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Worst Thing Ever with Dylan and Drew

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#19: Worst Reality Show

There are plenty of Beatles songs. But between the two that Dylan and Drew just made up off the top of their heads, which one is the best and which one is the worst? We’re answering the hard hitting questions like this one this week, as well as developing some new Ikea furniture and creating a WHOLE NEW REALITY SHOW. This Week’s Questions: What is the Best and Worst Premise for a Reality TV Show? What is the Best and Worst Gun? What is the Best and Worst Beatles Song I Just Made Up...

Duration: 00:52:35

#18: Gurl Quiz

Happy Holidays, dweebs! This week Dylan and Drew take a trendy internet quiz to determine if their friendship is meant to be (and receive some bad news) and Drew experiences true bliss on a cruise ship full of Danny Devito clones. They talk about the terrible Christmas gifts they’ve procured for their unsuspecting loved ones and dream up a nightmare society full of hot vampires. This Week’s Questions: - What is the Best and Worst place to Summon Exodia the Forbidden One? - What is the...

Duration: 00:48:18

#17: Keeping it Positive (feat. Nick Flora)

As the moon circumnavigates the Earth for a seventh time again, we return with another new episode of your favorite nightmare program. Nick Flora, the infamous joke master from “All Time Favorite,” joins the boys this week as they discuss the literary masterpiece that is Taboo’s memoir, the pros and cons of cilantro, and announce that Dylan and Drew will be replaced by Dylan’s parents as the new hosts of the show! This Week’s Questions: What’s the best/worst thing to have on...

Duration: 00:58:55

#16: Hot Drinks

Now how could we have done a whole episode about beer without also dedicating one to our most favorite of subjects: hot drinks? Tea, Coffee, Warm Milk, and Cocoa, when it comes to these hot drinks you KNOW we’re bout that life. Opening up with a hot new segment, Dylan and Drew take the Cosmopolitan quiz, “Which Starbucks Drink Are You?” Which Starbucks Drink is Drew? Find out in the newest episode of Worst Thing Ever! This Week’s Questions: - What is the Best and Worst Alternative to Tea...

Duration: 00:35:45

#15: Beer Talk (feat. Michael Krewson)

This week we’re joined by Michael Krewson from the stellar beer creation and discussion podcast, Fogmatic! We reminisce about our mutual middle school bully, Kevin, share our sure-fire flirtation tactics, and learn a little bit about beer brewing. Can Michael make the two pals beer aficionados? Probably not, but at least they’ll be closer. This Week’s Questions: - Best and Worst Drink to Throw in Kevin, Your Middle School Bully’s Face - Best and Worst Food to Pair with Your PBR -...

Duration: 00:50:22

#14: Libertarian Cuddling (feat. Cole Thannisch)

Cole Hunter Nickolas Farmer-Thannisch (I know, we’re not happy about his name either) joins us this week as we discuss Gary Johnson’s new line of novelty mugs and who you do and don’t want DMing your upcoming game of Dungeons and Dragons. This Week’s Questions: - Best and Worst Time to be Wearing a Cape - Best and Worst Substitutes for Money - Best and Worst Person to DM your Dungeons and Dragons game The “How Confused will David Roth Be with this Episode?” Score: 9/10

Duration: 00:54:17

#13: In Regards to Nick Jonas

You know him. You love him. We ALL harbor a precious place in our hearts for forever young heartthrob, Nickolas Jonas.™ In an attempt to inspire similar feelings of undying love, Dylan and Drew set out to mention the youngest Jonas as much as possible in this week’s episode of Worst Thing Ever. This Week’s Questions: - Best and Worst Cliche Halloween Costume - Best and Worst Doomsday Scenario involving Nick Jonas - Best and Worst Video Game to be Adapted into VR (Featuring Nick...

Duration: 00:44:02

#12 Go-Karting 101 (feat. James Hatem)

Having neglected to bring him on the show sooner, the pals attempt to patch things up with their dear friend James Hatem from wild boy rock band, The Transfers. They reminisce about wild stories from James’ past involving pranks and airplanes among other things, and come out stronger as a team in the end! This Week’s Questions: Best and Worst Time to go Go-Karting Best and Worst Rookie Mistake Best and Worst American Tradition The “How Confused will David Roth Be with this...

