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Ladies, It’s Time We Started Talking About Money, episode #22

Everyone knows there are a few topics that can make any conversation awkward in a heartbeat. Religion. Health. Politics. Death. But when it comes to the most difficult conversation you can possibly have, stats show one subject is avoided more than any other: Talking about money. Eight in 10 women confess they have refrained from discussing their finances with those they are close to. Only 47% of women feel confident when talking about finances with a financial professional—compared to 77%...


Millennials Are Choosing Small-Town Charm: A Community-Minded Series, PART 1, with Nick Villaume, episode #21

The thought of small-town life may sound undesirable for some, but there are benefits to small-town living which may just have you packing up to leave the bright lights faster than a New York minute. In this episode, Nick Villaume, a local entrepreneur, and influencer in Lake Charles joins Dustin and I to talk about the benefits of living and working in a small town, why you should be an ambassador for your community and why loving where you live can dramatically improve your quality of...


Investing Wisdom You Can Bank On, Part 2 episode #20

Sometimes the best advice can be found in the most unexpected places. On today’s episode, Dustin R. Granger, CFP®, and Danielle Granger Nava share some investing wisdom gleaned from two unlikely sources, a hockey player, and a famous actor/cowboy. Listen to this episode to hear these two amazing financial strategies! What would investing advice from Wayne Gretzky look like? If given the chance to sit down with Wayne Gretzky, most people would not think to ask him about financial advice,...


Find Your Tribe: The Power of Niche Facebook Groups, episode #19

Facebook is evolving to focus more on building communities, and groups are the natural tools to help forge those new kinds of connections. One billion people already belong to Facebook groups. About 10 percent of those belong to groups that Facebook has identified as “very meaningful”—communities that “quickly become the most important part of someone’s experience on Facebook.” The power of niche The dictionary defines a niche as “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests...


Protect Your legacy And Your Loved Ones With Basic Estate Planning, episode #18

Creating a comprehensive estate plan to deal with your assets and provide for your loved ones after your death is one of the most rewarding tasks you can undertake. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your assets because you think you don’t have any. In fact, a basic estate plan is an important financial document for everyone to have. Broadly speaking, an estate plan encompasses the accumulation, conservation, and distribution of an estate. A good plan will enhance and maintain the...


Investing Wisdom You Can Bank On, Part 1 episode #17

What if I told you that the best investing advice may have already been shared with the world? Would you lean in, suddenly interested to know what this advice is and why you haven’t heard it before? Would it put your mind to rest, knowing that there is a solution to a seemingly unpredictable way to build wealth? In the next several episodes, we are going to share investing wisdom from several of the industry legends. Most of these quotes are not new, in fact, they have been repeated over and...


13 Reasons You Should Start A Personal Blog, With Danielle Granger-Nava, episode 16

Blogging can be incredibly valuable to a variety of people and for a variety of reasons. Blogging is not just for businesses! I’ve benefited personally, professionally, and financially from blogging. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet. Here are 13 reasons why I think YOU should start blogging! What does it take to start a blog? Anyone who thinks that blogging isn’t challenging hasn’t really done it. It is a challenge to sit down and write, and to do that consistently. It is a...


Choosing Your Personal Finance Expert: Financial Coach, Financial Advisor, Or Financial Planner: Which Should You Use?, Episode 15

Getting your finances in order can be a challenge. It's not the most exciting topic for many people and it can be confusing to try to make sense of all of the details without making a mistake. Many people seek out professionals to help them organize, manage, and optimize their finances. There are lots of options out there, and each of them do slightly different things. So, what type of financial professional should you use? On this Worth It episode, Dustin R. Granger, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL...


Understanding Your Personal Rate of Return, episode 14

If you are investing money, you are should be paying attention to your rate of return, interest rate and expected yield. There are a lot of confusing numbers and jargon that go along with investing, so we are dedicating this episode to explaining a few of these terms! Understanding a rate of return A rate of return is the gain or loss on an investment over a specified time period, expressed as a percentage of the investment’s cost. Gains on investments are defined as income received plus...


Financial Planning For Entrepreneurs, episode 13

Being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of expertise in a lot of different areas. One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful business owner is having your finances in order; after all, with no money, you've got no business. I have had an entrepreneurial drive since I was young, and understand the importance of having a financial plan in place for your business. On this episode, Dustin R. Granger, CFP® and I share a few tips entrepreneurs can use to gain income...


