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Top of the Morning, Bottom of the Bottle. Every other week, Kat and Chris yuck it up over drinks, discussing everything from pop culture, to politics, to personal triumphs and social faux pas. With ridiculous banter, unexpected guests, poignant insights, and their own amateur libation reviews, you never know where the Wreckless Breakfast "oddcast" will take you.




Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #18: Karate Choppin' Bottle Openers & Dummy Drops

WE'RE BACK! You didn't think Kat and Chris were gone for good, did you!? Hell no! They couldn't stay away from those golden mics for too long, and this time around, their getting back to their roots, Starsky and Hutch style! Prepare yourself for some good ol' laughs, dry humor, songs, hand breaking, and a Two Tone greetin'! Amongst many other things. So sit back, relax, pop open a cider, and let your ears enjoy the smooth sounds of.. WRECKLESS BREAKFEAST WITH KAT AND CHRIS (Yes, we just...

Duration: 00:46:19

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #17: Hustler & Flow

Don't say we didn't warn you -- this may be the most risque oddcast Kat and Chris have ever conducted. And you better believe they're proud of it! Hustler Hollywood's Marketing Manager, Allison Johnston, joins Kat and Chris to share her insights on a day in the life of a Hustler employee, while showing off a wide collection of "toys" she brings in studio. Silicone feet anyone? Oh yes, and of course Bloody Mary's and champagne are involved. Listen in, just make sure your mom isn't in the room.

Duration: 00:41:24

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #16: Matthew McConaughey & Segway Tales

Actor and professional impressionist Ross Marquand joins Kat and Chris to chat about his new series, "The Impression Guys", his relation to Carlo Rossi, how girls truly react to impressions, and, of course segways. Naturally. As the conversation unfolds, be ready for a few extra surprise guests along the way, including a certain someone who won a certain prestigious award for a certain best actor performance in the last week or so. We'll stop there before we give away too much. Just...

Duration: 00:41:24

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #15: Space Pants and Nerd Words

Nerdist Editor-in-Chief, Brian Walton joins the dynamic duo for a little bit of Veev Lemonade on the rocks and end up coining a spoof of FX's THE AMERICANS right off the bat. Later down the road, conversation revolves around Kat's new space pants, Brian's history as a scholarship recipient and b-movie buff, what The Nerdist has become over the years, and Chris invites the audience's pregnant listeners to share a special glass of deliciousness. Listen up. Drink up. Enjoy responsibly. S/O to...

Duration: 00:37:06

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #14: The Moscow Mule-tilation of 2014

Kat and Chris return to 2014 with vengeance, riding on a couple of Moscow Mules. The duo ravages through the best and worst of award season, ponder what Martin Luther King's struggle would've been like in this day and age, their best and worst Valentine's moments, and even compose their Death Wish - a list of dead people they would've loved to have on the show. FUN! Plus they come up with their own new drink: The French Horse. Want to help come up with the recipe? Tweet us at "wbkc_podcast"

Duration: 01:06:43

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #12: 1st Annual Spookstravaganza w/ Alie and Georgia

For the first ever ever ever ever Spookstravaganza, Food Network celebrity mixologists, Alie and Georgia join Kat and Chris in an intoxicating set of rants ranging from farting psychologists, to poor choices in Halloween costumes, worst job stories, and an epic round of "Eff, Marry, Kill." Plus the other duo explains how they come up with some of the world's craziest cocktails for TV, the web, and your mouth. #Drinks #Bartending #FoodNetwork #Mixology

Duration: 01:07:10

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #11: Sh*t Movies, Bourbon, and Two-Tone!

With the sweet taste of bourbon on their tongues, Kat and Chris discuss the birth and philosophy of the International Sh*t Movie Film Festival with creator Lon Strickland, reminisce on their worst (and best) birthdays, and debate the "Facebook 5"... Sh*t gets crazy, literally.

Duration: 01:19:47

Wreckless Breakast (WBKC) #10 : Beermosas with Karo Parisyan

For the 10th Episodeversary, Mixed Martial Arts legend, Karo Parisyan joins Kat and Chris for an epic unapologetic exploration of fighting, relationships, war, sex, peeing oneself, and a few other generally inappropriate behavioral topics. Meanwhile with the help of a little Blue Moon, Mixed Beverage Arts legends, the duo whips up a concoction like no other. Plus in true WBKC fashion, the cliffhanger ending to end all cliffhangers. #MMA #Judo #UFC #Bellator

Duration: 00:57:40

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #9: Riches In Your Britches

With the courage of Bacardi's new Oakheart rum, the duo chats about the problem with chicks in Las Vegas, reviews their worst dates ever, and invites @LaMuff down for an interview and performance, (only to find that she was ranked above Al Gore as one of the 50 people most likely to change the world). And to top it off, someone dies during the second ever WBKC Facebook 5.

Duration: 01:19:48

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #7: "Snickers Bar, B**ch!"

Kat and Chris sip some Moscato and Kat belts out a show tune... In between, the dynamic duo get into everything from Orange is the New Black, Diff'rent Strokes, arguments about trannies, pet peeves, bad dance moves, and winning their high school talent shows... oh and Kat gets shot.

Duration: 01:04:23

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #6: 4th of Julio

After cracking open a bottle of So-Co, the duo gets into everything from the origin of racial epithets to cavities, girl fights, Prop 8, cooking with pineapples, and Paula Deen. Plus award winning author Drew Stepek stops by to chat about his book, Knuckle Supper, and tell us about the time he got beat up by Vince Vaughn for the first ever Wreckless Breakfast "pick up chat."

Duration: 01:13:15

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #4: Bunny Meat

With Chris on 4 hours of sleep in 2 days, the duo stumbles upon the foulest phrase in WBKC history, and courageously tackle topics like ear infections, people with bee beards, super powers, Lando Calrissian's mustache, condoms in the porn industry, pimple defense, and bunny meat... and that's just the first half. As the Jack Daniels hone pours, THEN Kat tells the story of a botched meeting of Henry Cavill at a bar.

Duration: 01:09:28

Wreckless Breakfast (WBKC) #2: Daddy Dentist

Well who knew that teeth are made from Crystals?!! Kat and Chris explore everything under the sun from Marathons, to traveling to New York, to Nightclub day care, and tongue piercings over some Sweet Tea Vodka.

Duration: 01:14:17