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If you're an Aussie wrestling fan, this is the podcast for you! Kick off your weekend with Josh Armour and Todd Eastman. News, reviews and discussion on WWE, TNA Impact, Ring Of Honor, old-school, Australian indy wrestling, plus the comedy of New Jersey's "Chay-Lites". Also our Interview Editions showcase Australia's top wrestling personalities and the odd overseas star. More than 30 interviews with stars such as Rove McManus, Adam Pearce, Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez, Buddy Murphy and many others can be found on our YouTube channel. SUBSCRIBE to WRA on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.




AxeCast - EP14 - Maffew of Botchamania

The man behind one of wrestling's favourite YouTube shows is here! MAFFEW gets frank about weird doppelgangers, the conception and success of Botchamania, dog attacks, the UK wrestling industry, and more Simpsons references than you can poke a wacking stick at. For all episodes of AxeCast, subscribe to Wrestle Radio Australia Network on iTunes, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher OR your favourite podcast app. It's FREE! Visit Josh Shooter on...

Duration: 01:22:37

Drawing Heat - Mr Juicy Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s been 18 months since Mr Juicy last appeared on the Drawing Heat Podcast but as promised he’s back for Mr Juicy Vol 2. Electric Boogaloo! The timing for The Juicy Ones return couldn’t have been any better as the last 18 months have been a very pivotal period of time in the life and career of our incomparable mate Gino. Not only has he won two of the most prestigious championships in Australian wrestling, he was also the catalyst in bringing New Japan Pro Wrestling to Australia, where...

Duration: 00:59:14

Drawing Heat - Jarrad Slate: You Think You Know Me

Most people, especially regular listeners of this podcast only know Jarrad Slate as the Road Warrior inspired, face painted brawler who runs wild in Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW Perth) and entertains the fans with his unreserved vocal stylings. He’s a man that will punch you in the face and then proceed to tell you and everyone in the arena what just happened and how sucky it was for you but also how extremely enjoyable it was for him. Apart from that not too many people actually know the...

Duration: 02:29:31

Drawing Heat - EPW Hell Or Highwater

In this episode, Beej & The Dude review Explosive Professional Wrestling's (EPW Perth) Hell Or Highwater event. Following on from the amazing show that was Evolution, EPW upped the anty with a steel cage main event with the EPW Coastal Championship on the line, a grudge match between the EPW Champion and EPW's head referee and a fatal fourway to see who gets to represent WA at next months State of Origin. Plus, we cover the first round of matches to kick off the EPW Invitational...

Duration: 00:51:31

Where The Action Is - State of QLD Wrestling

Todd Eastman and 'Showtime' Jake Nova give their honest, unfiltered opinions on wrestling in Queensland. Who's nailing it? Who can improve? Do the womens' divisions need more of a focus? And what are some of the problems that are holding the industry back as a whole? (Apologies for the tech issues) Twitter - @WrestleRadioAU @BeastEastman Hear Where The Action Is, Drawing Heat, HeelingOut & AxeCast at WrestleRadioAustralia.libsyn.com. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on iHeart Radio,...

Duration: 01:40:38

The AxeCast - EP13 - KrackerJak

Before The Axe flew off to the UK, he caught up with 'The Mad Bastard' to talk Necro Butcher, memories from his early days in wrestling, the complexities of storytelling in live indie wrestling, and the ART of the heel turn: is it lost? All this & loads more in a great chat with one of the best wrestling minds around. (Thanks to Paul 'Jonesy' Jones for assisting with the recording of this chat) For all episodes of AxeCast, subscribe to Wrestle Radio Australia Network on iTunes, iHeart...

Duration: 01:18:43

Drawing Heat - Heritor's Nerdy Bits

On a chilly winters eve, Beej & The Dude ventured out to the castle of one of the mainstays of Perth's New Horizons Pro Wrestling, "The Australian Gothic" Heritor! What followed was hours of great chat and absolute lunacy. We chat about the beginnings of NHPW and tell stories about some of the international talent that came through there "before they were stars" like Kevin Owens, Heritor's collection of cats, his reflections on the lasting impression of Ballz Mahoney, the positive...

Duration: 02:52:08

Drawing Heat - EPW Evolution

In this episode, Beej & The Dude review Explosive Professional Wrestling's (EPW Perth) Evolution event, along with their special guest analyst, return guest Karlifornia Infirri. Being one of EPW's biggest nights of the year, all the stops were pulled out for this show, including an Match of the Year worth TLC match for the EPW Championship between the champion Logan Grey and Davis Storm, a lumberjack match and a battle royale with any title shot up for grabs. Check us out on Facebook...

Duration: 01:13:00

The AxeCast - EP12 - Mikey Jay (MCW)

Get the lowdown on the history of Melbourne City Wrestling from promoter Mikey Jay on this episode of AxeCast with Josh 'The Axe' Shooter. Also find out how MCW approach business, success, what got Mikey into the industry, his experiences booking, filming and loads more. For all episodes of AxeCast, subscribe to Wrestle Radio Australia Network on iTunes, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher OR your favourite podcast app. It's FREE! Visit Josh Shooter on...

Duration: 01:11:20

Drawing Heat - The Luchadore!

Today, Beej and The Dude sit down with their favourite luchadore, hailing from the Jewish quarter of Tijuana, the high flying Del Cano! They discuss topics such as the origins of “Del Cano” and the mask, wrestling in Israel on his gap year, Jewish culture, Disney movies and the Beauty & The Beast remake, Jewish humour and the mutual love that they all share for Seinfeld, The Simpsons & the music of Queen. Check us out on Facebook HERE! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram using the handle...

