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We cover Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and the four major sports three days a week live Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We cover Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and the four major sports three days a week live Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
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We cover Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and the four major sports three days a week live Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.






WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Six

We are live tonight at 6pm CST talking all things the world of Pro Wrestling. 1-347-857-1060 is the mobile if you want to give a listen. We come at you first tonight discussing the cards that were released for all three New Beginning shows, two in Sapporo on January 27th and 28th, then the third in Osaka at Eidon Arena on February 10th. Each show has a great main event, and a very solid undercard as well to really stand out as three great shows. Last year we had the awesome matches with...

Duration: 01:59:49

Standing Eight Count: Episode 5

We are live at 10pm cst talking all things Boxing. 1-347-857-1060 is the call in on mobile to listen. We rewatch the Klitschko vs Joshua fight from last November and disucss the impact it has had on the Heavyweight Division. We rescore what could have been, and also what we are looking foward too in the division at hand. We breakdown the Errol Spence Jr fight from next Saturday and what we hope comes from a victory from the Champ. Elljiah has the bread and butter to build Spence to the top,...

Duration: 01:55:48

The Pop Culturists: Act 2.1 - Meet Alex and Kyle, They Like Pop Culture.

Oh, hello there. Didn't notice ya friend but welcome, nice of ya to come by. Oh! I'm sorry, here have a seat and put your feet up. It's sure nice of ya to come by, we got a lot to talk about. Movie reviews, what's coming out this weekend, and a little Manic minute from Alex. Golden Globes: Nice little recap of the event. Oprah's OWN moment, winners, losers and more. Box Office Beatdown: Who is leading this week's top 5 in Box Office Sales. We'll breakdown the weekend's numbers and what...

Duration: 02:15:05

Sportscast Radio 1-9-18

We come to you live tonight talking all things in the world of sports. It's a midnight madness edition! Listen via mobile at 1-347-857-1060. The national championship is in the books and we talk the game. Alabama made it happen and won Nick Saban his sixth title. We talk what's next for the coach, and how much longer will he continue to coach at this high level. We also breakdown our bean boozled bowl challenge. It was bad, and we talk our picks outcome. The wild card weekend was...

Duration: 01:59:15

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Five

We are live tonight at 6pm CST with a new episode of WrestleCast Radio! Give a listen online, or via mobile at 1-347-857-1060. We also will be announcing the 2017 Awards winner and who won the $50 gift card! We open tonight discussing one last time Wrestle Kingdom 12. After a few rewatches, some match grades have changed for Ryan, and he also is ready to defend the main event as a instant classic, and one of the greatest stories ever told in a ring between two...

Duration: 02:01:46

Standing Eight Count: Episode 4

We come to you live at 10pm CST tonight talking all things the world of Boxing! 1-347-857-1060 is the mobile number to listen. We come to you with a refresher show for our new year, as we talk all things for the upcomming 2018 Boxing calendar. We discuss some upcomming fights kicking off the 1st quarter of the year. Dmitry Bivol defends his portion of the Light Heavyweight Title soon, as we discussed him a a breakout from last year. We also talk Errol Spence Junior and his title defense on...

Duration: 01:59:50

Sota Sound Radio: 01. Back Again for the First Time.

Sota Sound Radio, the late night Hip Hop and R&B straight outta Saint Paul, Minnesota. Moving over to Sota Sound Radio, this is the very first episode hosted by Kyle "Half Pint" Adams. Thanks to Strong Style Media for the platform. We have a fun episode for ya'll tonight. Call me Uncle Maury: So in the middle of Cardi B and Offset's estranged love child rumor/controversy. Maury Povich gets trendy and offers...Help. Hear what he had to offer and other news in the Mainstream world at the top...

Duration: 01:26:26

WrestleCast: Wrestle Kingdom 12 Review

We are live today at 4:30 pm with our Wrestle Kingdom 12 review! 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen via mobile. We breakdown the entire card match by match, discussing the show from top to bottom. What was our favorite match, least favorite, and all the highs and lows. Did the show deliver? We take a look also at New Years Dash, and what could be some angles to kick off 2018 for the company. Make sure to rate, subscribe, comment and like us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Radio...

Duration: 01:35:00

WrestleCast: Wrestle Kingdom 12 Preview

Tonight we come live at 11pm CST with our Wrestle Kingdom 12 lead in show! 1-347-857-1060 for moblie listens. We kick off tonight breaking down the Wrestle Kingdom 12 card. Michael Whitlow from @thenewsdispatch comes by to chat again as we go from the top to the bottom of the card. What will be our match of the night we think, what crazy surprises are we hoping for, does anyone fun show up in the Rumble, and how will Okada vs Naito stand up to last years Main Event? Time for some fun, as we...

Duration: 01:58:18

Standing Eight Count: Episode 3

We come to you live tonight at 11:30pm CST talking the world of Boxing. We discuss our 2017 Fighter, Fight, Knockout and Prospect of the year. The guys discuss both lists, and also give a thought as to what else really stood out to them in 2017. We are going to watch live the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez fight from September. We will tell ya when we are hitting play on the HBO on demand feed, so feel free to jump and in and watch along, as we discuss, score and talk the fight that...

