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The wrestling show about fans and fun! It's a no holds barred look at professional and independent wrestling as we forever prove that it's about fun! You never know who's going to stop by with current and former TNA, WWE Legends, Ring of Honor, and up and coming stars already lending their voices to our five years online!








The Adam Cole Factor | Wrestling Mayhem Show 583

It's our SummerSlam Eve show, and we've got Sorg, Chad the Shad, Larry, and Mad Mike on air talking some wrestling. We have a lot to talk about, including: MutilatorLarry is back! Unfortunately there's no Magnum CK in studio tonight - BUT, he WILL be in studio on Friday for an Indy Mayhem recording. Sorg did something else, guys. www.pittsburghwrestling.com There's A LOT of wrestling in the Pittsburgh area. Mad Mike missed Smackdown Live because he was busy slinging toys. (Likely story.)...

Duration: 01:24:29

It's A Bruno Day in the Neighborhood | Wrestling Mayhem Show 582

We’ve got Katie Arquette as our in studio guest this week. She chats with Chad and Sorg locally, with Mad Mike and Rizz on the internets. Of course we’re talking about what’s happening in wrestling these days, including:WMS All red everything is gone, and we’re using the Mayhem Show as a support group. NXT needs some love since they’re bumping people up to the main roster. So, Ellsworth was back tonight. Does that mean his suspension is done already? Mad Mike is calling for Big Cass to...

Duration: 01:09:23

Three Pieces of Ham | Wrestling Mayhem Show 581

They haven't kicked us out of the new studio space, so we're back for the second week from our digs on Broadway Avenue. This week Sorg, Larry, Rob and Bobby are joined by Billy Ruxpin to chat about what’s happening in wrestling:WMS If you stopped watching RAW at 10:15, you were good to go. RAW was in Pittsburgh last night. Yep. We were there. MizTV and Jason Jordan are topping the show chatter tonight. Best part of the Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan visit to Pittsburgh could have been the...

Duration: 01:14:36

Punjabi Prison of Our Own Making | Wrestling Mayhem Show 580

It's the first Wrestling Mayhem Show in the new studio! Sorg, Mad Mike, Rizz, Rob, Larry and Chad the Shad get together to reminisce about our time in the studio and to talk about what’s happening in wrestling these days: WMS580We chat with an excited Rizz about the return of The Great Khali! We talk WWE Battleground Big Question: What gimmick match, and attached wrestler, would you like to see a come back? We look at GFW's latest wrestler merch policy and explore the state of Pro...

Duration: 01:34:44

Fluent in Cockney | Wrestling Mayhem Show 579

It's the last Mayhem Show in the Mayhem Studio. But, before the crew moves to the new studio, we've got one last hurrah for Wrestling Mayhem Show 579. Sorg, Chad, Larry, MadMike, Matt, Bobby, and a special birthday boy (Rizz) get together to reminisce about our time in the studio and to talk about what's happening in wrestling these days: Mad Mike is the Center Square. There's a PPV this weekend guys! Rizz is so happy about the Punjabi Prison Match. It's like WWE knew it was his birthday!...

Duration: 01:22:53

Baby Don't Kurt Me | Wrestling Mayhem Show 578

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, and Chad the Shad in studio this week, and they're joined by some very special guests! That's right, we've got Lee Moriarty and Shawn Phoenix sitting on the couch for Wrestling Mayhem Show 578 as the crew talks what's happening in pro wrestling this week, including: Great Balls of Fire was this past weekend! Did it live up to the hype? We're talking about the Stomp Out Cancer show (Saturday, July 15th) to support the American Cancer Society. We watched the Kurt...

Duration: 01:23:19

Squiggly Foofoofarts v. Julio Slamaknockknock | Wrestling Mayhem Show 577

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, Chad the Shad and Dudders in studio, with Rizz and Mad Mike on the digital front for Wrestling Mayhem Show 577. The crew is talking about what’s happening in pro wrestling this week, including: We’re either talking Joy of Painting or GLOW. Dammit DJ Lunchbox! You started all of this you dirty bastard! We’re talking some GLOW, because that’s what we do when wrestling things are part of mainstream TV. GLOW represents Indy Wrestling better than any of that Tough Enough...

Duration: 01:16:12

Long Time Host, First Time Listener | Wrestling Mayhem Show 576

We’ve got Larry, Dudders, Chad the Shad and Mad Mike in studio for Wrestling Mayhem Show 576. And, if you pay attention to this week's host, you'll notice we've replaced Sorg with our very own Mayhem Mania correspondent and friend in the mainstream media - Matt. Our wrestling-loving crew is talking about what’s happening in pro wrestling this week, including: WMS Sorg looks a little different this week... What happened this week in wrestling? We share our thoughts! We have some mixed...

Duration: 01:12:07

I Don't Deep Dive Doinks | Wrestling Mayhem Show 575

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, and Pro Wrestler/Booker Jake Garrett for Wrestling Mayhem Show 575, and they’re talking about what’s happening in pro wrestling this week, including: GLOW is coming to Netflix. What was the original show it was based off of like? We introduce Larry to Wrestlicious! That bear wrestling on WWE RAW has our attention We look at this weekend's Money in the Bank event We look at the history of Doink the Clown Big Question: Who would you add to current tag teams to create...