Duration: 01:14:14

Drawing Heat - EPW Collision Course

In this episode, Beej & The Dude review Explosive Professional Wrestling's (EPW Perth) Collision Course event. It was a night filled with some tremendous wrestling action including an epic No DQ match for the EPW Coastal Championship between the champion Gavin McGavin and Scotty Ryan and Generation Zero defended the EPW Tag Team Championships against The Solution in a brutal Elimination Tornado Tag match. Beej & The Dude give you a unique insight into all the matches plus much more all...

Duration: 01:16:28

Where The Action Is - WRA AllStars Panel

The *ALL NEW* 'Where The Action Is' debuts with Josh Armour & The WRA ALL-STARS: Josh Shooter, Beej & The Dude, & Todd Eastman. Topics include: Who should play Vince McMahon in the WWE Films bio pic? Shooter recaps Aussie All Pro's 'Road To HoH show'. Wrestling events held in theaters. Demi Bennett's send-off at RCW. Todd talks Queensland wrestling. Beej & Dude talk EPW Perth. ECW. Also, Beej attends an "alfresco" wrestling event. ...and the latest from Melbourne City Wrestling,...

Duration: 02:01:11

Drawing Heat - Perth's "Calgary Kids"

This week, Beej & The Dude sit down with recent Storm Wrestling Academy graduates Liam Mendel, Jay Taylor & Julian Ward to talk about their time in Calgary. We find out about their adventures along the way, including what Lance Storm is really like, the living arrangements in Calgary, their eclectic collection of other classmates, wrestling in the Canadian indys, the “advise” they got at the shows and Jules meeting his hero, Teddy Hart, at a Raw taping. Check us out on Facebook...

Duration: 01:42:46

WRA - Kaos Theory

Wrestle Radio Australia Network presents WRA with Josh Armour. On today's show, Josh chats with referee CHRISTIAN KAOS. Christian is a young guy with a big passion for pro wrestling. His thirst for knowledge saw him work in the USA for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, & learning from son of infamous ref Earl Hebner, TNA's Brian Hebner. Topics also include botches, the key role of the referee in pro wrestling, his home promotion AWE in Sydney, Adelaide and loads more. Twitter...

Duration: 01:51:50

Drawing Heat - Generation Zero Present... Generation Heat

Beej & The Dude sat down for a pre show chat with all 4 members of the hottest rising faction in Perth wrestling, Generation Zero. Join us as we chat with EPW Tag Team Champions “The Don” Michael Morleone & Hayden Zenith, “The Big Rig” Scotty Ryan, plus their newest member Allyson Cruz, to discuss topics such as the differences between when they all started training, Ally’s recent travels to Japan and Don & Hayden’s weight loss tips. Hayden also gets some practice in for his podcast...

Duration: 01:17:26

WRA - Hello Shazza

This chat was well overdue! SHAZZA McKENZIE joins Josh Armour on the line to talk pre-dinner sandwiches, being on WWE's NXT, SHIMMER, being a vampire, Unsocial Jordan, the new wave of womens' wrestling, Newcastle Pro Wrestling & plenty more! (the line was bad for the first couple of minutes) Twitter - @WrestleRadioAU @Shazza_McKenzie @JoshJDArmour @ButtsInSeatsPod Instagram - @JoshJDArmour @shazza_mckenzie @WrestleRadioAU Hear WRA, Drawing Heat, HeelingOut & AxeCast at...

Duration: 00:57:40

Drawing Heat - EPW Goldrush Recap

EPW Goldrush saw another great show put on, featuring a massive EPW Championship match with Logan Grey defending against Davis Storm, an early contender for EPW Match of the Year between Marcuis Pitt & Alex Kingston, plus the starting of a new heel stable that could rival The Solution. We recap the show and give you our thoughts on the show and what could come out of it for the rest of the year. Get your FNX.Network t-shirts HERE Check us out on Facebook...

Duration: 01:26:50

Drawing Heat - Karlifornication: The Redemption of Aston Crude

In this episode we hear the story of Karl Infirri, a young man who grew up with a love of pro wrestling and had a dream to one day make it in the pro wrestling business. But along the way Karl's journey took some unexpected turns. This then is a no holds barred and sometimes emotional look at the life of Karl Infirri as he tells the tale of his experiences within the wrestling business with a mixture of humour and self deprication and opens up about some of the darker times in his life...

Duration: 02:21:46

The AxeCast - EP11 - Joel Bateman

Joel Bateman's been around and seen alot. Hear he and Josh Shooter talk promoting, wrestling, being black-listed & loads more in this no-holds-barred chat. For all episodes of AxeCast, subscribe to Wrestle Radio Australia Network on iTunes, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, WrestleRadioAustralia.com OR your favourite podcast app. Visit Josh Shooter on Facebook. @JoshuaShooter @TheSmash_Hit @WrestleRadioAU #AxeCast The AxeCast is an ArmourPod Production for the Wrestle Radio Australia...

Duration: 01:11:45

Drawing Heat - Winging It With Robby Heart

With less than 12 hours to prepare, Beej & The Dude sat down with “The Darkest Soul” Robby Heart last month for an impromptu chat. They discuss his time wrestling in Japan, training in Canada at Santino Marella’s Battle Arts Academy and Robby’s other passion in life, his music and band Dead Joe. Get your FNX.Network t-shirts HERE Check us out on Facebook HERE! @DrawingHeat_Pod @WrestleRadioAU Hear Drawing Heat, WRA, HeelingOut & AxeCast at FNX.NETWORK via...

Duration: 00:36:33

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