Duration: 01:58:32

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Five

We come to you live today at a special 1pm start time. 1-347-857-1060 to hear via mobile. We come to you on the first of many shows to start 2018. We begin with Raw and Smackdown Live from last week. Did the Christmas Raw do enough to keep the fans, and how did Smackdown fair the night after, as both shows had a lively crowd. We go into the second fall discussing all things 2017. The highs as lows are discussed, and also we talk about what is next. After the amazing match quality (sorry WWE)...

Duration: 02:01:07

Sportscast Radio 12-27-17

Tonight we come at ya late night again, for another week in sports. 1-347-857-1060. We discuss the current standings in our Bean Boozled challenged with the College Football bowl games. We talk wins and loses, and also the slew of games coming up over the next few days. Week 16 is in the books, and boy do we have a fun week 17 in the NFL to look forward to. We talk the current playoff situations, and what to expect going into Wild Card Weekend in just two weeks. XFL? Ball League Basketball?...

Duration: 02:01:15

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Four

We are live with a late night start time. 11:30pm CST for some wrasslin! 1-347-857-1060. We open with some WWE discussion as we talk last weeks Raw and Smackdown Live shows. Ryan has a few takes after his normal PPV rewatch from the week, and how that leads into 2018 with some of these angles. We breakdown our thoughts on next weeks Wrestle Kingdom 12. Our preview will be live next week, but we give a quick rundown of the show, and give thoughts on the excitement level on each match. We...

Duration: 01:59:40

Sportscast Radio 12-19-17

We are live late night at 1am tonight coming at ya with another episode of Sportscast Radio! We talk the week in NFL as we talk the crazy finishes, and also how the playoffs stack up going into the last two weeks. Bowl season is here and we give our picks as we talk the fun that is College Football. Beanboozled for the losers, meaning if we get a pick wrong, we struggle on a live facebook episode. Kobe Bryant has his two numbers retired as he should, as we talk the Lakers retiring his...

Duration: 02:00:57

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Three

Tonight we come at you starting at 6pm CST with a jam packed show. Literally. 1-347-857-1060. We open by touching on any big of news and rumors that come to mind. No format, just a quick, hey this happened. RIP Tom Zenk. Second fall moves Outside The Universe as we talk both New Japan Road To shows from Sunday and Monday. New Champs as Ryan perdicted, a great advancement to a fantastically built Main Event at Wrestle Kingdom, a Masked Horse, and more. Also in the second fall, we talk ROH...

Duration: 02:01:10

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-Two

We are live at 6pm CST tonight talking all things Wrestling! Catch us on mobile at 1-347-857-1060 as well. We open the show tonight discussing the news and rumors coming from the world of Pro Wrestling. Bad news coming out of the world as Rich Swann was arrested over the weekend, and more has come out on the Michael Elgin situation that is taking a turn for the worst. We discuss the two, and the impact it may have going forward for the two. The injury bug has hit the world also as two top...

Duration: 02:02:00

WrestleCast Radio: Year End Award Nominees

We are live tonight at 11pm CST with our Year End Awards nomination show! 1-347-857-1060 to listen via mobile. We have received submissions from all over and we announce the finalists for all twenty categories, from Best Male and Female, show of the year, all the way to the worst match and feud. The process was a challenging one as this has been one crazy year of wrestling, but we feel the cream has risen to the top. Give a listen as we will also announce how you can win yourself a Amazon...

Duration: 01:56:00

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty-One

Tonight we come to you live at 6pm CST! 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen via mobile. We come to you with the news and rumors from the world of pro wrestling to start the show off tonight. Could Cody and the Young Bucks sell out a 10k seat venue? Speaking of selling out, the numbers the Bullet Club are making on t-shirt sales are bonkers! We chat both up. One of the longest tenured WWE employees has finally be removed from the company, and we talk the impact he had with the company....

Duration: 02:08:16

Sportscast Radio 12-3-17

We are live tonight at 10pm CST with the latest episode of Sportscast Radio! 1-347-857-1060. We open tonight talking all things the world of College Football. We discuss the four teams that made the College Football Playoffs, what we think could stand to change, did they leave anyone out also? We discuss as well the coaching changes in the NCAA as well. We discuss the week in the NFL as the playoffs are forming. We talk who is in and out, and what teams may make a late push into the...

Duration: 02:01:06

WrestleCast: Episode Fifty

Tonight we are live at 6pm CST talking all things wrestling. 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen on moblie. We open tonight as normal discussing all the happenings in the world of wrestling. Did Kurt Angle's son finally get brought back to reality? Lucha Underground giving talent a exit? A confusing and obvious Wrestlemania match in the works, do we care? What is with the Finn Balor booking talks? Starrcade was a it, and it looks to be a regular staple now, with that what else should...

Duration: 02:01:09

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