to mainstream fame. Bringing you the absolute worst in covering something that is actually wonderful...

04/29/13 - "The That's Not Funny Show"

We know what you're thinking: "Where's the title for today's show?" No, this isn't just another average episode of the WSOTW, tonight we are graced by Mike Celestino the filmaker behind "That's Not Funny", a documentary about when humor goes "too far." We'll discuss Mike's film, his Kickstarter campaign, and just where exactly the line is drawn between "funny" and "offensive" (we like to know where that boundary is so we can make note of the next time we cross it.) Bringing you the...

04/22/13 - "The SFiFF - Episode IV - A New Hope Show"

We return to the darkened recesses of the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas to begin our coverage of the 56th San Francisco International Film Festival. Rather than make the effort to write a flowery introduction, here's how the San Francisco Film Society puts it - "Founded in 1957, the San Francisco International Film Festival is the longest-running film festival in the Americas. Held each spring for two weeks, the International is an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation in...

04/15/13 - "The VFX Show"

Are Kurtis and Jon going to be replaced by Andy Serkis in a green suit? Will the WSOTW studio be blown to smithereens? Is this whole show going CGI? No, we can't afford that stuff, however it seems that the big movies studios don't want to pay for it either. The movie "Life of Pi" was a visual masterpiece, yet the company that was responsible for the artistry and magic that is VFX (Visual Effects), Rhythm and Hues, is now out of business... another casualty of an alarming trend as domestic...

04/08/13 - "The Indie-Cred Show"

This week we will be speaking with independent filmmakers Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter. They recently crowd-funded their own feature film, "Gone Doggy Gone," which goes into production later this month. Our goal is to talk with them about their project and what it is like to write, fund and produce a film themselves. Later (if they are both still alive, ) we plan to have them back after production to tell us how it all went. Bringing you the absolute worst in crowd funded entertainment...

04/01/13 - "The Crappy Show"

This is a match made in heaven; join us as we speak with Amber Dusick, creator of and author of "Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures". We like someone who follows our formula of being up front about content. Amber is a parent of two, who brings to light the day-to-day stories of heroism and shame that come along with being a parent. Then she illustrates them... crappily. We'll talk about her blog, her just released book, and her plans for world domination....

03/18/13 - "The Random Facts Show"

At the Worst Show on the Web, we pride ourselves on our superior intellect. Superior to 'what' we have yet to determine, but we think we are fairly smart guys. So tonight, since we don't have a scheduled guest, we are going to try something a little different. Inane facts! We are going to try to stump each other with inane facts and useless trivia. Did you know that the plastic thing on the ends of a shoelace are called "aglets"? Well, now you do. Bringing you the absolute worst in quality...

03/11/13 - "The Westboro Schmesboro Show"

If you don't know what the "Westboro Baptist Church" is, you have been living under a rock. It is the fundamentalist Christian "Church" whose members picket the funerals of soldiers (among others). If you don't know who Brick Stone is, you are in luck. Brick ( or more precisely comedian Dave Sirus, who plays Brick Stone,) will be our guest tonight. We will be talking about his personal experiences which include, among other things, trying to engage the Westboro church members in comedic...

03/04/13 -" The 'If You Like the Terminator' Show (Redux)"

Have you ever been wandering down the aisle of your local Blockbuster Video store... Uh... Scratch that. Not many of those left. Have you ever been standing in front of a Red Box and... oh, wait a minute. Selection in those is REALLY limited. Ok, have you ever been scanning a torrent site, looking for a movie to download that you haven't seen before, and trying to find something like your favorite movie, The Terminator? (Yeah, that's more like it.) Well, have we got a show for you... Join us...

02/25/13 - "The Oscar Wrap-Up Show"

Join us as we do what we've never done before... a wrap up of the Academy Awards. If you're like Jon and living under a rock, then you'll learn who won what, who wore what, and who the host was. Bringing you the absolute worst in Oscar coverage and web talk radio... guaranteed!

02/18/13 - "The Parks and Recreation Show (Redux)!"

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" ended up on a lot of 'Ten Best' lists at the end of the year. Time Magazine hailed it as the second best show on television right now, behind "Louie" and ahead of "Breaking Bad." Pretty lofty company, right?So what is a cast member of such a well-regarded program doing on our show? Damned if we know, but join us as we converse with actor Jim O'Heir. Jim plays the oft-mocked and/or ignored Jerry Gergich - a character that has seen some significant development this...

01/28/13 - "The 80's Show Redux - Redux (Again)"

Kurtis managed to lock himself into a garage tonight, so we're stuck doing a re-run... so tonight, on a very special Worst Show on the Web: Almost a year to the day of its original air date, join Jon, Kurtis, and "Lando" as we travel back in time (both literally; as in this is a re-run, and figuratively; as in this is a show about the 80's) and talk about all things eighties. We are joined by Ernie Kline, author of ?Ready Player One? and ?Armada?, then we have 1980's expert ?Lando? from...
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