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Investing Basics with Dustin Granger CFP®, episode #7

Smart investing is more than just numbers, stocks, and market stats. Investing can help you build the dream you have for your life, live a lifestyle that suits you and helps you to retire one day. It may seem overwhelming, even risky at first, but trust me, you’re Worth It! Dustin and I talk about basic investment options in this episode, so grab a pen! If you have never stopped to calculate exactly what it would cost you, in financial terms, to achieve your desired lifestyle - this is a...

Duration: 00:46:50

Insurance Planning with Dustin Granger, episode #6

If insurance planning makes your head spin, or you are looking to re-evaluate the type coverage you need, you should listen to this episode of worth it with Dustin Granger CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. We talk about why insurance is an important part of your security pillar and how to plan for each stage of life, from single to married to long-term home care. Look at the whole picture If you are just starting to learn about insurance or have been “in the know” for a long time, it is...

Duration: 00:27:33

Financial Planning for Millennials, Episode #5

Today, Millennials make up 1/4 of the United States population or a total of 83.1 million people. There are significant differences between our parent’s generation and millennials. We were the first generation to grow up with easy access to computers and the first generation of the internet. Most millennials prefer to live in urban villages, with lots of opportunities for connection and social interaction. We also grew up in one of the most tumultuous economic settings since the Great...

Duration: 00:45:03

Saving for the Future While Enjoying Life Now, episode #4

Today, Dustin and I sit down to talk about the second pillar of life planning, security. For many people, saving can be stressful and overwhelming, so they avoid the subject and fail to create a plan. The reality is, if this discipline is developed early on, it can have profound effects on your quality of life later on. If you started this process at a later age, there are still several things you can do to maximize your retirement fund and savings. On this episode, Dustin and I talk about...

Duration: 00:47:27

Developing Your Personal Vision, Episode #3

Your future is determined by the vision that you set in place for your life. Without vision, you cannot have a plan for where you want to be, what you want to achieve or the impact you want to make. Dustin and I share some powerful ways to help clarify your personal vision on this episode of Worth it! What would you do with immortality? That question seems like a fun one to talk about, right? With no time limits, it’s fun to think about all the things you could do, the places you would...

Duration: 00:17:37

Design the Life You Love With The 5 Pillars of Life Planning, Episode #2

Today, Dustin and I are celebrating several amazing events that have taken place in our personal lives, including the launch of the Worth It Podcast! We do a high-level introduction of the 5 pillars of life planning, including vision, security, wellness, legacy, and systems. In upcoming episodes, we will dive deep into each pillar with more details and action steps. The importance of vision Vision can be defined as mental exercises, or a new way to look at your life. Dustin says vision...

Duration: 00:17:54

Choose the Life You Want and Get Busy: Welcome to Worth It! Episode #1

Wow, we can hardly believe this is really happening, but it is. Welcome to the Worth It podcast. This first episode is a conversation between my brother Dustin and me, Danielle. It's a snapshot of who we are, what we believe, and why we are doing this podcast. We are Millennials and we work in the financial industry and help people like you with life planning. It’s our goal to help you live your best life, your fairy tale life - and it’s not all about money, investments, and retirement...

Duration: 00:39:01