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The wrestling show about fans and fun! It's a no holds barred look at professional and independent wrestling as we forever prove that it's about fun! You never know who's going to stop by with current and former TNA, WWE Legends, Ring of Honor, and up and coming stars already lending their voices to our five years online!

The wrestling show about fans and fun! It's a no holds barred look at professional and independent wrestling as we forever prove that it's about fun! You never know who's going to stop by with current and former TNA, WWE Legends, Ring of Honor, and up and coming stars already lending their voices to our five years online!
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Pittsburgh, PA


The wrestling show about fans and fun! It's a no holds barred look at professional and independent wrestling as we forever prove that it's about fun! You never know who's going to stop by with current and former TNA, WWE Legends, Ring of Honor, and up and coming stars already lending their voices to our five years online!








Lucha On Ice | Wrestling Mayhem Show 610

We’ve got a super special treat as we’re joined by Chris DeJoseph, Co-Executive Producer of Lucha Underground! As far as our usual host of mayhemmers, we’ve got Sorg, Chad, Larry, Mainstream Matt, Mad Mike, and Bobby F J-Town talking about: Chris DeJoseph is coming to us FROM the new Lucha Underground temple. There are some growing pains with Lucha Underground moving to a new temple. What we’ve learned so far from Chris DeJoseph: Spare no expense when it comes to porta-potties. Because we’ve...


Jeff Jarrett is the Milli Vanilli of Wrestling | Wrestling Mayhem Show 609

The Beast Man brings his dino bone with him as he joins us in studio for this week's show. He's chatting with our stable of wrestling fans, Matt, Wheelz, Mad Mike, Sorg and Mutilator Larry, as they're talking about: We are having a Mad Mike identity crisis on this week's show. Jeff Jarrett is the Milli Vanilli of wrestling. Elimination Chamber happened. We're sharing thoughts. Mandy Rose had some firsts...maybe not what she'd like to be known for, though. Sad John Cena is a thing, guys. Is...


The Ballad of Logan Shulo | Wrestling Mayhem Show 608

We’re deep in the throes of Mayhem Mania this week as things keep getting more and more intense! As an added bonus, we have one of the area’s hottest tag teams in studio as we’re joined by “The Gavel” David Lawless and Officer Dan. We’re talking all things wrestling this week, including: Thanks to David Lawless, the term moron is now a term of endearment among our crowd. Thanks to Billy Johnson for our OFFICIAL Rusev Day calendar for the studio. Now we know that every day is Rusev Day! Bobby...


Sanity, Wolfe, and Young – Attorneys at Law | Wrestling Mayhem Show 607

It's a packed house for this year's Mayhemmies episode with Billy Johnson, Chad the Shad, Larry, Sorg, Mad Mike, and Bobby F J-Town. This week we're talking about: It's time for the Mayhemmy winner announcements - including a special address for the Best Dressed guest! We have Duke Davis live via video to accept his Best Dressed award as part of the best dressed tagteam guests Locked 'n Loaded. Congratulations to Eric VanWagenen on the Interview of the Year Mayhemmy! The Award for Excellence...


Darkwing Spud | Wrestling Mayhem Show 606

It's the second week of Mayhem Mania! Just for the occasion, we've got a direct connection to Yinza the Pittsburgh Luchador with Dave Fedor joining us in studio. Of course we've got our usual crew of Sorg, Matt, Larry, Mad Mike, and Rizz talking this week in wrestling, including: So, Coach is back, and apparently Booker T isn't happy about it. SadTozawa 205 Live going back to a Cruiserweight Classic model? We're digging it. Will we be seeing a Neville return? We're tracing down the name...


Wrestling Mayhem Show 605: The Return of Mayhem Mania

It's a full house this week as we've got Sorg, Larry, Bobby, Mad Mike, Billy, and Mainstream Matt in studio. As a special treat, comedian Jaye Cooper joins us as we kick off Mayhem Mania! This week's show is packed. We're a few days removed from NXT Takeover, the Royal Rumble, and a host of other wrestling shows over the weekend - which means we have a TON to talk about:WMS The worst thing for Sorg - when he can't recognize local wrestlers in their street clothes. So much rumbling happened...


Rumble with Elias | Wrestling Mayhem Show 604

We’ve got a special guest in studio this week as we’re joined by comedian Matt Light. And, there is a ton of stuff to talk about this week, including: Our guest Matt Light mixes wrestling with comedy. The best of both worlds. Larry has a foam finger – but not the finger you’re thinking… We are 1 degree of separation from Honky Tonk Man at this very moment. RVD has a comedy (?) show? So, RAW 25 happened last night. We’ve got plenty of thoughts. When Christian is compared to Marty Jannetty....


Rowe, Rowe, Rowe Your Boat - Right to WWE | Wrestling Mayhem Show 603

The snow may be accumulating here in Pittsburgh, that won't keep us from podcasting! We've got "The Bearcat" Keith Haught, Mad Mike, and Rizz on remote with Sorg in studio manning the switcher as we talk about this week in wrestling: Mad Mike may have a shot at the WWE tagteam championship. He's telling us all about it. WWE has some new talent coming to the performance center, including some Friend of the Show nods! Mad Mike is calling for War Machine v. The Revival. We've got grins like...