It’s Your Story: 7 Ways To Live Life As Your Own Main Character, episode #12

Imagine someone asks you to write a story. They give you the title: A Perfect Life. Except you don’t get to choose the main character. And you don’t have much control over their childhood. Oh, and you can’t pick their family either. But their friends? All their relationships, jobs, and each and every choice they make in their life? That’s all you. You’re the guiding hand in their personal adventure where, at every stop, your pen writes the next paragraph. Because you are the main character...


IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k)…what the heck is the difference, episode #10

We’ve all heard the warnings and are well aware that we should save more for retirement. And now that it’s a new year, it’s a good time to resolve to take concrete steps to do just that. Before one can take the first step, however, you must have an understanding of these retirement accounts so you can make an educated decision on which one is best for you and your situation. We know there’s a lot of confusion around this topic, so we break it all down for you. Uncle Sam wants you to save...


Going Beyond Resolutions Through Goal System Development, episode #11

Happy New Year! Here at the Worth It podcast we’re excited to share with you our advice on how to go beyond stereotypical New Year’s resolutions and move into a goal system development mindset. It’s one thing to have good intentions after the holidays and another to take concrete steps towards accomplishing the visions you have for yourself. Living your ideal life starts with developing daily lifestyle habits and systems. Don’t miss our engaging conversation on this episode of Worth...


Practicing Gratitude is your Soul-Revitalizing Super Power, Episode #6

Happy Holidays! Welcome back to Worth It, the podcast designed to help you dream, plan and live your ideal life! In this episode, we want to take the time to focus on the importance of gratitude! The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they're thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger...


Here's Why Women Are Better Investors Than Men, episode #8

Research shows that, on average, women invest better than men. Despite a growing body of evidence to suggest that women are gifted at investing, there is still a lack of confidence regarding the subject. If women will engage in the process of learning investing, like they have saving and budgeting, all signs point to the fact that they will be tremendously successful. The Wage Gap Women are paid 20 percent less than their male counterparts performing the same job, according to the...


Investing Basics with Dustin Granger CFP®, episode #7

Smart investing is more than just numbers, stocks, and market stats. Investing can help you build the dream you have for your life, live a lifestyle that suits you and helps you to retire one day. It may seem overwhelming, even risky at first, but trust me, you’re Worth It! Dustin and I talk about basic investment options in this episode, so grab a pen! If you have never stopped to calculate exactly what it would cost you, in financial terms, to achieve your desired lifestyle - this is a...


Insurance Planning with Dustin Granger, episode #6

If insurance planning makes your head spin, or you are looking to re-evaluate the type coverage you need, you should listen to this episode of worth it with Dustin Granger CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. We talk about why insurance is an important part of your security pillar and how to plan for each stage of life, from single to married to long-term home care. Look at the whole picture If you are just starting to learn about insurance or have been “in the know” for a long time, it is...


Financial Planning for Millennials, Episode #5

Today, Millennials make up 1/4 of the United States population or a total of 83.1 million people. There are significant differences between our parent’s generation and millennials. We were the first generation to grow up with easy access to computers and the first generation of the internet. Most millennials prefer to live in urban villages, with lots of opportunities for connection and social interaction. We also grew up in one of the most tumultuous economic settings since the Great...


Saving for the Future While Enjoying Life Now, episode #4

Today, Dustin and I sit down to talk about the second pillar of life planning, security. For many people, saving can be stressful and overwhelming, so they avoid the subject and fail to create a plan. The reality is, if this discipline is developed early on, it can have profound effects on your quality of life later on. If you started this process at a later age, there are still several things you can do to maximize your retirement fund and savings. On this episode, Dustin and I talk about...


Developing Your Personal Vision, Episode #3

Your future is determined by the vision that you set in place for your life. Without vision, you cannot have a plan for where you want to be, what you want to achieve or the impact you want to make. Dustin and I share some powerful ways to help clarify your personal vision on this episode of Worth it! What would you do with immortality? That question seems like a fun one to talk about, right? With no time limits, it’s fun to think about all the things you could do, the places you would...


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