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volume 8: random clothes line

Too busy with wrestle training this week so putting in a podcast with some random tracks that are special to me. All the best, Randle Saväge 9 times grand master wrestle slam champion Track list: 1. Andrea - Machine Spotify 2. Roel Salemink - Prophet Spotify 3. Layton Giordani - Live Again Spotify 4. Dast (Italy) - Acidrama Spotify 5. Gaga - Harm's Way Spotify 6. Layton Giordani - Where It Begins Spotify 7. Dense & Pika - Little Sun Spotify 8. Roel Salemink - Koray Spotify 9. Ramiro...


volume 7: le tough guy

Coming out of a northern Paris ghetto, Mano Le Tough is no stranger to trouble. Just don't ask him how he got the nick name "Le Tough". All the best, Randle Saväge 4 times WWG world champion Track list: 1. Mano Le Tough - Arganol Spotify 2. Mano Le Tough - Everything You've Done Before - Dixon Remix Spotify 3. Mano Le Tough - Primative People - Tale Of Us Remix Spotify 4. Howling - Howling - Âme Remix Spotify 5. Super Flu - mygut - Solomun Remix Spotify 6. Kieran Apter - All I Want...


volume 6: hauff every weekend

Helena Hauff, AKA Das Hamburg Boandlkramer, is a staple in the Hamburg wrestling scene. Her style and grace are only exceeded by the deadly power of her signature move, the Hauffnado. All the best, Randle Saväge 2 times WWE Grand Master Track list: 1. Helena Hauff - Spur Spotify 2. DJ Hell - Anything, Anytime - Solomun Remix Spotify 3. Depeche Mode - Cover Me - Erol Alkan White Light Rework Spotify 4. Perel - Die Dimension Spotify 5. DJ Hell - I Want U - Romina Cohn Remix Spotify 6....


volume 5: datassette cassette

Datassette, AKA the Hackney Hacksaw, has been on the wrestling circuit for a long while now. I faced him in a the ring back at the 1999 Great British Wrestle Off in Slough. Those were the glory days, big moves, no big commercial sponsors, just pure wrestle. I heard a rumour that Datassette actually learned his signature move, the Dalston Piledriver, from Richard Erwin Rood. All the best, Randle Saväge 4 times Muscle Mania Champion Track list: 1. Datassette - Mannequin on the Run...


volume 4: random pile driver

I am not featuring a specific wrestler this week as I am very busy training for the Siberian Regional Wrestle Jam qualifier. All the best, Randle Saväge 6 times Wrestle Showdown Winner Track list: 1. Ramiro Lopez - Loving You Spotify 2. The Reactivitz - Techno Home - Original Mix Spotify 3. Pig&Dan - Growler - Original Mix Spotify 4. Axel Karakasis - Hang Up - Alen Milivojevic Remix Spotify 5. ME & her - Wild Rage - Dense & Pika Remix Spotify 6. Marco Faraone - Over the Clouds...


volume 3: buff chitty kids

The Tuff City Kids are one of the most notorious wrestling crew to come out Germany. I saw them in action at the Chemnitz regional Wrestle Jam, back in 2010. Luckily for me I was only a spectator due to a shoulder injury. All the best, Randle Saväge 2 times WWEF Champion Track list: 1. Edu Imbernon - Underworld - Tuff City Kids Remix Spotify 2. The Black Madonna - A Jealous Heart Never Rests Spotify 3. Lauer - Alright Spotify 4. Pnau - Embrace Spotify 5. Bart Skils - Midnight Moving...


volume 2: nothing is nthng

Nthng must be new on the wrestling scene because I never heard of him. But this cat is sublime. Mark Kodiak told me that it was actually nthng that taught him his signature move, the Grizzly Bomb. Hopefully I will see him in the ring some time soon. All the best, Randle Saväge 5 times Wrestle Jam Slam Winner Track list: 1. nthng - It Never Ends Spotify 2. Recondite - Cleric Spotify 3. nthng - Community Spotify 4. Maetrik - Ninex 7-c - Original Mix Spotify 5. Extrawelt - Dark Side of...


volume 1: five o'klock

Steve Austin told me he faced Ben 'Cash Money' Klock in the ring back in the 2003 Slam Jam. He also said that Ben does yoga before every fight and keeps a very detailed log book of all his fights. All the best, Randle Saväge 3 times Wrestle Mania Grand Champion Track list: 1. Ben Klock - Twenty Spotify 2. The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me Spotify 3. Jonathan Kusuma - Mordor Disko Spotify 4. Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix) Spotify 5. Avatism - Things to do In New York City Spotify 6....