Duration: 00:33:43

#11: Holy Hostess Empire

Drew suffers from delusions of grandeur as he embarks on a quest to make the Hostess snack company the primary law of the Earth. The pals also discuss Dylan’s saint-like patience while dealing with door-to-door missionaries that just won’t quit. This Week’s Questions: - Best and Worst Person to Crash Your Family Reunion - Best and Worst Profession in Which You Get Uber Dirty - Best and Worst Reason This Helicopter is Flying Over Our House Right Now The “How Confused will David Roth...

Duration: 00:44:39

#10: Who, Me? (feat. Brooks Dawson)

Famous bassist (at least in our hearts) Brooks Dawson joins the pals in a nightmarish reminiscing session of their high school years as well as how #Tough they all are. This Week’s Questions: Best and Worst first classes to discover you have in high school? Best and Worst forms of peer pressure? Best and Worst thing to use instead of marshmallows to finish your s’mores? The “How Confused will David Roth Be with this Episode?” Score: 5.5/10

Duration: 00:57:07

#09: Dylan and Drew Fix Star Wars

Star Wars is pretty good, but let’s be real here, there are some improvements that could be made. Dylan and Drew talk about the best and worst potential additions George Lucas could add to the landmark series (spoiler alert, puppies are involved). Always on the lookout for new potential markets, the two then discuss several extremely relevant and buzzed about topics such as Gogurt, Ayn Rand, and the Neo-Plotinian “One.”

Duration: 00:59:38

#08: Just Google It [Dylan Discovers the Internet] (feat. Erin Anderson)

Skittles, the beloved candy treats, have many potential uses. Eating as a snack, spelling out a secret message, and of course chucking at your heroes. The pals are joined this week by Dylan’s former professor and boss, Erin Anderson, to free associate about the contents of heaven, compare dog breeds, and criticize Dylan’s attempts at bonding with his idols. Sorry Matt Thiessen! That’s the price of fame.

Duration: 00:59:11

#07: The Funniest Felony We May Have Committed (feat. Jeremiah Stricklin)

The boys are back and at it again! And this time they're joined by songsmith extraordinaire, Jeremiah Stricklin from Oh, Jeremiah. The three set out to do what only they can: talk about such important topics as Top Gun, funerals, and Live Action Role Play (or LARPing, for all you hip people). If you're a fan of vape stories and Chumbawumba trivia, you’ll love this. *winky face*

Duration: 01:05:08

#06: Dylan and Drew Take Over OkCupid

Dylan and Drew take turns creating the other’s OKCupid profile, resulting in two very honest portrayals of these two eligible bachelors. They discuss the ideal outcomes of a witch’s curse as well as the unparallelled temptation a Klondike Bar poses. And in direct defiance of logic, reason, and parental advising, the two continue to talk about Sonic The Hedgehog for an extended period of time.

#05: Almond Milk Errors (feat. Chris Burke)

Chris “Crispy Boy” Burke joins the pals in their ongoing quest for knowledge and truth. The three get right down to business and talk about the important issues of today, such as Cher’s intrinsic value, Will Smith’s inexplicable appearance in “Castaway,” and proper education for your baby. What does the song “Butterfly Kisses” have in common with school assemblies? An uncomfortable story from Drew’s past!

#04: Bread Is Murder (feat. TK Hanley)

From the ashes of the phoenix A THIRD FRIEND EMERGES. Dylan and Drew are joined by TK Hanley to talk about their ideal lovers, bad baby names, and the wellbeing of the daughter the three are raising together... With a smattering of toilet humor in the mix as well.

Duration: 00:55:41

#03: Horse Uruk-hai

Dylan and Drew are back from the past, and this week they’re tackling the BIG QUESTIONS. How can we replace standardized tests? Who is Drew’s favorite famous dad? Which sport does Dylan hate the most? All this and more in this week’s episode of Dragon Ba... I mean, Worst Thing Ever.

Duration: 00:56:41

#02: Double the Van-Damage

The pals are transported back into the ‘90s! A montage of Boy Bands, Narnia, and Sonic is the terror that ensues. Dylan reminisces about totaling his car (and totaling a house as well). Will our friends make it back from the memory zone, or is this the last we’ll hear from these precious boys?

Duration: 00:52:45

#01: Dylan And Drew Do Some Fish Crimes

Dylan and Drew discover a niche in the market for fish freedom fighters and spend a little too much time talking about Dragon Ball Z. Join these pals in their nightmare vision quest as they discuss which dictator loved dogs the most, the strange addition of gluten to rat poison, and much, much more.

Duration: 00:33:17