Corrupting Minors Since 2006 | Wrestling Mayhem Show 602

We've been doing this podcasting thing for 12 years, and we've got a special episode in store to mark the occasion. This week we're talking about: We've got Doc Remedy, Chad the Shad, and Steam Machine returning to the show for our 12th birthday! Steam Machine is the Undertaker of the Mayhem Show - only coming out for the big shows! We just mathed that we're as old as Wrestle Kingdom. We may or may not be going through the stories we touched upon 12 years ago during the infancy of our...


Nipple H | Wrestling Mayhem Show 601

This week International Wrestling Cartel commentator Farnsworth joins us to kick of 2018 in wrestling fandom! We discuss: WMS-601Our hometown boy Elias has been mixing it up with John Cena Vince McMahon is possibly venturing into MMA and pro football again. What could this mean? What is the Mixed Match Challenge, and why is it on Facebook Watch? And how do I wear it? The Women's Royal Rumble is announced. But what would we like to happen in it? We discuss the recent Absolute Intense...


TNA Impact Therapy | Wrestling Mayhem Show Special

For the week off, we present the biggest of WMS Super Friend Team Ups! Mad Mike has been reviewing TNA Impact Wrestling for years on the Mid Week War. Pro Wrestling Shirley Doe has done the same for his own blog. Now, they help each other reconcile their dark past. Check out more from Shirley Doe at http://bandsaboutmovies.podomatic.com Fan of the show, Brandon Mynatt, will be a participant in the 2018 Special Olympics as part of the Team Missouri Bowling Team. (Donate at:...


Indy Mayhem Show: An STD Christmas Special III

The STDs invade, then Santa, then leg wrestling, then it gets fuzzy. *Wrestling Mayhem Show urges you to drink responsibly this holiday


Earth 2 Daniel Bryan | Wrestling Mayhem Show 599

Marcus Mann can't seem to get enough of the mayhem. He made the trek back to the studio to join Sorg, Bobby F J-Town and Mad Mike for this week's episode. We had a lot to chat about, including: 205 Live is going to do house shows starting in January? On paper 205 Live is the best indy show ever. We need to see how it is in reality. Marcus Mann is educating us on the difference of a 205 Live show on TV versus live and how much better high flyers are live. Someone may have just compared Enzo...


Pale Leader, Badass Brunette, Hot Blonde | Wrestling Mayhem Show 598

The Heir Apparent, Chris LeRusso, graces us with his presence this week! He is joined by Sorg, Bobby, Larry, and Mad Mike to talk this week in wrestling, including:WMS The most interesting news of the week - it's like a real life Sold Out, but it'll be better. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are booking their own show guys! We're talking some interesting speculations on this Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks show. It's amazing what difference seating arrangements can make for a wrestling show....


Paul Heyman is an Evil Genius | Wrestling Mayhem Show 597

He's no Paul Heyman, but we can afford his booking fees! That's right, Church makes the drive to the new studio to join us on the big purple couch. He joins Larry, Chad, and Sorg to talk this week in wrestling, including: Larry is ready to jump right in with some War Games discussion! So wait - NO ROOF for War Games? Larry was impressed with Velveteen Dream during War Games. Of course Sorg is talking about the video implications involved with War Games. As crazy as War Games is - remember...


Six Star Matches | Wrestling Mayhem Show 595

It's a full show this week as we've got Old School Burt LeGrand in studio with Sorg and Larry. As a special treat, we've got Tonio Garza joining us online, and Mad Mike makes a stop by in the second half. They're talking this week in wrestling, including: AJ Styles v Brock Lesnar? Thank you WWE. Does this mean we'll see AJ Styles v Shinsuke Nakamura for Starrcade? Survivor Series 2017 - we're talking some of our predictions and speculations. Burt is calling for an in-ring return of Daniel...


Braun Mode | Wrestling Mayhem Show 592

We’ve got a super special guest in studio this week – so super it’s even in his name! Super Hentai is on the sofa with Mainstream Mat. Sorg is on the switcher. And, we’ve got Mad Mike on the interwebs as we’re talking all the things in wrestling, including: Matt can’t take Bray Wyatt anymore. We’re getting a professional opinion from a professional wrestler about Bray Wyatt with our guest Super Hentai. Dear WWE: Give us a Bray Wyatt 180 as a southern preacher like Jake the Snake with his...


The Band Is Back Together | Wrestling Mayhem Show 591

The Rev Ron Hunt FINALLY made it into the studio. He's joined by Chad the Shad, Mutilator Larry, and Sorg in studio. Rizz makes his triumphant digital return to the show as well. We're talking all the things in wrestling, including: We're talking some Hell in a Cell at the top of the show. Our in-studio guest, Ron Hunt, is talking about some of the crazy matches he's seen/been part of. When you're in a cell (cage) it's like being in a jail cell. Hype Bros are still together because they're...


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