Duration: 01:50:13

A Rightful Sacrifice | Wrestling Mayhem Show 573

We’ve got Sorg, Larry, Madmike, and Wheelz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 573, and they’re talking about what’s happening, including: WMS1 We’re continuing our sad Enzo series on tonight’s show. The Revival is working on their album. We’ve got Sorg and Mad Mike doing Enzo and Cass impressions live on air. Is Enzo violating the wellness policy – by not being well? Kurt Angle needs the Fashion Police to crack his mystery. Sorg turned the tables on Mad Mike with Two Truths and A Lie. Our first...

Duration: 01:26:06

Wrestling Mayhem Show 572: El Hijo del Moppy

We're back in the studio with Sorg, Chad the Shad, Larry, and Madmike for Wrestling Mayhem Show 572 to talk what’s happening, including: The amount of wrestling this weekend The end of friendships with Gargano and Chiampa Jinder Mahal'ss rise Big Question: What are some title wins that surprised you? We may have learned a lot today – but, what did YOU learn in wrestling this week? Follow our stable on Twitter: Sorg (@Sorgatron), Mad Mike (@madmike4883), Chad (@ChadTheShad), and Larry...

Duration: 01:21:50

Lashing Back | Wrestling Mayhem Show 571

Mad Mike and Rizz talk about all the happenings going on in wrestling this week. We talk about WWE Backlash and make predictions for the big show. We also talk about the comments Randy Orton has made recently about independent wrestlers. Also we break down the GLOW trailer, and Mad Mike talks about the Finn Balor documentary on the Network. If you are in Pittsburgh, you got to go to Slice on Broadway (@Pgh_Slice) and get their food! (sliceonbroadway.com) You can support the show at...

Duration: 01:47:35

A Podcast on Fire | Wrestling Mayhem Show 570

This week Sorg is stuck in an internet black hole in Michigan, so Rizz and Mad Mike rock the wrestling talk on Wrestling Mayhem Show 570 If you are in Pittsburgh, you got to go to Slice on Broadway (@Pgh_Slice) and get their food! (sliceonbroadway.com) You can support the show at Patreon.com/wrestlingmayhemshow! Go to wrestlingmayhemshow.com for more entertainment! Remember to LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook for updates and video!

Duration: 01:08:14

Room Of Hanging Babies | Wrestling Mayhem Show 569

There were some, let's say interesting, things in wrestling this week! Sorg, Chad the Shad, and Bobby F J-Town are joined by the incomparable The Gavel David Lawless, Esq. for Wrestling Mayhem Show 569 to talk what’s happening, including: Breaking news from Bobby: Sand is hot. Wrestling happened. We're starting out with some X-Pac talk. David Lawless is sharing his legal expertise on the X-Pac charges. We're learning a ton of stuff from this week's guest David Lawless. We're learning just...

Duration: 01:45:33

Cast A McMahon | Wrestling Mayhem Show 568

There were some, let’s say interesting, things in wrestling this week! Sorg, Chad the Shad, Mad Mike, and Rizz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 567. Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including: WMS Payback is this weekend. And, we’re talking about what a House of Horrors match consists of. Are rematch clauses still a thing in the WWE? Chad is petitioning for a Champions Choice for rematch options. Chad is sharing his viewing preparation for the RAW Wrap Up...

Duration: 01:14:06

Episode 626: Blue Jeans and Wheat | Wrestling Mayhem Show 564

It's the last Mayhem Mania booking this week and we've got a special treat in store. Even more special, we're joined by International Wrestling Cartel rookie, Jinx, for Wrestling Mayhem Show 564. Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including: It's Wrestlemania week, and we're making some speculations. Thanks to Tina Keys for letting us know our Wrestlemania experience may not be so bad after all. Have you seen the Wrestlemania set? Is the wrestling...

Duration: 01:41:00

Patreon in the Bank | Wrestling Mayhem Show 563


Duration: 01:20:13

Episode 624: Lucha and Chill | Wrestling Mayhem Show 562

We've got a delayed episode this week - thanks to Smackdown LIVE. To make up for the lack of Podcast Day shenanigans, we've got a super special guest this week when we talk with Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer, Chris DeJoseph! We've got Sorg, Mutilator Larry, Mad Mike, and Mainstream Matt on air for Wrestling Mayhem Show 561. Of course, we talked what's happening in the world of wrestling this week, including: We've got Chris De Joseph on air - and he'll be joining us for Mayhem...

Duration: 01:37:13

Episode 622: Strowman Reigns | Wrestling Mayhem Show 559

We’ve got a couch (both in studio and on the internets) full of our WMS stable, including Mad Mike, Bobby F J-Town, Sorg, Mutilator Larry, Rizz, Mainstream Matt, and Hotwheelz for Wrestling Mayhem Show 559. Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including: Wrestling took a hit this past week with the passing of a few historical greats. Getting into RAW this week, we’re digging the big brawler match with Braun Strowman and The Big Show. John Cena...

Duration: 01:23:42

Six Crazy Months | Wrestling Mayhem Show 557

We've got ROH Top Prospect entrant, Chris LeRusso, on for Wrestling Mayhem Show 557. He is joined by Sorg, Aaron, Rizz, Bobby, Matt, Mad Mike, and Rob, as we talk what's happening in the world of wrestling this week! Chris LeRusso is sharing some thoughts about his Ring of Honor Top Prospects Tournament nomination. Speaking of Ring of Honor, they will be in Pittsburgh in a few weeks. We're excited - maybe not as excited as Chris LeRusso though. We're discussing some of the fond memories of...

Duration: 01:32:18

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